Matt Nagy named coach of the year


Matt Nagy’s first year as the Bears head coach ended with a tough playoff loss to the Eagles, but it was a successful one overall.

The Bears won the NFC North and made their first postseason appearance since the 2010 season with Nagy at the helm. That effort earned Nagy recognition as the Associated Press coach of the year at the NFL Honors show in Atlanta on Saturday night.

Nagy was hired after two years as the Chiefs offensive coordinator and 10 years working with Andy Reid during his head coaching stints in Philadelphia and Kansas City. The Bears went 12-4 during the regular season as they matched one of the league’s best defenses with an offense that improved dramatically over the 2017 edition.

Nagy received 24 of the 50 votes. Chargers head coach Anthony Lynn was second with 10 votes with Colts head coach Frank Reich coming in third with eight and Reid picking up five nods. Seahawks coach Pete Carroll and Saints coach Sean Payton also received votes this year.

It’s the seventh time that a Bears coach has won the award. Nagy joins two-time winners George Halas and Mike Ditka and one-time recipients Dick Jauron and Lovie Smith on the list of winners from Chicago.

37 responses to “Matt Nagy named coach of the year

  1. Nagy got this award because the Bears’ defense (led by Fangio) was stellar. Meanwhile, Nagy’s offense (what he really controlled) was decent, at best. So, if any money comes with the award, Nagy should split it with Fangio.

  2. Should have been Harbaugh. He completely revamped the teams offense midseason to massive success.

  3. Offense was crap, the defense won games in-spite of an inept offense most games. Turdbustky was a waste of draft picks.

    Fangio should have been coach of the year for that team winning games in-spite of turdbustky/nagy

  4. Packer fan here, saying congrats to the Bears coach, he completely surpassed expectations. Also, his success and innovative offense, likely influenced the firing of McCarthy, so we’re thankful for that.

  5. Worst to first. That’s good, no matter. Even if he didn’t do it alone, he didn’t screw it up, either. Congrats.

  6. How did this not go to Bellichick??? Hate him all ya want….he’s the GOAT. Period. And I’m a Bears fan. But Bellichick even outcoached Nagy when they went head to head back in October.

  7. Great job Nagy!! Well deserved it was an honor meeting u at spring training! Grear job in turning around this storied franchise and turning Trubisky into a franchise Qb… he is only gonna get better and better and he is a great leader of men… For the record the Pat’s scored 2 special teams TDS so the idiot who said he got out coached is a moron.. I love all the haters 12-4 says a lot… Bears running the North for years to come!

  8. Belichick gets overlooked year after year because everyone expects the Pats to win 11/12/13 gms and be a SBowl contender. It always goes to a coach of a down team that maybe gets to the playoffs. The voters are dopes. Belichick has made chicken salad out of chicken bleep more times than I can count. Even without Brady.

  9. What’s the point of having an award show if the NFL is just going to announce all the winners 3 hours before the actual award show?

  10. Remember how much the media, league & salty mountain of hate all lapped up Wickersham’s narrative of Pats imploding? So they should crown Belichick for turning 180 to yet another SB.

  11. Belechick should win this award every year, and Scarnecchia should be in the convo for assistant every year.

  12. Belichick should win this! Most people can’t name his starters on defense or offense yet they play great football. I suspect BB doesn’t care though.

  13. Reich, Belichick certainly deserved this. The Bears’ success was mostly about Fangio.

  14. I’m a Bears fan and excited about Nagy. Great first year and the future is looking bright. That said, the two coaches coaching in the Super Bowl tomorrow received a combined zero votes???

    They need to change the name of the award to Best Team Turnaround Vs The Previous Year. That’s how it seems it’s voted.

  15. Doug Pederson won a Superbowl and beat Nagy. These awards are a joke. Feel bad for McVay/Belchick.

  16. Two great Nagy moments: him almost getting homicidal on the refs in the Rams game when they stopped his fake punt on fourth down, and him staring blankly forward, probably mentally going homicidal on Parkey in his mind, at the end of the Eagles game.

  17. Nagy didn’t just turn the worse team around – he won all those games with the worst kicker. Had he had ANY of the other coaches kickers, he’d have quite possibly taken them all the way.

    EVERY other top coach had a top kicker. In today’s NFL, thats a big difference

  18. Congrats from a Packer backer. Nagy did a decent job keeping the train on the tracks. QB and offense wasn’t the strong point but did enough. The real question is whether he can do it again next year without his defensive guru coach, no #1 pick and some Bear free agents that probably can’t be resigned.

  19. The goal was to be the 2017 Rams, and mission accomplished. With that trajectory, the Bears should be in the Super Bowl next year, courtesy of a blown officials call somehow. Trubisky is Goff is Alex Smith. And to think the Bears could have the MVP in Mahomes. At least Pace got Mack.

  20. Belichick should win every year. Doubt he cares. He would rather get the ring and leave the crumbs for everyone else.

  21. Belichick has always been afforded the luxury of being able to build his teams to compete for the entire AFC when most teams have to build around winning their division. Patriots have been able to be assured of home field or a first round bye every season. Is that great coaching or almost two decades of futility by three other AFC East teams?

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