Tom Brady’s agent wants Trevor Lawrence to leave Clemson now

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Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence is widely regarded as the best pro prospect currently playing college football. Unfortunately for Lawrence, he’s still a freshman, which means he’s two full years away from being able to enter the NFL draft.

Enter Don Yee, the agent for Tom Brady, who’s starting up Pacific Pro Football, a minor league that plans to start playing this year. Yee says the developmental league would pay Lawrence a salary now, help him land endorsements, and then allow him to leave for the NFL when he’s eligible.

“Trevor Lawrence at Clemson, we would like to make him a player offer right away,” Yee said on 104.5 The Zone in Nashville. “He would be a professional and he would learn an NFL-style game before he declares for the draft.”

It seems unlikely that Lawrence will take Yee up on that offer. But it’s good that he has options. And with the XFL also saying it won’t have the same eligibility rules as the NFL, it’s only a matter of time before some college star decides to leave school before the NFL will take him, and spend a year or two earning a paycheck in the minor leagues.

31 responses to “Tom Brady’s agent wants Trevor Lawrence to leave Clemson now

  1. He probably lives like a god on campus having 10’s throwing themselves at him everyday. What a unique time in a unique life. You don’t walk away from that for some crappy start up league.

  2. One thing for sure, Dabo Swinney needs to stop calling so many running plays for him. He has already missed game time for concussion. He is a tough kid but once you get one serious concussion, the next one is right around the corner.

  3. “It seems unlikely that Lawrence will take Yee up on that offer.”

    Exactly. He won’t take Yee up on the offer because he can improve his stock more playing in 12-14 “auditions” per year as a college player. It is one of the great perks of playing college football, along with tuition and room and board which allows you to simultaneously pursue your NFL dream AND create a fall back plan.

    If Lawrence was playing for “free,” then he would jump at Yee’s offer.

  4. I personally don’t think he’s ready for the NFL yet. However, winning a national championship against the Crimson Tide is something great for his resume.

  5. Kids might be playing for free now. However you leave a program like Clemson to play lesser & definitely more disorganized competition you’ll cost yourself millions more than staying & being drafted from a top tier program. Buy an insurance policy & you’ll be fine kid.

  6. Lawrence will never go to this league. The coaching, training, and competition he will get at Clemson will be a vastly better training ground for the NFL than this league. A few million now could cost him ten times that in 2 years and the NFL, and every top flight prospect knows that. That’s why almost every future high draft pick in the NBA goes to college and not overseas.

  7. He has already said that football comes 2nd to his education, so i doubt he cares about some crappy start up league that will fold its first year.

  8. It’s all about money for these agents. The guy has serious talent but can we just let him mature and work on his degree. He won’t play football forever. He doesn’t have to finish but he needs another year or 2.

  9. “Buy an insurance policy & you’ll be fine kid”.

    Those policies do not work like you think that they do. A player has to be completely unable to play at all in order to receive the insurance benefits. In other words, they have to be completely disabled.

    Myles Jack and Jaylon Smith did not recover, or would not have recovered, any insurance proceeds for their lost income as a result of their drops in draft status.

  10. I don’t imagine it will be smart for any NFL bound college player to leave early and join one of the many football startup leagues currently in development. Only one of these leagues is going to last, if any. It seems like all of them also have some big names attached too. You got Yee starting up this league. Oliver Luck and Dick Ebersol with the XFL, Bill Polian and Dick Ebersol’s kid, Charlie with the AAF. Who knows which league will stick.

    It’s weird Dick Ebersol and his son are backing opposing leagues. Perhaps they are hedging their bets or perhaps they envision a combined league at some point, mirroring the current NFL.

  11. xiiprestige says:
    January 31, 2019 at 4:49 pm

    He has already said that football comes 2nd to his education, so i doubt he cares about some crappy start up league that will fold its first year.


    Is that why he plays for an esteemed academic institution such as Clemson instead of places like Stanford or Cal?

  12. different sport, but I remember Bobby Orr being signed by the Bruins at 14.
    He couldn’t play until 18, but that’s a young age to be identified as a talent.

  13. You gotta be kidding me.

    Let’s see, play in some dink league where the competition isn’t even as good as what Clemson faces, and risk getting hurt and watching your $100 mil NFL contract go down the tubes.

    If I’m this kid I’m scratching Yee’s name off my list of potential agents.

  14. Before we talk about a year or 2 in the minor leagues, let’s see if any of these leagues survive a year or 2. I remember the UFL, some league a few years ago that made news for drafting and signing a bunch of guys with NFL experience and never got off the ground, and the old XFL of course, among others. Don’t know if any of those leagues even made it 1 full year without contracting, missing payroll, or all kinds of other financial failures or shenanigans. Why would a guy leave school 2 full years early for such an unknown? High school basketball players have been eligible to join the D (err.. G-League) league for a long time but rarely do, for a lot of reasons.

  15. Mark Kitterman says:
    January 31, 2019 at 4:32 pm
    Don Yee has already advised Trevor Lawrence to destroy his phone.


    The cold weather and rain dropped the PSI in the footballs of both teams. The NFL is still hiding the PSI report from the 2015 NFL season. The condition of a personally owned phone was irrelevant except as simple phrase for that could be remembered by those who were not able to understand 7th grade science.

  16. Brady has made over 217 million dollars playing football..then endorsements(which he limits because he is still playing)that will be out the roof when he retires.He plays to win SBs.It does not bother him to not be the highest payed QB..why..because they are watching him playing in SBs.

  17. It’s nice to see people take it upon themselves to create a minor league for football players instead of trying to force the NCAA to do so.

  18. He was the #1 HS QB (and #1 overall prospect) a few years ago so it’s not at all a stretch for him to be considered a top NFL prospect.

  19. Coming from agent who lets Brady play for an under valued contract…
    Coming form an agent who gets his client exactly what his client wants.

  20. And he gets hurt in this nothing league and there goes his career and opportunity.

    Yee shouldn’t talk about something that’s over his head.

  21. why can’t these talented college athletes just be allowed to actually BE college athletes! so many of them get insane pressure by people to leave early when they should be allowed to play ball, develop more skill, and enjoy college let them stay in school as long as they decide to. it’s a pity that the ones who stay 4-5 years and actually get their degrees are looked at as oddities let the kids be kids!

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