XFL’s roster of coaches could include an interesting name or two

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With the AAF getting a one-year head start in the race to fill the post-Super Bowl football void, the XFL may have a trick or two up its sleeves.

A distinctive buzz has been building throughout league circles in recent days that former Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops will be emerging from retirement to coach in the XFL.

XFL Commissioner Oliver Luck named no names during a recent visit to PFT Live, but Luck acknowledged that coaching hires will be announced soon.

The Dallas and Houston teams would be the most logical options, with Dallas likely the in-house favorite, given the potency of Dallas as an NFL city.

And that’s clearly one of the reasons why the XFL dropped so many of its franchises (seven of eight) into cities that have NFL teams. The XFL is betting that fans of the local NFL franchises will slide over to the XFL, seamlessly and naturally.

If the XFL will be hiring guys like Bob Stoops, maybe that will indeed happen.

Another name to watch when it comes to possible XFL coaching candidates is this one: Greg Schiano. Though the Tampa franchise may not be an ideal destination, dropping him in New York — near his run of relative greatness at Rutgers — would make sense.

Who knows where it goes from there? It would be interesting to see whether the XFL decides to pursue coaches like Urban Meyer, Mike Shanahan, Jeff Fisher, or Jim Mora to take over some of the teams that will be launching in a year.

6 responses to “XFL’s roster of coaches could include an interesting name or two

  1. Big name coaches and big name NFL veteran players who can’t find NFL work is the way to go for the XFL. Remember not long ago when Terrell Owens was trying to make a comeback in the NFL? Adrian Peterson before Washington signed him last year may have taken an XFL opportunity to show the NFL he still had game. The bigger the name the better. That will fill the stadiums and keep fans tuned in to games.

    Take the old World Football League approach of getting big NFL name veterans. But maintain the $350,000 per player salary cap. Use commercials-endorsements as financial incentives along with Vince McMahon’s other entity, WWE wrestling. Paid Wrestlemania appearances, etc. To get these former NFL stars up in the million plus per season range in combined salary-endorsements-appearances.

  2. I have my doubts but I think be the optimal time to have an alternative league. I won’t watch it unless it is near the same level of the NFL and higher than the NCAA. The NFL has the money to scoop the good players but the monopoly status of the NFL could be threatened. My recommendation to the XFL is to get tax-free exemption to help it challenge the NFL.

  3. How about college players the NFL won’t take for three years? Will the XFL take these guys that don’t want to go to college and get paid early? They still could end up in the NFL after three years. This might hurt college talent level.

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