Rob Gronkowski likes making jokes out of perceived criticism

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While most reasonable observers roll their eyes when the Patriots play their “nobody respects us” card, Rob Gronkowski is not a reasonable observer.

But instead of playing it as motivation, the Patriots tight end is just playing it for laughs.

Via Justin Leger of NBC Sports Boston, Gronkowski said he loved messing with 41-year-old Tom Brady about being old.

“We know that there’s a lot been said about us this year, and we’ve been embracing it I would say a little bit more than usual,” Gronkowski said. “But we’re not letting it distract us. We’re just embracing it to take it in and bring it out in good energy.”

“It actually is a fun part about it. You know, you get to laugh at the other player that gets made fun of, and then you get to say the comments to him too, like ‘Tom has a noodle arm.’ We’ve heard that one before, and then all practice we’re telling Tom he has a noodle arm. But we’re just doing it all for laughs and fun, because we know he doesn’t have a noodle arm, and we know he’s legit and his arm is as strong as ever.”

Even if that’s not the case, it’s life-affirming to know that at least one Patriots knows that none of this is real, and that Brady, like it or not, is respected.

18 responses to “Rob Gronkowski likes making jokes out of perceived criticism

  1. “most reasonable observers roll their eyes when the Patriots play their ‘nobody respects us’ card”

    Fact, at the start of playoffs, here were the Vegas odds at OddsShark:

    Saints +250
    Rams +400
    Chiefs +470
    Patriots +650
    Bears +700

    Read that again – Chicago, with Trubisky, was only 50pts behind Brady in the odds to win the Super Bowl. So yeah, NE has a right to feel disrespected.

  2. Brady’s YPG (272), YPA (7.6), Comp% (65.8) & Pass rating (97.7) this year were are all still above his career average, but somehow he’s faded according to 99.9% of the salty media/fans.

  3. Brady wasn’t a serious candidate for MVP. I’m not suggesting that he should have won MVP btu come on. Look at the Pats offense. With broken down Gronk, this is not one of the better skill position Pats offenses from over the years. Probably their worst since 2006 AFC title game offense.

    Is Brady just held to a higher standard because he’s the GOAT or is that a sign of disrespect?

  4. Gronk’s going to be missed when he retires. Dude’s a character and while his lunkhead shtick isn’t for all, he clearly loves life and is laughing all the way to the bank. I’m sure his second career will be just as successful as his first.

  5. The mantra of most national and even local media outlets this season was that Brady had dropped off the time cliff, Gronk was too injured to contribute, Edelman had faded, the dynasty was over. Most like to forget all that now, but at least Tom E. Curran admitted he was part of it and had been shown to be wrong.

    Had to laugh during last week’s Mic’d Up program when Edelman yelled at Brady on the bench “You’re too old! You’re too old!” Scott Zolak, former Patriots QB and current Boston radio/TV guy, said in an interview yesterday that coaches would print off this stuff and leave it in guys’ lockers to get them pumped up. Brady’s been motivated since he was drafted 199th to prove the doubters and haters wrong, so he thrives on disrespect.

    I noticed that some of the TV guys (Rich Eisen, for example) are scoffing that the Patriots are casting themselves as underdogs for the Super Bowl. Uh, no, that’s not what they’re doing. They know they’re not underdogs NOW, but they also know they were written off for most of the regular season and they’d love to prove those doubters wrong by chalking up another Super Bowl win. Just like Framegate was powerful motivation for them in SB 51.

  6. I think most people who follow the sport know the Patriots were not looked upon in the same light this season as they had been in prior years. Many considered them the third best team in their conference.
    The whole narrative that the Patriots are playing the “nobody respects us” card is cute and provides a subject for an article I suppose. It really isn’t the situation however.
    I think it’s perfectly reasonable to play the “Everyone thought we were good but not the best even though we might be dangerous because we have Brady, Gronk and Edelman” card.

  7. I would say the only thing more ridiculous than the Patriots using this perceived negativity as motivation is the sports writers pretending it doesn’t exist. Christ

    Name one sports writer that had them winning the super bowl after losing back to back games in December. They looked like they were ripe for the pickens, so to speak. That’s not outlandish to say. And MANY picked the chargers to beat them.

    So why are the sportswriters now sooooo offended and outraged that they dare pounce on the criticism and use it to fuel themselves?

  8. Disrespect…. I am tired of hearing how the Pats “should feel disrespected”.

    The Pats don’t care if they are disrespected. Belichick doesn’t care if they are disrespected. Kraft doesn’t care if they are disrespected. The Pats aren’t motivated by what others do or think. They play the game to win, and win the right way REGARDLESS of what others think.

    Brady is a competitor, and simply wants to win. Who disrespected who simply doesn’t matter if your team has the Lombardi at the end of the day. It is akin to “greatness needs no self-promotion”. It doesn’t matter what you say, or what others say. What matters is the quality of your game planning and execution, and how you play the game, not the chatter around what you do. Humility will always best trash talk or “disrespect”.

    The Pats are not my team, but l give them a helluva lot of credit, and tip my hat to them for what they have accomplished the past 18 years.

  9. Your team should not be respected – you win at any cost and you all are not coy about how you will do anything. And you have cheated. Disgusting franchise.

  10. It’s really funny how bothered the media is about the Pats feeling like they’re underdogs when they have spent the entire season writing them off and declaring that the “dynasty is over”. Now that they Pats have made it to the big dance again they are changing their tunes. Gronk and the rest of his teammates are right to laugh at these clowns.

  11. I’m a Pats fan living in SD. They HATE the Rams (they’re bitter about the move) but they hate the Patriots even more so now it’s GO RAMS!

    When will they learn. The Rams are only in the Superbowl because we let them be there.

  12. I’d love to see Gronk doing a little Rodney Dangerfield, “I don’t get no respect–they put a linebacker on me”, with a black suit and a red tie, post a super bowl win. Not before and not if they lose.

  13. Carroll Prescott says:
    January 29, 2019 at 10:22 am
    Your team should not be respected – you win at any cost and you all are not coy about how you will do anything. And you have cheated. Disgusting franchise.

    Where again?

    It should be, and is respected. It’s by far the most admired franchise in reality, but we know why you are so upset. The beatings are still going on and it’s been a long time.

  14. rogerdodger99 says:
    January 29, 2019 at 7:24 am
    Gronk is a smart guy living off his endorsement money. He plays the media and other detractors like a fiddle.
    He doesn’t play anyone or anything like a fiddle. He just has a good attitude and lets everything roll off of his back.

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