Todd Gurley says he may regret teaching Sony Michel everything he knows

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The 2014 Georgia Bulldogs had such a loaded running back depth chart that both of this year’s Super Bowl starting running backs were on the team — and neither was the Bulldogs’ leading rusher.

Now-Rams running back Todd Gurley had 911 rushing yards for Georgia that year and now-Patriots running back Sony Michel added 410 yards. Now-Browns running back Nick Chubb led the team in rushing with 1,547 yards.

Gurley was the oldest of the bunch, and he says that he mentored Michel, who didn’t impress him much when first arriving on campus.

“I remember when he first came in, he couldn’t run and catch,” Gurley said. “I had to teach him how to do all that stuff.”

Gurley joked that he might end up regretting helping Michel develop as a player, if Michel plays well against the Rams on Sunday.

“Hopefully everything I taught him, he doesn’t do it and he just plays like he used to play before I taught him everything,” Gurley said.

Gurley is proud of Michel’s success, but doesn’t want it to come at the expense of the Rams.

21 responses to “Todd Gurley says he may regret teaching Sony Michel everything he knows

  1. never understand why teams give the pats “ammunition”…its not needed, just go out there and let your game do the talking for you…

  2. “Before I taught him everything”

    Not so thinly veiled eh? He wouldn’t be any good if it wasn’t for you eh? I like the gentlemanly grace of the golf glove backhand slap. Well played sir.

  3. So I guess Chubb must have taught Gurley everything he knew. I like Gurley but what an unnecessary, conceited comment to make. I’m sure that since Michel was recruited to play RB at one of the best college programs in the country he probably already had an idea how to “run and catch”. It’s funny watching new teams in the SB cause they just can’t help themselves from making stupid comments that can only motivate the other team. Keep em coming Rams

  4. I just lost some respect for Gurley, who I like in general. But this reminded me of Ladanian Tomlinson’s “I’m the classiest guy I know, just ask me” comments from years ago. It might be true, but it seems unlikely if you have to be the one to say it.

  5. The pearl clutching in this thread needs to stop. Gurley and Michel are clearly boys and he’s just doing some casual ball-breaking. He’s not actually saying that Michel sucks and would’ve always sucked if it weren’t for him.

    My fellow Pats fans, can we please rise above the whole being slighted by every remark that isn’t a glowing review of each of our team members?

  6. Chubb was the best of the bunch prior to his injury. But Sony Michel will make Gurley eat his words on Sunday.

  7. Sony and Todd are tight, and Gurley was obviously joking around. If the Patsy’s and their fans need this for motivation, they have already lost. LOL

  8. Insecure Pats’ fans can yak all they want but their team is going to lose big on Sunday. The Rams aren’t messing around and NE barely squeaked into the Superbowl thanks to refs who can’t tell what roughing the passer is or when a kick returner fumbles a punt.

  9. After watching Sony all year, I’m glad he taught him everything he knows….kid is a STUD!!!!
    & YES, not only he, but the entire Rams organization will regret it this coming Sunday & for years to come!!!!
    GO PATS!!!!

  10. First the no name corner that doesn’t know how to defend a pass and now Gurley??? These boys are just setting themselves up to lose. I love it.

  11. All I know is Michel is usually three or four yards down the field before he’s even touched.

    What I want to know is who taught Shaq Mason everything he knows.

    And David Andrews. And James Develin. And Joe Thuney. And Trent Brown.

    Those are the real stars of the Patriots’ offense. Check the tape.

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