Marcus Peters: Rams like the Golden State Warriors

Getty Images

Rams cornerback Marcus Peters didn’t have a podium Monday night, but he had the floor.

And as he was guided carefully through his interviews in a basketball arena, Peters said he saw an NBA comparison to the team he’s playing for now.

Via Brooke Pryor of the Kansas City Star, Peters was asked about the Rams offseason splurge, which saw them trade for him and Aqib Talib, and sign Ndamukong Suh among other moves.

“What happened with Golden State brought in all those people?” the Oakland native replied.

When it was mentioned that the Warriors were, in fact, successful (winning three of the last four NBA titles), he replied: “All right, cool. So what’s the difference between them bringing in guys and us bringing in guys?”

Specific to his own case, Peters said the trade that sent him from the Chiefs to the Rams was something he needed.

“A change of scenery is always good sometimes,” Peters said. “I guess it just wasn’t working in KC. It was just time to move on. . . .

“I got a chance to be closer to home and take full advantage of your opportunities. When you come into a great organization with a great head coach, great G.M., great owner and just the whole organization how everything’s run so smoothly, you respect it and you want to be a part of their things.”

And if he turns out to be the Kevin Durant in this scenario, all the better.