XFL wants to be viewed as a separate product, not a developmental league


XFL Commissioner Oliver Luck does not view his startup league, which will launch next year, is just a place to develop future NFL players.

While the other new league, the Alliance of American Football, is positioning itself as a developmental league for the NFL and even partnering with the NFL to show games on NFL Network, the XFL doesn’t want to be in business with the NFL.

Luck visited the PFT Live set on Radio Row and made it clear that XFL founder Vince McMahon is not interested in just developing players for the NFL.

“Vince wants to develop a sustainable, standalone league. He doesn’t want to be a developmental league. I ran a developmental league for 10 years,” Luck said. “But I think Vince’s mindset is to build something that can last and sustain itself on its own without any support from the NFL or anyone else.”

Luck said the XFL is close to announcing broadcast agreements. Suffice to say, NFL Network will not be a partner.

22 responses to “XFL wants to be viewed as a separate product, not a developmental league

  1. That’s the same sort of attitude that made the original XFL a joke. They’re never going to have the best players so it is by default going to be a developmental league sort of situation.

    Reality is that the XFL will have a really tough time. They’re going to be second to market behind the AAF who begins play in a week. One of two things is going to happen: AAF does great in its first season and grabs hold as the dominant “other league” before the XFL even begins play OR the AAF struggles out of the gate which will hurt enthusiasm for the XFL’s launch. There are times when being first in business is absolutely critical and this is one of those times.

  2. XFL was all production and no substance. Until proven otherwise in this day and age of unsubstantiated hype I’ll expect nothing but unsubstantiated hype.

  3. Are they going to let the players put whatever they want on the backs of their jerseys? The only thing I really remember from the old XFL was “He Hate Me”.

  4. Hopefully, they have a lower age limit to give players an alternative to college.

    I doubt they will be able to keep any top talent, because money wise they just won’t be able to compete with the NFL salaries.. But if they put out a quality product with tier 2 type players they may have a shot. And put some franchises in some Northern Cities. The AAF might as well be called the American Football League of the South.

  5. I didn’t mind the USFL because they had crazy owners signing really good players. Over 1/2 of the USFL players either had played or would play in the NFL. It was a level in between college football and the NFL. Everything since then hasn’t been worth watching. The XFL will be trash.

  6. People are ridiculous…. First they want an alternative to the No Fun League and then someone tries something different from that and now people don’t want to watch because its not the NFL? What a fickle species we are! How about just watching and giving it a shot? It can’t be that much worse than the product Goodell trots out there every weekend….. Hopefully they call their championship game the Souper Bowl sponsored by Campbell’s or something really ridiculous like that. After all it is Vince McMahon so expect the unexpected.

  7. The XFL’s approach is rooted in the ego of Vince McMahon, and their fans seem to follow. The attitude is “The NFL is doing it wrong, but I know how to do it right.”

    Good luck with that Vince.

  8. The only reason the AAF has a chance to make it is because it sees itself as a developmental league for the NFL. Now whether it actually turns into that and is successful at it remains to be seen.

    The XFL will fail miserably because it wants to be direct competition to the NFL and no one will ever compete with the NFL. NFL will always be king.

    College football could be hurt slightly if the AAF becomes very successful at being a developmental league. It will be interesting to see how they co-exist and if that is even possible. If the AAF is to be long term I think it really needs to understand how it can exist together with college football, because college football is going no where.

  9. There seems to be a lot of no name players that have talent and when given playing time are suddenly found. I’m excited to see these leagues get going. Probably will a slow start but who knows the same was said about the AFL and then some guy named Joe Namath came along. Now Joe was a bigger name when signed but that ’69 team had talent and went on to prove it.

  10. The XFL will need to have deep pocketsif it wants to be a standalone league and sign top talents.

    The USFL was able to succeed (although briefly) because the teams were signing players to the LARGEST SPORTS CONTRACTS IN HISTORY (up to that point). See Herschel Walker, Steve Young, Jim Kelly, etc.

    From a Washington Post story in 1983: “The USFL raised the ante by offering lesser-known rookies big contracts and NFL sources say that league is countering by offering its second-round picks big salaries and signing bonuses of up to $300,000 to ward off USFL bids.”

    Money will bring the players, if they have the owners actually have the means.

  11. The NFL needs to take notice the AAF. With alot of fans ( me included) getting sick of the NFL rule changes and horrible calld (and non calls) and in my case sick of flirting with teams in London or Mexico City. If people tune in the might stay.

    Some of older fans like me remember the USFL, which I enjoyed. Partly because of the huge names they recruited like Jim Kelly, Steve Young, Sam Mills and at the time my favorite and best college RB I ever saw (at that time) Herchel Walker. Not to mention the best team in the league was my home town team the Philadelphia Stars.

    The XFL imo will be a joke though…

  12. I love it when the bozos complain about the NFL becoming the WWE, and then they embrace the football league created by the guy that runs the WWE. Then they decry the imminent loss of the kickoff, while embracing a league that used to, in lieu of a kickoff, have players run and try to be the first one to reach a football placed on the 50 yard line.

  13. No way! This league will succeed because in 2021 the NFL is due for another player’s strike/lockout. All involved say this one will last a lot longer than the one 9 years ago. When the NFL lock’s em’ out this time the players will know where to go. Sure, there are things like the national anthem, which was silly and over blown to me personally and all that relocation corruption stuff, But don’t think for one minute McMahon has not known about this potential lock out in 2021. He is starting in 2020 about the time that strike/lockout takes place.

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