Shawn Mennenga interviews with Packers

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Shawn Mennenga has emerged as the favorite to replace Ron Zook as the Packers’ special teams coach, Tom Silverstein of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reports.

Mennenga currently serves as the special teams coach at Vanderbilt.

He was the assistant special teams coach for the Browns for seven seasons, including in 2014-15 when Mike Pettine was the head coach in Cleveland. Pettine now works as the defensive coordinator in Green Bay.

Mennenga has coached since 1994, working his way through the college ranks before landing with the Browns. He was South Dakota State’s linebackers coach in 2009-10.

7 responses to “Shawn Mennenga interviews with Packers

  1. I always feel good to see Mike Pettine doing something in the NFL. I graduated from the school that his dad, and then he, coached football. his dad was a legend, and turned down so many offers.

  2. I saw a lot of good things on the Packer defense this past season, green, but good. The moves this team is making bodes well. They have Rodgers. That’s far,far, from starting over.

  3. You know why I like this guy? Because he’s a name I’ve never heard, I trust the decision-makers……..including Rodgers, McCarthy (bless his well-placed heart) is finally gone, and it further represents an exciting new chapter for a most deserving founding franchise.

  4. stellarperformance says:

    You know why I like this guy? Because he’s a name I’ve never heard, I trust the decision-makers……..including Rodgers…

    Really? Rodgers is a decision maker?

    Here I though Gutie was the decision maker (well, except for hiring head coaches, that’s Murphy and Rodgers).

    That brain trust installed Deshone Kizer as backup QB for the frequently injured Rodgers.

    May I remind you that Kizer has never won an NFL game in his 15 starts.

    Now I know that you’re going to blame that on the Browns – because he had a lousy team around him.

    But his personal stats were much better with the Browns than they were with the Packers. Completion percentage went down from 53.6 to 47.6, his QBR went down from 29.7 to 27.1, sack percentage went up (this is a case where the lower number is good) from 7.4 to 8.7 and he had 0 TD’s and 2 INT’s.

    Maybe the Browns weren’t so lousy after all.

    The Browns got better without him. The Packers did worse with him (with Rodgers starting all 16 games – unlike last year when the Packers had Hundley start 9 and play in 11 games.

    Should have kept Hundley – then they could have had a semi competent backup QB that has actually won NFL games.

  5. I’ve heard he is “expected to be hired” for a week now. I have some trust in Tom Silverstein, but I will withhold comment until a actual hire is made.

    I really like LaFleur’s staff so far though:

    Offensive Coordinator- Nathanial Hackett

    Defensive Coordinator-Mike Pettine

    Quarterbacks Coach- Luke Getsy

    Tight Ends Coach- Justin Outten

    Running Backs Coach- Ben Sirmans

    Offensive Line Coach- Adam Stenavich

    Wide Receivers Coach- Alvis Whitted

    Defensive Line Coach- Jerry Montgomery

    Inside Linebackers Coach- Kirk Olivadotti

    Outside Linebackers Coach- Mike Smith

    Defensive Backs Coach – Jason Simmons

    Special Teams Coordinator- TBD

    Strength and Conditioning Coach- TBD


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