Sean Payton hopes mistake leads to rules fix

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For a few days, Sean Payton pouted.

Now, he hopes others can benefit from his pain.

The Saints coach told a group of local reporters that he appreciated NFL head of officiating Al Riveron calling him in the wake of last week’s no-call which changed the NFC Champoinship Game, but he’s hoping it can spark a rules change, the way “loopholes” have in the past.

Payton said after he spoke to Riveron, he eventually had brief conversations with both Troy Vincent and Roger Goodell.

Otherwise, Payton is processing through the grief in the way one normally would.

“I would say honestly after the game for two or three days, much like probably normal people, I didn’t come out of my room, ate Jeni’s ice cream and watched Netflix,” he said, via Mike Triplett of

Considering the NFL’s eagerness to admit an obvious mistake, that may be all the comfort he gets.

9 responses to “Sean Payton hopes mistake leads to rules fix

  1. Well Sean, now you understand how it feels when your team suffers because the rules weren’t followed. In 2009 you were all smiles as the refs missed numerous calls and gifted you an OT Pass Interference call. Hopefully you learn something from this too. Humility goes a long way

  2. Sad state of affairs when the NFL can’t get championship games right. Sad state of affairs when the NFL can’t even field an officiating team without vetting them…without making sure that 4 of them aren’t from one of the two team’s locations. That’s just common sense, right? Common sense to avoid the optics that exists in this case. I suppose if common sense were so common, everyone would have it.

  3. For years Coach Belichick and others have been requesting that officials’ calls be reviewable. As usual the NFL doesn’t seriously consider doing anything until it’s too late.

  4. That whole game was full of “No Call’s” so who’s to say what – other than that, I think Seattle has a better base of fan’s, even Green Bay………

  5. Say what you want about no calls in the game, but its the fact that the blown call was so obvious, the world saw TLL get cleared out. Its the way in which the refs responded. “I didn’t see it”, when all camera angles saw both the side judge and the Head ref looking right at the play, Cuz you know its 3rd and long on a critical drive late in the game, where pass was obvious. And still no accountability by the refs. Scary folks, its rigged. Wait till it happens to your team.

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