DeSean Jackson expresses interest in playing for Rams

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DeSean Jackson recently said “we’ll see” when asked about a return to Tampa Bay.

New coach Bruce Arians wants to keep Jackson, but if things don’t work out with the Bucs, the receiver wouldn’t mind playing for the Rams.

“Worst-case scenario, if anything, I would like to end up in LA being a Ram,” Jackson told the Simms & Lefkoe show. “Sean McVay, you know we’ve got some connections from when I was in D.C. But we’ll see how it plays out. I’ve got another year in Tampa. We’ll see how it plays out.”

Jackson requested a trade out of Tampa last season. He remains under contract for 2019 with a $10 million salary, so the decision is the Bucs’, not his. But the team would get all that cap space back if they move on from Jackson.

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  1. He assumes Arians would even want him back. Bucs have a wealth of talent at WR and there’s no need for them to keep a brittle, one trick pony in their stable.

  2. $10mil? Let ‘me go Tampa. He can go sign with the Rams if he wants but it will be for like $3mil. See if his ego gets in the way.

    Rams don’t need him though with Cooks, Reynolds, Woods abs Krupp coming back.

  3. Why don’t you publish the rest of the story about how Jackson doesn’t feel he needs to practice as long as he brings it on game day? Or that he feels he shouldn’t be on a team that has a young quarterback, because he doesn’t have the time to establish chemistry. Yet he wants to go play with a young quarterback… So no practice, but full go on game day? That’s all good and well if he actually was full go on game day, instead he gives up on routes.. Not to mention he sleeps in team meetings… Bye DeSean!!!

  4. Of course he want to play for the Rams- he’s a California guy and they’re winning right now. But they’ve already got a field stretcher and he’s too expensive.

  5. Well DeSean clearly does not understand how a “worst-case scenario” works

    Going to Rams would be best case scenario for him

    Worst case scenario is he keeps playing with Jameis, who for whatever reason, can’t ever get the ball to him

  6. brutusbigpaws says:
    January 30, 2019 at 12:50 pm
    Is that DeSean Don’t-Like-Practicing Jackson that wants to be traded?

    (in his best Alan Iverson voice) “… and we’re in here talkin’ about practice. I mean, listen. We talkin’ about practice. Not a game, not a game, not a game, we talking’ about… practice. Not a game… “

  7. He can go kick rocks. I get it, he’s a veteran and should get some maintenance day off during the week of practice. But when you have a young QB, he should be trying to get the chemistry right, not asking for more days off. I think more and more DeSean was the issue as to why he could,’t connect with Jameis. I know Jameis isn’t the best deep ball thrower, yet. But for some reason, he was the only WR on the team that couldn’t connect with Jameis. All the other receivers were catching balls from Jameis with no apparent problem.

  8. I hear ya, propernig. What you say makes a lot of sense. On the other hand DJax caught a plethora of deep balls when Fitzmagic was in there including 75 yd TD throws, amongst other long ball TDs. He was a top 3 receiver in the league for the first month until Winston came back. Winston throws hard line drives even on deep balls making for a much smaller window to hook up, requiring MUCH greater accuracy (which Winston lacks), whereas Fitz (as most good deep ball throwers) throws rainbows with a lot of arch allowing the receiver to run under it. Winston lacks that ability.

    And yes, Winston did hook up much more frequently with the other receivers. But keep in mind, a LOT of those catches were where the receivers would run to an intermediate spot, stop, turn around and Winston would throw his fastball to them. However, that’s not DJax’s game. His game is running past the defense and running under a ball that he can catch in stride. Winston doesn’t throw that kind of ball. Also, all those catches made by those other stationary receivers is the reason why Winston was at the bottom of the league in the Run After Catch stat. Fitz, meanwhile was at the top of the league in that stat.

    DJax openly lobbied for Fitz to remain the starting QB, even after Winston came back. Of course he was outvoted by management, who had a vested interest in trying to prove they didn’t make a mistake in drafting Winston.

    Lastly, I don’t know this for a fact but I suspect that DJax believed no amount of practice would result in Winston being able to throw rainbow deep balls with a lot of arch. He knows it’s a tool he just doesn’t have in his bag. I’ve always heard that accuracy is something a QB either has or doesn’t. It’s not something that can be learned. I think Winston believes that with his lack of touch and accuracy, if he tries to throw a high arching pass, he’ll just increase his likelihood of interceptions, when his turnovers already put him at the bottom of the league. Because of this I believe DJax knows that Winston lacks the confidence to try throwing a proper arching deep ball and feels safer throwing bullets that either connect (5% of the time) or overthrows his man by 5 yds (95% of time) even though his man is 1 to 3 yds ahead of his defender.

  9. let this diva go please. take his 10 million and get me a beast of a linebacker in bowles defense. i cant stand this dude. whoever signs him needs damm pre nup lol

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