Luke Getsy returns to Packers as quarterbacks coach

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Matt LaFleur’s first staff in Green Bay will include a coach who had served as part of Mike McCarthy’s coaching staff.

The Packers have announced that Luke Getsy will serve as quarterbacks coach.

Getsy spent 2018 as the offensive coordinator and receivers coach at Mississippi State. Before that, he worked foe the Packers for four years, starting out as a quality control coach before becoming the team’s receivers coach in 2016 and 2017.

Before joining the Packers the first time around, Getsy spent seven seasons coaching at the collegiate level, working at Akron, West Virginia Wesleyan, Pitt, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, and Western Michigan.

7 responses to “Luke Getsy returns to Packers as quarterbacks coach

  1. Matt LaFleur’s first staff in Green Bay will include a coach who had served as part of Mike McCarthy’s coaching staff.
    Looks like they are headed back down the road to complacency but at least the players will know how to juggle.

  2. Getsy is a very underrated coach who rarely seeks the
    limelight, hence his lack of recognition. In retrospect
    he actually was the best of three Pitt QB’s at one time.
    Tyler Palko, Luke Getsy and Joe Flacco.
    If you ask the players who had the best spring and training
    camp most all would tell you Getsy.
    Unfortunately for Getsy and fortunately for Flacco,
    Walt Harris the engimactic coach picked arguably
    the QB with the least upside in picking Palko.
    Getsy went to the MAC conference and Flacco
    transferred to Delaware to become a first round pick
    and a Super Bowl QB. Getsy led the NCAA in passing.
    Palko the son of a western Pa high profile coach played
    well was high level competitor with limited arm strength.
    He was a bit above average at Pitt.
    With all his background Getsy will do well.

  3. Another good move that every team in the division pays attention to. They want to learn how to win. After watching the Vikings circle the drain with perplexed expressions on their faces, and the Bears playing not to lose, I guess it’s up to the Packers (and maybe the Lions.)

  4. Smart. New age thinking. It’s certainly better than juggling the guaranteed expectations of a frustrated fan base for nearly six decades.

    “It helps with just hand-eye coordination,” Cobb said, “and continuing to work on different ways and keeping it fresh.”

    Cobb said he taught himself to juggle last season and incorporated it into his workouts when he trains on his own in the offseason.

    “I haven’t juggled four yet,” he said. “I’m working on off the wall with three. It’s a process.”

  5. whatjusthapped says:
    January 29, 2019 at 9:52 pm
    It’s got to be the easy job in football, coaching a Hall of Famer. Hardest job? Coaching a $84 million dollar mistake.

    Your right it will be a cake walk coaching a guy who thinks he is on Bradys level yet only wins 6 games.

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