Jamal Adams calls Josh Allen a “phenomenal quarterback”

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Jets safety Jamal Adams thinks Bills quarterback Josh Allen is good.


After criticizing him last year during the draft, Adams has circled back on Allen, and heaped praise on his division rival.

He’s a phenomenal quarterback, don’t get me wrong,” Adams said, via Ryan Talbot of NYUpstate.com. “Runs a lot. He can definitely, you know, keep a defense on his toes should I say. You gotta have a spy on him because the guy can run. He has a bright future and I’m looking forward to the matchup for the long distance.”

Last year during the draft, Adams retweeted out a video of Allen throwing an interception for Wyoming, with the caption: “Can’t wait to catch passes from one of my fav QB’s!”

Adams said later that part of the reason he poked at Allen the night of the draft was in hopes of baiting the Bills rookie into throwing his way.

Allen did throw two picks against the Jets in the one meeting he was healthy enough for last year, but neither of them went to Adams (Trumaine Johnson did the honors). But it was apparently enough for Adams to change his mind about a guy he’ll see for years to come.

27 responses to “Jamal Adams calls Josh Allen a “phenomenal quarterback”

  1. 52% completions (last in the NFL) 10 TD 12 INT’s 172.8 yards per game.

    Phenomenal must not mean in 2019 what it use to mean. Under the old definition, Tom Brady would be a phenomenal QB. At best Allen is a work in progress. At best.

  2. Without Josh Allen, the Bills offense would have been one of the worst ever. He did not make them elite by any means, but JA was the Bills’ best offensive weapon by far in 2018. Build an O-line, get him some playmakers and if he keeps progressing, I think the Bills have their guy for a long time to come.

  3. Didn’t put up star numbers in his first year? Get rid of him! He’s a bust! People sure over react here. Not saying he’s going to be great but give the kid a few years

  4. Phenomenal? Really? he was bottom 3 in all stats except rushing. If a defense can make a QB run instead of throw, mission accomplished

  5. why does everyone keep saying, just get him a new line, a couple of WRs, a tight, a running back, a full back and a partridge in a pear tree? Do people realize how long it takes to procure that many quality pieces?

  6. Allen is the best NFL QB to come into the league in the last 5 years. Buffalo hit the jackpot in last years Draft.

  7. He’ll never be as accurate as Brady or Brees, but the production with the legs is a nice supplement while he ticks that completion percentage up to something more like 60.

    While he threw more INTs than TDs, his two fumbles lost is a very low number especially considering his number of carries. 14 turnovers in 12 games (1.2 per game) is a nice number for a QB and especially a rookie QB.

    The overall production is already viable and the passing numbers are going to go up. Bills fans should be optimistic.

  8. The key to Josh Allen is Buffalo isn’t going into the Draft or Free Agency without a QB. Whether he is the long term option certainly remains to be seen, but he is the QB next season and that’s a big step for this franchise.

  9. I’m not like other recency bias fans who are ready to call rookies busts or anoint them as future hall of famers. No one will know how they fare until 3-4 years down the line. The league is littered with players who did well their rookie years and then busted out: RG3, Tannehill, Bortles, etc. Then there were terrible rookies who figured it out: Marino, Manning, Aikman, Wentz, Goff

  10. Jamal Adams needs to sit down and shut up. Or maybe go do something stupid that people can talk about.

  11. The Bills retro fit the entire receiver corp sans Jones during the reason. There’s a You Tube video of drops his receivers had. It’s about 12 minutes long. Not hard grabs missed. Right in the hands, all alone. Half of those get caught, and he doesn’t have to bail on plays because they can’t get separation, and Allen’s over 60% easy. He’s not tossing 3 yd slants like some superstars. He must have the most chunk plays of any QB. He throws 30 yrs like others throw 5 users. He’s a budding star, no doubt.

  12. Buffalo fan here. on the one hand, JA could look terrible. whipping balls a thousand miles an hour when throwing a 3 yard pass. on the other hand, his receivers dropped a huge amount of catchable balls and dude can run like a deer. plus he seems extremely tuff. I still believe his negatives will be to much to overcome but at least by all appearances he acts like he’s happy to be in western ny. he does have game. time will tell.

  13. Why do people keep blaming dropped passes as the reason for his inaccuracy? The buffalo bills were number 24 overall in dropped passes. 23 other teams had as many or more. The official total on the year was 16 dropped passes. 1 per game. Quit fooling yourselves!

  14. BobMayoOnTheKeyboard says:
    January 31, 2019 at 11:48 am
    Tyrod Taylor is more accurate lol.

    Clapton was better than Frampton, but Frampton still had a nice career. Oh, that’s true

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