NFL committed to playing in Mexico to “grow the game”

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Six days before kickoff, the NFL moved its one scheduled game in Mexico City this season. The condition of the field at Azteca Stadium forced the switch of the Rams-Chiefs game to the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum in November.

That hasn’t deterred the NFL from returning to Mexico City.

It already announced that the Chiefs and Chargers will play there in 2019 and remains committed to annual games south of the border.

“We were disappointed we weren’t able to play there this year, but I believe all of us did the right thing,” NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said at his state of the league address Wednesday. “I believe we’re going to continue that relationship and grow the game of football in Mexico.”

The NFL has played three regular-season games in Mexico City, including the first international game in 2005 when the 49ers played the Cardinals.

15 responses to “NFL committed to playing in Mexico to “grow the game”

  1. Grow the game??????? Making billions isn’t enough, I guess. Games in other countries suck!!

    I refuse to watch any game not played in the USA, period. If the NFL doesn’t like it, they can take their game to Europe or Mexico permanently!!!!

    This is another example of these fat cat owners sticking it to the fans who have been loyal to them for decades.

  2. I laugh at all of the fans who complain that the NFL, as a business, is trying to make more money. As much as some of you would like it to be, this isn’t Socialism.

    It’s ok for companies to try and grow their product and yes ***gasp**** their revenue…maybe you should move to Venezuela where they’ve attempted to put caps on what companies can make and/or are forced to share with the populace – if you do, please let me know how it turns out.

  3. fordmandalay says:
    January 30, 2019 at 2:20 pm
    Makes a lot more sense logistically and from a fan standpoint than London, for sure.
    Not really. Looked at a map lately? Mexico City is as far from the southern US border as London is from the East Coast.

  4. They need an international draft or inviting international players to the draft. Start scouting Japan, Germany, UK, etc… there is a wealth of potential talent out there. All they are trying to do at this point is drive sales of memorabilia. While new revenue streams aren’t inherently bad I don’t think they constitute actual growth within the game. The NBA is growing basketball internationally by funding and sponsoring leagues and camps using them to create more talent buckets. NFL doesn’t really tap those outlets.

  5. When the NFL says ‘growing the game’ they actually mean growing jerseys, t-shirts, hats, and merchandise sales! I would doubt that Mexico City, or any city in Mexico gets a team anytime in the distant future. But at least Mexico is in a US time zone. London is not.

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