Melvin Gordon: I need the Rams to lose

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The Chargers have made “Fight for L.A.” one of their slogans since moving from San Diego to Los Angeles and starting to try to build up their fanbase in their new home.

They made that move a year after the Rams and both teams are trying to sell tickets to the new stadium that they will both call home in the future. A Rams Super Bowl win would likely give their efforts a boost on that front and Chargers running back Melvin Gordon put any ill feelings about his team’s playoff loss behind him when asked if civic pride dictated his rooting choice.

“Yeah, I don’t want the Rams to win,” Gordon said on SiriusXM NFL Radio. “I live in L.A. Y’all know. I live in L.A. and I’ve got to hear that all day. You know how many signs, Rams signs, I see? I need them to lose. I don’t care where y’all put me on TV saying this. I need them to lose. I love the guys over there. I’m cool with Todd [Gurley]. I’m cool with all them boys. But man, I need them boys to lose.”

Neither outcome is a particular positive for the Chargers as they haven’t shown an ability to snap the Patriots’ stranglehold on the AFC, but it would probably be a bit easier to deal with it from across the country.

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  1. Is LA twice the size of any market except NY? NY fans handle 2 teams just fine. But LA fans are horrible. Sent Rams packing, brought them back, sent Raiders packing twice (but who wouldn’t) and now they’re trying the Chargers but every “home” game has more away fans.

    Give them to San Antonio, Memphis, Omaha, Boise or even Fargo. All would have more fans than what LA offers the team. Let LA have basketball, the NBA is as fake as LA football fans.

  2. Sell the team Spanos, so somebody who San Diego won’t hate can put them back in San Diego where they belong. You’re not welcome in L.A. obviously.

  3. If the football gods exist they will. Not a Saints fan but if LA wins after that blown call it will be a disaster for the NFL. It’s not often sportsbooks refund bets because a game result doesn’t pass the sniff test

  4. It’s not fair to LA to foist two teams on that market. You can’t compare LA to NY because NY (like Boston) doesn’t really care about college football. The Chargers should do a deal with St Louis.

  5. jbaxt: NY has had two teams for more than 50 years. That’s a long time to establish loyalty to a team and build a fan for each of them. LA has had two teams for a hot second and there is no loyalty to either. You have an entire generation of young LA fans that both teams are fighting over and if, during those impressionable years, the Rams win a super bowl and become a staple in the NFC Championships / Super Bowl over the next few years and the Chargers don’t, the Chargers will have lost the majority of that fan base forever.

    While that may not mean much for Gordon since careers are so short, it definitely impacts the Chargers. Personally, I have always thought this was a foolish move by them and if the Rams do win the Super Bowl they may be moving again in less than a decade.

  6. He wants the rams to lose for the same reasons most of us want the patriots to lose- don’t want to hear the fans go on about how great they are. The eagles did it last year, your turn rams!

  7. Well the Rams have much more history in LA than the Chargers, though the divorce was very messy. I know other old school Rams fans who really aren’t ardent, at least not as fanatical as back in the old days of Jack Youngblood, Merlin, Deacon Jones, etc. Georgia Frontiere inherited the team due to a widow’s tax break, who in turn was told by her late husband to sell it at a huge loss to his son, and GM, Steve Rosenbloom. Instead, Georgia fired Steve, and fashioned the team around her own vanity, such as trading or drafting players who she thought were either attracted to her, or liked her. She even tried turning All Pro Safety Nolan Cromwell into a wishbone T quarterback. She wrecked the team.

    If that wasn’t enough, moved to Anaheim, which was OK, because she couldn’t get a stadium deal from the City of Los Angeles. Then she got bored of Anaheim, and made the ultimate vanity gesture, which was to move the team to her home town of St. Louis. Though I’m sure there are loyal fans from St. Louis, overall it’s a baseball town. The Cardinals failed there, and with the exception of the Kurt Warner years, the team thrived on the shared national TV revenue, rather than on local revenues. But it was a big deal to “Madame Ram” as she could return in triumph.

    Anyway, there’s more to the story, but I won’t get into it. But that’s the short version of why the Rams have a rather luke warm fan base in LA. Some of the old timers love them, but most of the old school fans have never forgiven them.

