Jared Goff fails to deliver in the biggest game of his career


Rams quarterback Jared Goff had grown irritated with questions about a late-season slump. He’ll now be facing plenty of questions about a nightmarish Super Bowl start.

Goff completed 19 of 38 passes for 228 yards and an interception on Sunday night in Atlanta. That translates to a completion percentage of 50, six yards per attempt, and a passer rating of 57.89.

After a very shaky first half, Goff made some good throws in the second half, and he was authoring a potential game-tying drive before floating a pass that was intercepted by Patriots cornerback Stephon Gilmore, which allowed the Patriots to embark on the drive that as a practical matter ended the game.

While it wasn’t a disaster in comparison to some other less-than-memorable Super Bowl performances by a quarterback (SportingNews.com recently ranked the 10 worst), it will raise plenty of questions about Goff’s status as a short-list franchise quarterback — and it will do nothing to erase concerns that his success is a product of coach Sean McVay’s system.

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  1. He didn’t look so great. He’s going to have to learn how to read defenses without his coach in his ear or he’s going to struggle in the league. He’s young, so he should be back one or two more times.

  2. The best drive he had going was in the middle 4th. Just when Gurley pops a 12 yard run for a first down out comes a phantom holding call on the rams. Goodbye momentum.

  3. BB was in Goff’s head from start to finish. Took too long to recognize plays developing and didn’t see open receivers.

    Offensive line wasn’t good either – especially Austin Blythe – they couldn’t run the ball, and Brandin Cooks had a ugly drop right before the INT. McVay did not call a good game, did not adjust.

    Just a lousy performance overall.

  4. “Maybe the Rams just got outcoached”

    Probably a part of it but there was never a point where Goff looked like he was going to get going and take over. He’s no Foles for sure….

  5. Goff and the Rams are so overrated. They won’t see the playoffs for the next few years. Was it worth it? Have fun in cap hell with next to 0 draft picks.

  6. If you’re a Ram fan, how could you be confident in the team giving him a lot of money at the expense of other players. What some of us said about Belichick showing him things late in the snap that would confuse him came true too. He schooled both McVey and Goff.

  7. If Goff has been even 10% better, they win that game. Horrible play by him. But it must also be mentioned, the missed PI near the end didn’t help. Nor did that horrible holding call.

  8. “If you’re a Ram fan, how could you be confident in the team giving him a lot of money at the expense of other players. What some of us said about Belichick showing him things late in the snap that would confuse him came true too. He schooled both McVey and Goff.”

    I expect him to get better reading defenses with experience. He only has three seasons in the league and one was a total waste with Jeff Fisher.

    Belichick was coaching in his 12th Super Bowl and Goff playing in his first at the age of 24. That experience gap heavily favored New England.

  9. Third-year QB was schooled by the greatest coach and QB of all time, and a team that’s done this several times. They make plenty of teams look bad. McVey seemed scared to be more aggressive in this game with NE bringing pressure on Goff.

  10. The Patriots out coached the Rams on Defense. The game was terrible overall and I was glad I could fast forward via DVR.

    But with that said the Rams have real issues….every coach in the league now has game film on how to stop the boy wonders Goff and McVay.

    Brady looked mediocre and thank goodness the Patriots ride is coming to the end.

  11. Why cant everyone just admit it.. The Pats make EVERYONE play their worst game (literally everyone/every team) And, the Pats players, regardless of natural talent, find a way to do what they do best. And, they are both smart & clutch, which is by far the most underrated “talent” of athletes in every sport.

    They’re just ‘winners’ period.

  12. As a browns fan,I feel even better with baker mayfield. No way baker would have had as bad as game as goff did!

  13. Does this mean all of those teams who hired anyone who shook McVay’s hand, will fire them tomorrow now that Sean has been exposed as a loser? Real question….just asking.

  14. Goff is young and will benefit from this experience and a better run game. I didn’t like the play calling, too many throws downfield. We don’t totally know the Todd Gurley story but they should have run him more. He was getting hot in the second half.

  15. Don’t think Rams fans should be complaining about “missed calls”. That was the only reason the Rams were there in the first place.

  16. Goff played like this for two months and the playoffs. I don’t know if this gets fixed. The roster is only going to get worse after they pay him because of the cap constraints. It wasn’t just what Belichick did to him which was predictable.

  17. Yes, Goff started play like crap against the Lions. Not sure why but I think Patricia found a weakness in Goff. Teams that could exploited it. I’m not even sure what IT is….I’m no coach

  18. Wentz and Mahomes are the new Brady and Brees? Hahaha first off who decided Brees was better than Rodgers? Why is he not in that mix? And Carson Wentz being a Brees/Rodgers replacement? He can’t even replace his backup. 2 out 3 seasons he finished with a losing record (Philly was under .500 when he got hurt this year) and his only winning season he couldn’t finish at all. I’m not putting Dak in the Brady/Brees/Rodgers category period he doesn’t deserve it but compared to Wentz: 3 of 3 seasons finished with winning records, 2 of 3 seasons took his team to the playoffs, hasn’t shown himself to be injury prone like Wentz and has started in 3 playoff games. If Wentz is in that mix then Dak should be too…above the overrated Wentz

  19. Please people stop talking about Wentz. He’s played good for 2/3 of a year and got injured. Then got injured again. Wentz has proven nothing, other than having an injury history. The Eagles won’t sniff the playoffs for the next few years either and will be in cap hell.

  20. 2 1st downs and 57 total yds of offense in the first 1/2…….I feel better about Dak already!!!!!

  21. Goff?? Did anyone watch this game focusing on the the line of scrimmage? The Rams offensive line was a total failure in their (lack of) effort. They never seemed to have clue during the entire game.

  22. stillabengalsfan says:
    February 3, 2019 at 10:58 pm
    savethebs says:
    February 3, 2019 at 10:20 pm
    The throw before that int was a beauty but Harmon interfered. No call of course.


    It was a beauty. Cooks dropped it.


    Part of the reason why Cooks dropped it was because the defender grabbed and held his left arm. Cooks had to make a one-handed catch, which he couldn’t. It was a great play by the DB….did enough to prevent the catch, but not enough to get the flag.

  23. It’s most likely that we have seen Goof in his last Stuper Bowl. With the cap crunch they have, Gurley’s unreported knee injury, Silent Stan ( well enough said there), and McVay ( young Sheldon) being announced as the next NFL coaching wizard, and most likely Wade and Whittworth retires.

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