Bruce Allen says “nonsense” to report Alex Smith is expected to miss 2019

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A report this week indicated that Washington is not planning to have quarterback Alex Smith back from his broken right leg in time to play during the 2019 season, but team president Bruce Allen pushed back at that notion on Thursday.

Allen called the report “nonsense” during an appearance on The Team 980 and said the quarterback’s condition is improving.

“He really is a day-to-day guy,” Allen said, via the Washington Post.

Smith didn’t look day-to-day while attending a recent Wizards game with an external fixator attached to his leg, but it may be too early to start ruling out anything about where he’ll be seven-plus months from now. Even if he isn’t ruled out, it’s probably a good idea for the team to consider other options this offseason so they have a plan in place in the event Smith can’t go.

17 responses to “Bruce Allen says “nonsense” to report Alex Smith is expected to miss 2019

  1. Day to Day? As in he might be ready go any day? How am I suppose to continue to root for this team with this clown still with the organization?

  2. Of course it’s nonsense.
    There is a 0.00000000000000001% chance Alex Smith will be able to play in 2019.
    Thats not 0.
    It’s as likely as me winning the big lottery Every month for a year.

  3. Allen also suggested Smith could potentially rub dirt on the leg and be ready for training camp.

  4. I don’t think the reports said that Smith would be out for the whole year. They said that the Redskins were preparing as if he would be out for the whole year. And, well, they better be.

  5. OTAs start here in a few months. Meanwhile an external device is holding his leg stable.

    Count me as part of the crowd ruling it out that he’ll recover to the point of being an elite athlete again in less than 6 months when training camp opens…

  6. Bruce Allen is putting a proposal in front of the league right now to let Alex play from a wheel chair in 2019. Bruce, you are a clown of biblical proportions. The fan base no longer believes anything you say. You are the guy that pisses on my leg while telling me that it is raining. The City will throw a ticker tape parade down Constitution Ave when you are fired and Danny sells the team to a real NFL owner.

  7. I want to root for Alex Smith, but at this point rooting for Alex Smith means rooting for him to do the sane thing and retire. I’ve been a physical therapist for over seven years, and I have never even seen the device on Smith’s leg in a textbook, much less on a professional athlete. Trying to play again would be a disservice to himself and his team.

  8. It appears the when Bruce moved into Scot McCloughan’s office he found items Scot forgot to take with him.

  9. Alex Smith’s career is over. Everyone knows it. Bruce just isn’t ready to admit he made a 71 million dollar mistake. Cousins and kendall fuller wouldve been cheaper and better than Smith and Josh Norman.

  10. A few weeks ago the reports sounded as if Smith was about to lose his leg from infection. That is fantastic news he is doing as well as he is. As for Bruce Allen,his dad was a great coach.

  11. The President of the Washington Redskins just proclaimed that a guy who apparently was at risk of amputation several weeks ago and now spends most of his time in a wheelchair with steel rods implanted in his leg is “day to day.” There has been considerable analysis of Allen’s backstabbing and ineptitude. But could the Redskins’ dysfunction simply boil down to this: Bruce is just plain stupid? It would explain a lot.

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