Dolphins hiring Robbie Leonard, Marion Hobby

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While Brian Flores is preparing for the Rams, the Patriots defensive play-caller also is overseeing the hiring of his staff in Miami.

The Dolphins have added Robbie Leonard and Marion Hobby to Flores’ defensive staff, Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports.

Leonard has worked with the Giants the past six seasons, working various jobs. He most recently was the outside linebackers coach.

Hobby coached the Jaguars’ defensive line the past two seasons.

He played for the Patriots for three seasons, appearing in 42 games from 1990-92, before going into coaching. Hobby coached in college until he joined the Jaguars.

The Dolphins also have hired Jim Caldwell as assistant head coach/quarterbacks, Patrick Graham as defensive coordinator and Patriots receivers coach Chad O’Shea as offensive coordinator.

6 responses to “Dolphins hiring Robbie Leonard, Marion Hobby

  1. If Flores is distracted, replace him now. This thing about hiring guys during the playoffs has to stop. All coaching hires should be made after the Super Bowl.

  2. lanman11 says:
    January 28, 2019 at 4:16 pm

    The hires are all about “How do we beat the Patriots?” How flattering…
    They already know how to beat the Patriots. It’s the rest of the teams on their schedule they have to figure out how to beat.

  3. You can see some Patriot fans feeling uncomfortable with Flores losing “focus” on his responsibilities for the SB.
    So your telling me it was McDaniels fault NE lost last year because HE was focusing on putting together a staff for the Indy job instead of preparing for the SB?
    Sounds really like your worried the Rams might get some revenge for SB XXXVI & lining up your “scapegoat” !

  4. Amazing how fast things change in the NFL. Last year, Hobby was coaching what was considered by some the best defensive line in the league. Then he was out of a job.

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