Ed Reed hopes Steve Atwater gets Hall of Fame call

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There’s a very good chance that former Baltimore Ravens safety Ed Reed will be elected to the Hall of Fame on Saturday in his first year of eligibility. However, if Reed had his say a different safety would get the call before him.

Former Denver Broncos safety Steve Atwater.

In a conversation with Adam Lefkoe and Chris Simms of Bleacher Report, Reed said he hoped Atwater would be the one getting inducted this summer.

I pray to God that Steve Atwater gets in. If I get in and he doesn’t get in, I would rather give my spot to him.” Reed said.

Atwater is one of the 15 finalists that will be up for discussion. He has been among the final 15 candidates before but has not received enough support for induction.

Atwater played 11 seasons in the NFL with 10 coming with the Denver Broncos. He appeared in 167 games and complied eight Pro Bowl selections, two first-team All-Pro selections, was named to the 1990’s All-Decade Team and won two Super Bowls with the Broncos.

Reed was even better during his 12 years in the NFL. Reed was a nine-time Pro Bowler, five-time first-team All-Pro selection (and three-time second-team All-Pro), was the NFL Defensive Player of the Year in 2004, was named to the 2000’s All-Decade Team and won a Super Bowl with the Ravens in 2012.

“I was never about the accolades,” Reed said. “Though you know they’re there. There’s a lot of people who helped me get to this point. I’m just soaking it in right now.

“Just being in that talk is enough for me”

Reed and tight end Tony Gonzalez are the most surefire candidates to be elected to the 2019 class. Whether Atwater gets enough support when only five total nominees can be elected remains to be seen.

17 responses to “Ed Reed hopes Steve Atwater gets Hall of Fame call

  1. Atwater original prototype of modern power-safety kind of player. Reed, Dawkins, Chancellor, all successors to the style. Biggest hit I remember seeing him in wasn’t the infamous encounter with Nigerian Nightmare, but when he collided with teammate while both were looking up for a ball in the 1st Superbowl win.

    And I mean if Terrell Owens can get in…c’mon man this guy’s a shoe-in.

    P.S. Imagine today’s Kansas City offense…but with Nightmare. Yikes.

  2. LeRoy Butler and Steve Atwater should easily have been in by now. Both are all decade players, what else do you want? Some QBs get in for letting out a fart out in the league while being surrounded by great players and these two all pros have to wait in line?

  3. Unfortunately, Safety, Leroy Butler of the Packers has still been waiting for his call to the Hall of Fame too.
    Besides helping Green Bay win it’s first Super Bowl in almost 30 years, Butler was also named to the All Pro’s first team 4 times.
    He was also nominated to the 90’s All-Decade First team along with Steve Atwater.
    Oddly enough, everybody on that list, offense and defense, has been elected with the exception of these two.

  4. If he played now, he’d be constantly fined and suspended. A shame, because he played safety how it’s supposed to be done. Can’t do that anymore.

  5. Atwater was a very good big hitting safety, but definitely not a HOF player.

    Mind you, John Lynch made it in so I guess he could too.

  6. Couldn’t agree more Dennis Carson!

    Ken Riley has 65 career interceptions and when he retired was #2 on the all time int list in 1983. He still is tied with Charles Woodson for #5 on that list in 2019!!!! Also in his 15 year career he NEVER missed a game! But these morons who vote have probably never watched football before 1990 so what would they know.

    Before I hikack this, that’s very respectful of Reed to praise Atwater. However as good as Atwater was, Reed was by far and away the better player.

  7. Those of us who were lucky enough to watch Steve Atwater play know he was a first at worst second ballet HOF inductee. Players like Brian Dawkins (Son of Zeus) looked up to him and Ronnie Lott. Ed Reed should be a first ballet player.

    Would be sweet to see the Safeties get there just due this year. Ed Reed, Steve Atwater and Ken Riley all going in the same year would be justice…John Lynch can wait another year or two.

  8. Man this guy was feared back in the day. He deserves to get in- way better that Dawkins in his prime.

  9. Ed Reed and Jon Ogden need statues in Baltimore, not Ray.

    I can picture them both- Ed with his “wings” out flying, running back an interception, and Ogden smash run-blocking some poor guy.

  10. Huge Bronco fan, but I’m not sure Atwater was even the best safety on those Bronco teams. Dennis Smith was a more complete player. The hit on Okoye was great, but Atwater would blow routine coverages and miss open field tackles consistently. I’d rather see Broncos like Randy Gradishar get the nod first but at this point the under representation of Denver is borderline criminal so I’ll take what I can get…

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