  8. It’s not the tickets that the LA teams have to sell. It’s the outrageous Personal Seat Licenses that both teams are trying to sell. They have to strike before the novelty of the new stadium wears off.

  9. jbaxt says:January 28, 2019 at 11:33 am
    Is LA twice the size of any market except NY? NY fans handle 2 teams just fine. But LA fans are horrible.

    Hold on there. We in LA didn’t want the Chargers as we know they belong to San Diego, but greedy Dean Spanos just abandoned the city. He’s like the obnoxious disgraced rich guy who just moves into your neighborhood.

  10. I like that idea; the Fargo Chargers! Sad thing is , they would bring a larger crowd and have a larger venue to play in. LA doesn’t want two teams. They are barely interested in one( as long as it wins) The Lakers and Dodgers own that city! Melvin, the Rams are not your problem, Mr Spanos and cronies are.

  11. zonkerharris213 says:
    January 28, 2019 at 12:15 pm

    Well said, Zonker. So tired of hearing people’s weak take that LA lost the Rams. Just zero clue of the long, complcated and abusive relationship we were in with the previous owner.

  12. chicost84 said: “well said, Zonker. So tired of hearing people’s weak take that LA lost the Rams. Just zero clue of the long, complicated and abusive relationship we were in with the previous owner.”

    I agree with “zonkerharris213” as well. It was sad watching “madame poison pill” treating the loyal Rams fans that way. Just to have a weak reason to move.

    I then watched the mouth piece for the Chargers do a similar tactic to the Chargers fans. It was like watching the the Rams situation all over again. The fans of San Diego saw it coming. The Chargers poisoning the water…

    The fight for L.A. is over Melvin. You lost. The Chargers lost. The owners lost.

  13. The Rams could lose every game for the next five seasons and it would not bring Angelenos to embrace the Chargers one more iota than they do now.

    Many of us grew up in the 1970s going to Ram games, and having season tickets in the 80’s, even when they moved to Anaheim (which was a nightmare). What makes any Charger think that history is just going to evaporate and be replaced by powder blue and gold ? Are they all as silly as their owner ?

  14. Melvin your wish has no baring on the outcome. Nor do the players or coaches. You of all people should realize that the playoff games and Super Bowl winners are predetermined by the owners and league. We live in an area of the National Fixed League. A sole entertainment league that has overtime playoff games, close super bowls, political issues, race, legal issues, and above all a lack of integrity.

  15. Do not under estimate the NFL’s desire to capture the massive LA TV market and sell those expensive new stadium tickets. That’s why we saw the no call last week in New Orleans, and why we have John Parry selected as the ref for the Super Bowl. The Rams are 7-0 when John Parry is the ref. At this point I don’t think the NFL cares about the perception of fairness. BETTORS BEWARE.

  16. I’m a Pats fan that lives in San Diego. I like the Chargers as the local team (Go Pats!) But with so many friends who are loyal Chargers fans, I can tell you that moving to LA was about the dumbest move Spanos could possibly make – and everybody here hopes he suffocates under a pile of unsold tickets.

  17. As a native of San Diego now living in Los Angeles, I hope the Rams stomp the Pats. Not because I am a Ram fan, but because I want Spanos and the Chargers to be even more irrelevant is LA.

  18. boltbacktosd says:
    January 29, 2019 at 11:07 am
    As a native of San Diego now living in Los Angeles, I hope the Rams stomp the Pats. Not because I am a Ram fan, but because I want Spanos and the Chargers to be even more irrelevant is LA.
    As a native of San Diego, and not a fan of spanos at all, I am THRILLED the rams lost to the pats. the amount of hate and vitriol from you bitter little snowflakes is disgusting. the Chargers had a GREAT season, the players did well and they have nothing to be ashamed of. the rams won a few more games with 10x the weapons after going all in and buying as much talent as they could.
    the Chargers are in a good position to win it all next year. I hope it happens so all you bitter little babies will need to buy more tissues for those little tears. You should have done a stadium deal, the murph was a mess. spanos had no choice in the end.

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