Melvin Gordon waiting on Le’Veon Bell to sign before pursuing extension

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Running back Melvin Gordon is heading into the fifth year of his rookie deal with the Chargers, so he won’t be hitting the free agent market this offseason.

He will be paying close attention to developments on that front. Gordon has talked about his desire to stay with the Chargers beyond the end of his current contract, but he said on Wednesday that he’s watching to see what kind of deal Le'Veon Bell signs this offseason before moving forward with any deal of his own.

“I’m waiting. I’m sitting back waiting, waiting on Bell,” Gordon told NFL Media, via the Orange County Register. “I’m glad it’s changing because we [running backs] were getting devalued for a little bit. But me, David Johnson, Todd Gurley, I can go down a whole list, Bell, you name it, ‘Zeke,’ just game-changers, Alvin Kamara, all those guys.”

Johnson and Gurley didn’t wait for Bell to sign a long-term deal before signing extensions with their teams. If Bell doesn’t get significantly more than those two players, the tides may not rise for the other backs as much as Gordon seems to hope they will.

24 responses to “Melvin Gordon waiting on Le’Veon Bell to sign before pursuing extension

  1. Is this the same big-game Gordon who just had 9 rushes for 15yds (1.6 YPC) in the AFCCG? Yes, please break the bank and pay him all that Bell+ mega-money.
    Thanks! – all other AFC contenders.

  2. Running Backs are not game changers.
    They are dependent on a good run blocking Oline and an at least average passing attack so the defense doesn’t stack the box.
    Most of those RBs are over paid and their teams are suffering for it.
    I’d let him walk.

  3. Zeke is head & shoulders betr than most of the RBs on the list bcuz he has dakota @ QB & hes the less of all those evils when it comes to passing threats. Defenses key on zeke because the threat level of the pass is far less

  4. It doesn’t make sense that M Gordon wants to wait on how the Bell situation plays out, L Bell with his injury and suspension history isn’t going to get 17-20 mill a year besides the Steelers could transition tag him so that further muddles things he should look at what Gurley did sit down with FO and agree to a contract that best suited HIM the individual Gurley didn’t need to wait on what was gonna happen with Bell and Gordon shouldn’t either. best of luck to him though in his own contract negotiations

  5. that’s ridiculous;

    Gordon on one good knee, who even at his best was even more useless pass blocking than he was coming out of the backfield for a pass, hardly equates to Bell with two good knees who excels in all phases of the game to an MVP level;

  6. Don’t worry about anyone else’s contract M Gordon,focus on your own. Bell isn’t going to get 17-20 mill so negotiate what you think YOU are worth not any other RB

  7. Bell will soon discover he won’t make nearly what he thought he was worth.RBs WRs are changeable like batteries.

  8. RBs are the most dispensable and least valuable position in NFL. I think CJ Anderson, James Conner, Jaylen Samuels, Damien Williams, David Johnson and basically anyone and everyone can proved you can be just as productive as anyone else on the right team. It is 80%-90% dependent on O-line and QB play. You would be a fool to pay more than $6m/year for an RB. It sucks for them but it is what it is.

  9. bell wouldnt be any better than gordon behing the Chargers run defense
    Gordon would be better than bell behind the stealers run defense.
    he is doing the right thing.

  10. Bell may not get signed until some team has a midseason injury and even then, at a much reduced rate.

    Gordon may not want to wait that long.

  11. Spanos, with a totally failed “relocation” will never pay Gordon big money. He’s a good team player who is a “fair” generally upright runner who is not even close to let’s say tyreek Hill or even his replacements. I can hear Spanos now..”get rid of him. He costs too much.” The LA Chargers remain an afterthought in LA. The Rams own it. Spanos is renting everything in hopes a buyer pops up. This won’t happen as a new owner would have to pay off the balance of $650 million of the Charger relocation fee and another $650 million to move the team again. it’s a mess in the LA Charger organization. Spanos is boxed in and has trapped himself. For what? So he can play in somebody elses new, shiny stadium?

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