Kyler Murray becomes evasive over participation in Scouting Combine, Pro Day

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As a full-blown participant in a pre-Super Bowl media process premised on talking, Kyler Murray decided abruptly on Friday to not do much of it.

The 2018 Heisman Trophy winner, who has said he’ll soon choose between baseball and football, became evasive during an appearance on The Dan Patrick Show. Asked by Dan whether Murray will attend the Scouting Combine or participate in a Pro Day workout for scouts, Murray clammed up.

“That would imply that I was going to play football,” Murray eventually said.

It wouldn’t imply that at all; it would imply that he’s participating in the process leading to the NFL draft, with a final decision between baseball and football possibly to come later. After interviewing Murray personally on Thursday, however, a clear sense emerged that, if he chooses to pursue football, he’ll do it before the Scouting Combine and he’ll be all in, without reservation — and that he won’t hinge his ultimate football decision on how high he gets drafted or by the team that picks him.

If Murray truly hasn’t made a decision yet, his response to questions about the Scouting Combine or a possible Pro Day workout should have been, “I haven’t decided yet.” The fact that things got a little odd when those subjects came up suggests that he’s made a decision, that he knows whether he’ll be going to the Scouting Combine and/or having a Pro Day, and that he fears that answering those questions directly will reveal his broader decision.

Best guess, with all factors considered (including Baker Mayfield trying to call Murray at least three times while Murray was on set with PFT Live), is this: Murray will be playing football.

Whatever his decision, an answer will be coming soon. Spring training with the Oakland A’s opens on February 15.

34 responses to “Kyler Murray becomes evasive over participation in Scouting Combine, Pro Day

  1. That has to be a tough position for the kid to be in. Tough enough to be that young and dealing with the prospect of one pro sport draft; far tougher and more confusing to deal with two sports competing over you and pushing you to choose what your future will look like.

    Sure, in some ways it’s a great problem to have. But I don’t fault him for not being polished and perfect about it.

  2. Once he commits, he won’t be the center of attention to quite the same extent, so he’s just stretching out time in the spotlight. But I still don’t think he is drafted in first two rounds. No one wants a prima donna. Especially one half the size of Cam Newton.

  3. It is now dawning on Murray that his height and weight will no longer be the subject of speculation. I’m now wondering just how short he really is. I still think he’ll get drafted in the first round even if he’s all of 5’8″. But only because Gruden has three first round picks.

  4. That WAS an awkward interview. Not only did he not disclose any information (which I get) but he barely answered anything else and you could barely hear or understand him. It was pretty odd.

  5. As soon as this kid commits to the A’s……so long being in the headlines. Playing for the cheap Oakland outfit is about like playing for the Pittsburgh Pirates.

  6. Can someone name another prospect that was so wishy washy about playing football? Bo Jackson was a physical freak so he doesn’t count. And I’m not so sure about the “stretching out his time in the spotlight” angle either. Surely his handlers are telling him it’s not a good look.

  7. I’ve had just about enough of this idiot. I hope he plays baseball. He has bust written all over him.

  8. I know very little about the kid but after watching that interview there is no way I would want him attempting to lead a team of grown men. Sure, he was nervous, but even considering that he just did not seem intelligent. Everything during that interview was odd.

  9. He is too small for the NFL.

    Just a kid that wants money!

    Good luck youngster!


  10. If I was saddled with billions of dollars, an NFL team, and a mediocre starting QB on my roster…I wouldn’t draft this kid.

  11. His baseball agent is Scott Boras. I’m guessing this is nothing more than a ploy to get more money out of A’s. I may be wrong, but don’t believe Boras is registered to represent NFL players, so he would have a lot to lose money wise if Murray decides to go NFL. If the A’s stand their ground money wise it will be interesting to see how this pans out.

  12. He is SOO worried to say the wrong thing… he doesn’t want to commit to the combine, follow up question is what are you going to do when teams interview you ask baseball or football… either way that interview he had on DP could have dropped him out of the first round IMO.

    In baseball he got his singing bonus, but he won’t be making good money for 7-0 years. In the NFL he gets drafted high he could potentially cash in quicker depending on how he develops.

  13. The guy doesn’t appear to be very intelligent and seems to have attention problems. It is what it is. How can he learn an NFL playbook when he can’t remember a question or his answer from the previous 60 seconds? I count at least 5 red flags with this guy: height, one year wonder, terrible season at Texas A&M, lack of intelligence and the baseball issue.

  14. It appears that trying to “Shake down” the A’s for a few extra bucks is not going to work. That being said and based upon Mock drafts and recent developments (Tannehill released) it does appear he will go fairly high in the NFL draft.

  15. daburgher says:
    February 1, 2019 at 4:42 pm
    this guy is talking himself out of millions of dollars


    He will make millions more in baseball and have a longer healthier career

  16. He will play baseball, bat around .220 while riding a bus in the minors for 2 years, get bored and then try to get back into the NFL.

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