Browns, Colts carrying over most cap space from 2018 to 2019

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The Browns and Colts are heading into free agency among the teams with the most cap space available and carrying over unused space from the 2018 season is part of the reason they are in that position.

The NFLPA released the amount of unused cap space that each team is carrying over from last season to the 2019 campaign and the Browns are at the top of the list at $56.5 million. It’s the second straight year that the Browns have found themselves at the top of the list.

The Colts are next up with $49.1 million and the 49ers will be carrying over $35 million into the new league year. The Rams are at the other end of the spectrum with $466,000 and spending close to the cap has worked out pretty well for them this season.

NFL teams carried over $339.9 million from 2017 to 2018. This year’s total is down slightly to $339.4 million.

17 responses to “Browns, Colts carrying over most cap space from 2018 to 2019

  1. This year the Browns (and Colts) finally have good reason to spend: two young, healthy, talented QBs.

    The Colts could be very dangerous next year: that should be plain to see. Browns could be as well if they make some shrewd FA and draft decisions (which would only be consistent with their current one-consecutive-year-run).

  2. And yet somehow the Patriots are viewed as stingy because they don’t spend $200 million a year on 3 guys but instead spread the whole cap out to the entire team.

  3. Haslam is a scam artist. The last 3 years its over 150 million under that cap total for the Browns, the most of any teach each of those seasons. Hard to compete when your personnel budget averages 40 million+ under the top 24 teams.

  4. geobh says:
    January 31, 2019 at 2:50 pm

    browns are still the browns


    The 31 other teams are still the 31 other teams…right?

  5. Do fans of these teams get excited that their team isn’t spending the cap money to improve the team? Because that’s what it means when they’re carrying over $35m from 1 year to the next. Also, please show me a few examples of where paying a ton of money to a free agent resulted in the team becoming immediately successful.

  6. As a Ravens fan I would love to think the Browns will screw it up. but I feel like they have turned the corner and will be legit for years to come if they stay healthy at QB

  7. “Also, please show me a few examples of where paying a ton of money to a free agent resulted in the team becoming immediately successful.”

    This is a great point. And the answer is once every 5-10 years. Manning is the last one I can recall. Spending wildly in free agency is a sure fire way to cap hell. You gotta build through the draft. Or should I say you gotta pick the right players in the draft. I guess that’s harder than on looks.

  8. Browns Fans, enjoy the cap space while you can. Cap Management is the 1 area where John Dorsey is terrible. KC is still enduring some BAD long term deals he signed.

  9. Dorsey will spend the Money on need and depth! Baker broke the rookie TD record in only 13 games! One more weapon on offense and depth and another playmaker on defense and Cleveland will be right in the hunt for the Playoffs and maybe even winning the Division!

  10. This is going to be the year of defensive spending. Demarcus Lawrence, Trey Flowers, Grady Jerrett, Landon Collins.. make it happen Dorsey! Stopping the run was a major liability last year. Just wish there was more offensive weapons, specifically OT and WR this year. It’s hard to get excited about Golden Tate but he’d be about the best available. I wouldn’t be upset.

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