Wade Wilson dies at 60

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Former NFL quarterback Wade Wilson, who spent 19 years in the league and many thereafter as a coach, has died. He was 60.

The Dallas Cowboys have announced the passing of Wilson.

An eighth-round pick of the Vikings in 1981, Wilson spent eleven years in Minnesota, one with the Falcons, two with the Saints, three with the Cowboys, and two with the Raiders.

In his first year after retiring, Wilson became the quarterbacks coach in Dallas, holding the spot for three years. He then took the same job in Chicago for three years, before returning to that role with the Cowboys for eleven straight seasons.

Wilson won a Super Bowl ring as Troy Aikman’s backup in 1995. Seven years before that, Wilson led the Vikings to upset wins over the Saints and 49ers in the playoffs, before narrowly losing to Washington in the NFC title game.

We extend our condolences to Wilson’s family, friends, teammates, and colleagues.

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  1. Wade was a pretty darn good QB. He took over for Tommy Kramer, who couldn’t stay healthy, and those two went back and forth. It was mainly Wilson who was the starter from 87 to 89. And those teams were good. All playoff seasons. That 87 team was about 6 yards away from the superbowl. 88 and 89 just couldn’t beat SF. I think he had the nickname ‘whiskey’ for some reason… maybe from where he’s from.. I don’t know. I always thought that should’ve been kramer’s nickname..
    RIP Wade. Prayers for you and your family.

  2. “abcisezas123 says:
    February 1, 2019 at 6:58 pm
    A better QB backup than Jason Garrett ever was.”

    -Unless you look at things like QBR, turnovers or actual winning percentage. Jason Garret actually threw more TDs than INTs and won most of the games he started. Haters gonna hate.

  3. We love you #11 !
    As a kiddo I’ll never ever forget your amazing run in 87’ throwing the ball to A.C. One of my dearest memories as a Vikings fan!
    Prayers and thoughts to his entire family.

  4. I didn’t realize that he was the QB in that playoff upset vs. SF. That 49er team was loaded. I was at their regular season finale at the stick that year and they pounded the Rams 48-0. Nobody even fathomed them going one and done. Good for Wade.

    My lasting memory of Wade Wilson was the nationally televised game when he got hurt and the hometown crowd cheered loudly as he was writhing in pain on the ground. Jim Mora laid into those fans after the game.

  5. I always liked this guy. I liked the Vikings teams he led too. It’s a shame when hard-working people, too young, die before realizing the fruits of their labors by enjoying retirement. I’ve lost close friends recently. I feel bad they didn’t get there. I thought we’d all enjoy it together. My heart hurts for those guys and for anyone that leaves too soon, including Wade Wilson.

  6. What a shame. My earliest Vikings memories are of Wade Wilson and Tommy Kramer as the quarterbacks. I am old enough to remember what a great job Wade did in 1987 and just how close he came to leading the Vikings to a Super Bowl. I feel terrible for his family. 60 is too young. Thanks for all the fond memories, No. 11.

  7. Wade was a Darrin Nelson drop from OT in the NFCCG in 87.
    He could throw, win, and was a surprisingly good runner.
    I always laughed he went to the Cowboys, who all Vikings fans loathe because of the Hail Mary game ( also a shady force out call on 4th and 18 extended the drive).
    It makes you realize football is amazing ( at least BG, before Goodell ), but goes way too fast.
    Hope you’re good, Wade! Peace.

  8. Condolences to the Wilson family and Vikings nation. Vikings made the playoffs all three years he was the primary starter. I remember him playing, but don’t recall his injuries or why he didn’t play more.

  9. He played for my Saints for a couple of years, that was his purgatory right here on Earth. Straight through the pearly gates for you.

  10. A good guy on the field and off. I met Wade briefly at a social charity event and told him that my good friend, a die hard Vikings fan, really admired him. Wade asked me for my friend address which I happened to have in my wallet. Two weeks later, my friend received a personalized autograph pic from Wade. That is total class. RIP. Gone too young.

  11. That sucks. I enjoyed watching those late 80s Vikings, but my lasting memory of Wade Wilson is miraculously winning the worst FB game ever played 7-6 over SD as 4th Q sub for the putrid Donald Hollas. He hit James Jett on a bomb for like a 75 yard TD. Completely out of blue. Beautiful deep ball that Jett ran under. Final possession for Oak. Think it was only pass he threw or only completion. The rest of the game should really be on a loop in Guantanamo. But it gave a big boost to Oak in Gruden’s first season. Gave them 4th win in five, all really close games. Think he won another game as a starter and they got to 7-2, 7-3 before all the glue and duct tape fell off.

  12. I met him in Kansas City when he was a backup with the Raiders, nicest guy you’d ever meet, talked to me for about 15 minutes, his wife was very friendly too, RIP

  13. 8 rounds…and the experience he got from being drafted and playing paid off in coaching.
    Expand the roster limit
    Expand the draft to 10 rounds
    Let more people play-the money is there
    And have more refs on replay

  14. This is not how I wanted to start my day. Now I have to get out my old VHS tapes and see him play again. It was during the Wilson/Kramer years that I first started getting into the Vikings and the NFL. Wade Wilson always seemed to have a respect and command in the huddle. He could change the dynamic of a game. I know it’s just a game, but I’d like to thank Wade for being the man he was. I hope you are at Peace, Wade.

  15. I’ll always remember one of the greatest comebacks in Viking history. Vikings at Eagles, 1985. Wilson was terrible in the first half and was pulled for Steve Bono because Kramer was injured. The Eagles led 23-0 with 11 minutes left in the game. Bono was so bad they put Wilson back in the game. Wilson threw three touchdown passes and the Vikings got a defensive TD to win 28-23. It was amazing to see a guy play so bad and then turn things completely around when forced to go back in the game.

  16. Lots of angry little trolls hiding in the parents basements snickering to themselves as they give a “thumbs down” to all of the people posting condolences.Whatever floats your boat, I guess.

    Rest In Peace WW

  17. I can’t imagine how sad and empty someone’s life must be to spend time clicking thumbs down on thread full of very nice, respectful comments about a man’s passing.

    RIP, Wade Wilson. Nobody who saw it will ever forget that playoff game where you led the Vikings over SF in ’87. A piece of football history.

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