Sean Payton hopes mistake leads to rules fix

Getty Images

For a few days, Sean Payton pouted.

Now, he hopes others can benefit from his pain.

The Saints coach told a group of local reporters that he appreciated NFL head of officiating Al Riveron calling him in the wake of last week’s no-call which changed the NFC Champoinship Game, but he’s hoping it can spark a rules change, the way “loopholes” have in the past.

Payton said after he spoke to Riveron, he eventually had brief conversations with both Troy Vincent and Roger Goodell.

Otherwise, Payton is processing through the grief in the way one normally would.

“I would say honestly after the game for two or three days, much like probably normal people, I didn’t come out of my room, ate Jeni’s ice cream and watched Netflix,” he said, via Mike Triplett of

Considering the NFL’s eagerness to admit an obvious mistake, that may be all the comfort he gets.