Cameron Jordan: Browns tried to draft me, thinking I was Jordan Cameron

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Who doesn’t love a good story about a Browns draft day foible?

Cameron Jordan has a good one. Jordan, a defensive end who was selected by the Saints in the first round of the 2011 NFL draft, said on the Dan Patrick Show that the day after the Saints selected him, he got a call from the Browns, telling him they were going to pick him. It turns out the Browns actually wanted to draft tight end Jordan Cameron, but they had the names mixed up.

“I got drafted in the first round, he got drafted in the [fourth] round,” Jordan said. “I got a call from the Browns. They’re like, ‘Hey, we’re about to select you.’ I’m like, ‘I’m good, actually, I’ve already been selected, but if you want to send that check I’ll take that.’ . . . I’ll take two signing bonuses but I refuse to go to Cleveland.”

The situation was resolved and Jordan Cameron played for the Browns for four years. Cameron Jordan remains on the Saints.