NFL cancels Maroon 5 press conference

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The Super Bowl’s halftime act typically conducts a press conference in the days preceding the game. This year, Maroon 5 won’t be doing one.

The announcement came out of the blue on Tuesday, with a statement issued by the NFL.

“As it is about music,” the NFL declared, “the artists will let their show do the talking.”

Since that same statement could be made in any given year to justify the cancellation of every given press conference, it’s fair to wonder what may have happened this time around to trigger the abrupt pulling of the plug on the members of Maroon 5 facing questions from the credentialed media members.

The explanation may be a simple one. With many pushing back against Maroon 5 and others who will be joining them for agreeing to perform at a time when many believe that the league has retaliated against Colin Kaepernick for the stand he has taken against social injustice, Adam Levine and other members of Maroon 5 may have found themselves in the awkward spot of having to choose words carefully, if pressed on why they accepted the invitation.

Rihanna reportedly declined an invitation to perform at halftime before Maroon 5 emerged as the primary act, with Rihanna citing the Kaepernick issue. Also, Kaepernick has apparently taken issue with the decision of Travis Scott to participate in the halftime show headlined by Maroon 5.

38 responses to “NFL cancels Maroon 5 press conference

  1. “The Kaepernick Issue”? Rihanna has a problem with Kaepernick not being good enough to be in the nfl?

  2. Don’t superbowl acts have to pay the NFL to perform in exchange for exposure? Maybe they were trying to get an extra fee before allowing the band to talk to the press.

  3. Could care less about Kaepernick – he made his bed now must sleep in it. But even more egregious is the fact that Maroon 5 will play the Halftime show.

    At what point will the League accept who is their primary audience? The majority stand AGAINST Kap, therefore it should stand to reason the same peope aren’t in favor of watching some has been pop band prance around on stage.

    I’ve said it before but never in my life has the Halftime show been anything more than a mass exodus bathroom/smoke break.

  4. I have no burning desire to see Maroon 5 nor would I have really cared about seeing Rihanna. At this point more than anything, I want someone to give Kap a shot so that we can be reminded that he really wasn’t that great to begin with. Better than some of the back ups now; sure. But after a strong start, he was largely exposed. Again, I think he could and probably should be on a team and I don’t want to see an even loosely organized attempt to blackball someone but I’m growing tired of being force fed updates on a glorified back up level talent. If you are an Antonio Brown level talent, there will be teams that line up willing to take on the distraction. If you are not, we get to read about it endless blogs.

  5. That’s ok Rihanna is an annoyance anyways. Maroon 5 is nothing too exciting, I miss the days when actual legends played the Superbowl. If someone like Clapton played it, now THAT would be news. Thing is he’s probably too big for the Superbowl 😛 I will never understand why Van Halen never got the gig.

  6. Can they cancel the halftime show while they are at it? Do.we really need to see more self entitled lips singers jump around the stage and lecture us how to live while they hide behind walls of Louis Vuitton and armed guards

  7. What is Kaep’s issue with Travis Scott?

    Should Travis not do something that will better his career because you feel it’s better for you if he doesn’t?

    Get out of here man. I am no Travis Scott fan, but Kaep thinking he is Jesus and people should change their lives for him is beyond ridiculous.

    Go do your thing and what is best for you Travis! I will now watch the halftime and support you👏✊

  8. How can Kaepernick – a guy who is out of a job – take issue with someone taking perhaps the most high profile job in their industry?

    I guess it’s like Chris Rock’s response to being told he should boycott the Oscar hosting gig – “How come it’s only unemployed people that tell you to quit something?”

  9. Why not get the finalists of The Voice to perform. They are trying to make a name for them and would give them much needed exposure. Then there is no whining or crying by the so called stars in Hollywood.

  10. dg0122 says:
    January 29, 2019 at 11:23 pm
    “The Kaepernick Issue”? Rihanna has a problem with Kaepernick not being good enough to be in the nfl?
    No she has a problem with Kaepernick not being given an opportunity to show he’s good enough to be in the NFL

  11. defscottyb says:
    January 29, 2019 at 11:24 pm
    Good, no need to fuel that circus fire.


    Exactly. The NFL does enough to fuel it on it’s own.

  12. Kaepernick has an issue with Travis Scott accepting work. Can he get any more hypocritical? He’s not the guy you want leading your cause.

  13. “Kaep and Maroon5.”

    “Who are mediocre people I could do without hearing about? Give me Superbowl Bloopers for $500, Alex.”

  14. Any singer who turns down the opportunity to perform during the half-time show is only hurting themselves. When Michael Jackson was asked to do it, he was hesitant at first and then they told him how many millions of people around the world would see it and he said sign me up. They will never get that kind of exposure anywhere else for a 20 minute show.

  15. One more time people. The 49’s, the team “he” took to the Super Bowl and knows him the best, felt he wasn’t good enough to start for their team. Let that sink in. Nobody talks about that. Everyone else is blackballing him? Enough.

  16. Kaepernick DID NOT take offense to Travis Scott performing, Kap’s girlfriend took offense for him because Scott lied and said they had a “sit down” and Kap gave him his blessing, which isnt true,there was no communication about him performing at the SB

  17. They probably saw how KISS is tearing themselves apart in the media these days and wants no part in letting that happen to this group as well. The NFL is saving them from themselves.

  18. oriontx says:
    January 29, 2019 at 11:29 pm
    Can we get a halftime show that men would like?

    The only half time show I’ve watched in decades was the Rolling Stones. You just might have a point.

  19. The Super Bowl halftime show was not bad but because I read a few articles online where it said that Maroon 5 was going to do a tribute to the guy that did the voice for the cartoon SpongeBob. Supposedly there was a song that SpongeBob sang on the cartoon and that’s what they were going to sing. It never happened. What they did do with for a minute real quick they showed you SpongeBob and then the next person started singing. I was waiting to see SpongeBob and how it was going to turn out. well that was one of those how they say fake news.

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