Ravens expect to make Joe Flacco decision in March

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The Ravens have not been coy about their plan to move forward without quarterback Joe Flacco, but the exact manner of his departure from Baltimore has yet to be determined.

According to new General Manager Eric DeCosta, it will be a little bit before that question is answered. DeCosta was asked about what the team will do with Flacco during a press conference in Baltimore on Wednesday.

“I think that’s an ongoing process,” DeCosta said. “The new league year starts in March. We’ll have a lot of new ideas, strategies, things that we’ll look at once March rolls around. Right now, we’re really focused on the draft and our free agency meetings which will start to take place over the next few weeks. We have discussed Joe, we’ve discussed a lot of players on the team. I think when the time comes for us to make a decision one way or the other, we will have a plan in place.”

The Ravens would obviously prefer to trade Flacco and get some compensation that DeCosta can use to build up the team’s roster, but it is unclear at this point which teams might be interested in sending something Baltimore’s way.

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  1. some sucker may offer a reach pick to get him but id say doubtful. nothing more than a 5th will be the highest offer

  2. I would assume Baltimore can get a 2nd round pick, maybe 3rd for Flacco. They don’t have a ton of leverage with his contract, but he is a starting caliber QB. The real question is how much does the poor performance of Jackson as a QB, make teams really re-consider how much Flacco has left in the tank.

  3. Who would give up a draft pick for a guy:

    – unseated by a QB who can’t throw the ball
    – who has a contract already overpaying him
    – the Ravens will cut soon anyway

    ?? Anyone thinking anyone’s going to give up more than a 7th is dreaming.

  4. Ravens should keep him as a back up…… Lamar will be injured soon enough doing all that running either from a hit or tearing something in his knee making a cut like Jimmy G did…….

  5. With most of the teams having settled at the QB position, there are just a handful that will fit Flacco.
    1. Jacksonville (Nick Foles would be preffered)
    2. Denver (What do they do with Keenum?)
    3. Washington (What do they do with Alex Smith?)

    So it’s not a good time for Flacco to be a free agent or a good trade bait for the Ravens. Wish him luck. He is a very good QB who with the right cast will take a team far. Never had a superstar WR during his time in Baltimore. Denver makes the most sense if they can do away with Keenum.

  6. kissbillsrings says:
    January 30, 2019 at 11:56 am
    Ravens should keep him as a back up…… Lamar will be injured soon enough doing all that running either from a hit or tearing something in his knee making a cut like Jimmy G did…….
    That’s an expensive backup.

  7. His salary and cap hit over the next 3 seasons are way too high for a backup. If any team does trade for him, he might end up cut before the season anyway if he’s not the clear starter.

    The Ravens are going to have to eat the dead money and bring in a cheaper veteran backup (or rely on RG3).

  8. Head down the Beltway Joe cuz you will be playing for Washington. It is a worse organization but, on the bright side, a prettier city.

  9. He simply makes too much money and he wins too few games. Lamar Jackson won a higher percentage of games he starts than Flacco. It is time to move on, even if Lamar Jackson is not the Ravens QB for the next 10 years, they still need to get rid of Flacco and his fat paycheck, just so they can rebuild the roster.

  10. I agree with Stiller43. If you get anything more than a 7th for him you should go to church and light a candle.

  11. To everyone that keeps saying no one is going to trade for him when they know he’s going to be cut, have you not been awake the past 4-5 offseasons or more. Plenty of players have been traded for when it’s been known they were going to be cut. They still trade for them though because its easier then trying to fight for them once they are a free agent with the other 31 teams when the player gets to decide. Also, 2nd, 3rd, or even 4th rounder isn’t that laughable or a far reach considering people like Sam Bradford went for a 1st rounder and had never done a thing, I don’t care if he was younger or not. So, yeah they will get something for him and better than a 7th, that’s for sure.

  12. Flacco is just good enough to play and eat your salary cap. You’ll never actually win anything with him. So what’s the point? If you need a QB, rebuild from zero. Not from a 20M a year has been, washed up QB.

  13. The Ravens may have to wait to get the value they want from trading Flacco. It could be from a team who doesn’t get the QB they want in the draft or who loses a QB in training camp or preseason.

  14. Jacksonville would have went to a Super Bowl 2 years ago if they would have had Joe Flacco under center…Tom Coughlin will make a play for him this off-season and if it takes a 3rd round pick to rid themselves of Blake Bortles, the Ravens will receive a 3rd round pick at best or a 4th rnd and cash considerations in return!

  15. krabballs says:
    January 30, 2019 at 11:40 am
    A third for Flacco would be great!!!


    Ha! More likely the Ravens give a team a 3rd and Flacco to take his salary off the Ravens’ books

  16. If I’m the Jaguars, I deal the Ravens a 5th Round pick for Flacco. They are built to win now.

    Start Flacco and kick Bortles to the curb.

  17. I guess it was too much work to list the salary cap ramifications for Flacco like you do for every other player in the league since none of us are capologists.

  18. Who would take him at his huge salary? Ravens will have tons of dead money if they trade him or cut him. At least if they cut him, they can designate him June 1 and spread the hit, right? Trade is automatic acceleration to date of the cut.

  19. Mark Kitterman says:
    January 30, 2019 at 3:49 pm
    If I’m the Jaguars, I deal the Ravens a 5th Round pick for Flacco. They are built to win now.

    Start Flacco and kick Bortles to the curb.
    You are right . With that defense the Jags are built to win now. Flacco will be the best QB the Jags have had since Brunell, which is why the Jags will pay a lot more than a 5th round pick

  20. Jackson seems like a great kid with real talent, but I can’t help thinking that he’s going to get figured out by every team the second time they play, and won’t be durable enough to sustain the beating a running QB takes. Add the Steelers likely playing with a chip on their shoulder next season, the rapidly ascending Browns, the Bengals returning to health (presumably), key defensive guys heading to free agency, and having to play the NFC West, and it looks like next season could be rough for Jackson and this team.

    Best of luck to him. And to Flacco – how many other SB-winning QBs are active right now? He deserves another shot.

  21. If a team trades for him, it guarantees them his services over them having to over spend by bidding up. With that in mind, that sounds like Cincy should trade for him and see what he can do. Not many Free Agents want to go to the notoriously cheap owner. You can always pay his contract for a year and restructure if it’s worth it.

  22. You trade for Flacco:

    1)If you want him as your starter and to keep him at his current contracted price.

    2) If you want him in your building before June 1 to learn the playbook (a post June 1 cut is more beneficial for the Ravens.)

    3)If you are the Broncos, Jags, Redskins or Giants and have hopes of competing in the next 3 years.

    4) You dont want to risk paying more by having to re-noegotiate a new contract with Flacco. I say this because given the cost of some starters out there, Flacco’s $16M in guartanteed cash is a decent deal for a player of his relative caliber and market.

  23. Alex Smith 1st Bridgewater 3rd and Joe worth nothing wow Super bowl MVP some people just be talking Lamar 20+ Td average a year in college but can’t throw

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