Tom Brady risks joining the wrong kind of exclusive club


When a quarterback starts nine Super Bowls during his career, he’s bound to accomplish plenty of other things that few if any other quarterbacks have accomplished.

For Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, Sunday’s game presents a rare opportunity. If his team loses, he’ll be only the fourth quarterback in Super Bowl history to lose back-to-back starts in the Roman-numeral championship game.

The Vikings lost Super Bowl VIII and Super Bowl IX with Fran Tarkenton at the helm. The Broncos lost Super Bowl XXI and Super Bowl XXII under John Elway. And the Bills lost not two but four in a row with Jim Kelly at quarterback.

Brady’s Patriots will be appearing in their fourth Super Bowl in five years. They won Super Bowl XLIX and Super Bowl LI, losing Super Bowl LII. Super Bowl LIII will be Brady’s third straight Super Bowl start.

21 responses to “Tom Brady risks joining the wrong kind of exclusive club

  1. You look like you’ve lost a couple pounds there, Mike.
    Hopefully from exercise and good habits.

  2. Yeah how awful that he might finish 2nd out of 32 teams two years running. Everyone knows silver medals are for losers; the real winners don’t even play the Super Bowl.

  3. I’d rather lose two SB’s in a row rather than never get there. Probably a stat by the people who say Buffalo sucks because they lost four SB’s in a row.

  4. Win or lose matters not. He’s lost more Super Bowls than anyone except Kelly. Brad Johnson, Trent Dilfer and a host of others are evidently better than Brady and Manning since they never lost.

  5. It’s even worse, if he looses he ties Kelly for most losses as a starter in a SB history by QB’s with 4. In a weird way if that happened I would like Brady more. That somehow humanizes him. Like Reggie Jackson. He would hit bombs. Hit one in the iceplant in the Colosseum in OAK when I was a kid straight away center. The ice plant was behind the outfield bleachers. 600 ft away from home minimum, and his HR in Det in the 72 All Star game was the hardest hit HR ever, except for Jose Canseco hitting one just as far in the sky dome in the 89 ALCS. Why am I babbling about Reggie Jackson, because he also had the most strikeouts and that’s what I love about him. Anyway. That’s my feeling on it.

  6. Losing a Super Bowl is better than losing a Conference Championship Game, Divisional round or not making the playoffs.

  7. If you want to win, you have to risk it all. I’d take 10 SB losses if it came with 1 SB win. Championships are everything, they are the only thing.

  8. Not true

    db105 says:
    January 29, 2019 at 9:01 am
    Losing a Super Bowl is better than losing a Conference Championship Game, Divisional round or not making the playoffs.

  9. Not a Pat’s fan but getting there 9 times and winning some is impressive even if it did include some filmcheat along the way

  10. sigbouncer says:
    January 28, 2019 at 10:08 pm

    I believe Brady would also hold the record for most Super Bowls lost by a quarterback with 4. Tying Fran Tarkenton and Jim Kelly.
    Tarkenton was with the Giants when the Vikings lost SB IV to Kansas City; Joe Kapp was the Viking QB that year.

  11. Yeah, you never want to be mentioned along with a Viking player when it comes to Super Bowls. You know it won’t be good!


    How bad can you be to go to 4 Super Bowls? Even if you lose, your better than everyone except for one team.

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