Drew Lock helped himself at Senior Bowl

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The Senior Bowl was played in Mobile, Alabama on Saturday after a week of on-field work and interviews that incoming NFL players hope will improve their draft stock.

Quarterbacks are always a closely watched part of that process. Neither Oklahoma’s Kyler Murray nor Ohio State’s Dwayne Haskins took part in the game, but Duke’s Daniel Jones, West Virginia’s Will Grier and Missouri’s Drew Lock were all in action.

In Monday’s Football Morning in America, Peter King reports that Lock helped himself the most of the quarterback prospects over the course of the week. King wrote that Lock practiced and interviewed “well enough to likely earn a first-round look.”

There’s a lot more to play out over the course of the pre-draft process and Lock’s standing can still move in either direction, but it appears he got off on the right foot last week.

8 responses to “Drew Lock helped himself at Senior Bowl

  1. It’s a copy cat league. And Lock is the guy who teams will try and put as “this year’s Pat Mahones”.

    Lock has a cannon.

  2. Looking at this years QB class makes you realize how good last years QB’s really were. Also the teams who drafted one in 2018 are at an advantage, if it doesn’t work out with the current guy they should be ready to move on by the time Trevor Lawrence comes out.

  3. Lock is a lock for the first round although many think his current talents are more thatt of a second rounder. This is a qb hungry league and he will likely go in the top 15 picks if not higher.

  4. Kamala-Harris/2020🇺🇸 says:
    January 28, 2019 at 7:47 am
    Great news for Oakland Bosa& Allen will mostly be gone by the 4th pick leaving Oakland to trade back with a QB needy team!!!


    Oakland IS a QB needy team….

  5. The guy looked terrible against higher level competition. Also, he struggles at reading defense. You don’t struggle at algebra I aND ace II. Good news–the no tackle league means he will not get a receiver killed.

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