Julian Edelman wins Super Bowl MVP

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The Patriots have won six Super Bowls. Tom Brady was MVP of four of them.

Deion Branch was the MVP of Super Bowl XXXIX in 2005.

Now, Julian Edelman has joined them.

Edelman caught 10 passes for 141 yards, with eight going for first downs. He had catches on both of the Patriots’ scoring drives.

Edelman also had one carry for 8 yards.

He beat out defensive teammates Dont'a Hightower and Stephon Gilmore as well as running back Sony Michel. Hightower had two sacks, Gilmore a sack and a forced fumble and Michel rushed for 94 yards and the game’s only touchdown.

“He deserves it,” Brady told CBS’ Jim Nantz in the postgame ceremony. “That was one of the best games he’s ever played.”

Edelman now ranks second all-time in playoff receiving yards with 1,412. Only Jerry Rice, with 2,245, has more.

It was quite a season for Edelman as he began it with a four-game suspension for performance enhancing drugs. He finished the regular season with 74 catches for 850 yards and six touchdowns in 12 games and then caught 26 passes for 388 yards in three postseason games.

“Sometimes the cookie crumbles that way,” Edelman said of winning the MVP. “. . .It just matters that we won, man. It was a crazy year.”

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  1. I remember his first couple years on the team when he didn’t do a whole lot. I was hoping he could stick. I guess he’s gonna be ok..

  2. Hard to argue with 10 for 141, although I think Gilmore probably had more overall impact on the game.

    Still, the MVP of this game was Belichick with an assist to Brian Flores. What a defensive gameplan.

    Feel bad for Wade Phillips, he brought it today. Unfortunately for him Goff and McVay came up small.

  3. Everyone saying it was a lousy game. Well, fantasy is over, and they used to be able to play defense. I like a good defensive game. Much better game than the Rams- Chiefs pinball game.

  4. He was the logical choice. Congrats Patriots fans on another championship

    The media on the field immediately after the game (around #12) was disgraceful. None of us wanted to hear the obvious questions. Keep your anecdotal stuff to yourselves and just let them enjoy the moment because your jobs are not as important as you seem to think they are.

  5. Congrats Patriots and Patriot fans. Hands down BB is a genius and his game planning is far superior to anyone ever. Edelman deserved the MVP and the Pats earned that victory. They were the better team tonight.
    Gronk, it was fun to watch you play over the years but I have a feeling it will be fun to watch you in movies or whatever your next venture is.

  6. Brady didn’t play defense tonight to hold the rams to 3 points but as it goes he will get all the glory. Yet Mahomes and the Chiefs when they played score 51 on the rams and the chiefs defense give up 54 points, pretty much sums it all up on how football is truly a funny and misleading Sport.

  7. This guy is incredible …. I thought Wes Welker was good, Edelman made us all forget him.

    Amazing hands, able to get open against anybody, and tough as freaking nails.

    Hall of Fame, no doubt

  8. “Nothing against Edelman, but my MVP vote goes to the entire NE defense…….”

    It makes what the Eagles did to that defense last year rather amazing by comparison.

  9. nfliferfan22 says:
    February 3, 2019 at 10:15 pm
    Went to college with this kid.. the only thing good in an organization full of frauds and cheats

    Are you serious?
    Edelman served a 4 game suspension earlier this year for PED use.
    If that’s not indicative of fraud, I don’t know what is.

  10. Good job NFL. Glamourizing a guy who cheats. You could pick anyone from the Patruits and it would be true.

  11. A better choice than Gronk, who was a better choice than the others mentioned. I think Gronk deserves credit for having a big time clutch performance tonight and the stats were not shabby either.

  12. Edelman deserves it no doubt But Gilmore & Slater and Micheal played key roles..Can a coach win the MVP? If so Bill would have been considered..

    By the way Jules Congrats but shave that beard dude, I think I saw a playbook in there.

  13. In the locker room after the Chiefs game, he went up to Brady and told him he was playing to get him his 6th. Mission accomplished.

  14. Brady wants 7 to pass Pitt Although ALL of NE SB wins are with Brady. Pitt hasn’t won one in a long long time.

  15. Can you take PED’s and still get into Canton?

    If Edelman gets into Canton, he will always have an asterisk next to his name.

  16. Just a bad final game for the NFL. Typical of what has become a joke of a league. We all could have seen Chiefs-Saints but we got the most boring game with two QB’s looking like 3rd stringers. McVay brought nothing. Wade Phillips did his part. Where is the interview with Kroenke? Oh, he probably is licking his wounds from Arsenal as well. A tipsy Kraft is better than a silent country bumpkin any day.

  17. Embarrassing Super Bowl! Putrid display of football! It was not a great display of anything else. Interceptions/Fumbles/ horrible QB play on both teams and NO it wasn’t great defense. Don’t lie to yourself!

  18. You know, all this crap about Edelman and PEDs ignore the fact: He took something in rehabbing from what often is a career ending injury.
    Back in the day, and Steelers fans can cite chapter and verse….steroids and other enhancements were prescribed for recovery from injury.
    All those championships were with entire locker room using stuff.

    Edelman claims his regimen was legit and was tripped up by something that caught him by surprise.
    You can choose to believe that or not… but he isn’t using them since the injury…and served his suspension, lost tons of money.

    The double standards for someone like Peyton Manning, etc… are just an example of bias and favoritism in NFL fans.

  19. That long pass to Gronk was a thing of beauty, a few other flashes of Brady brilliance here and there, Edelman came through when needed, but the defense really did the heavy lifting. Who’d have thought 13 points would win by two scores?

  20. Quite a boring game and a snooze fest, but the Pats made enough plays to get the W. Congrats to them until next season. By the way anyone here from Donald anyone?

  21. No scholarship offers out of high school. ZERO.

    Had to go to junior college at the College of San Mateo

    Offered a scholarship at Kent State. Not exactly the football center of the Universe.

    Won the QB job

    Uninvited to the combine

    7th round pick, and some called it a SURPRISE pick

    3 rings

    SB MVP

    HOF? I think so.

  22. The double standards for someone like Peyton Manning, etc… are just an example of bias and favoritism in NFL fans.
    Manning never tested positive for PEDs and he was tested repeatedly just like all others. Where is the double standard? Because he wife purchased humane growth hormones to get pregnant after years of trying? She had twins by the way.

  23. Edelman deserved it but I wouldn’t have been shocked if a player (and maybe a few players) on the Patriots defense had been selected. The defense was outstanding.

  24. What was even funnier is how Edelman ran through that secondary of loudmouths, Talib and Peters in particular must be wondering how the heck that happened.

  25. It would’ve been great to award the entire D the MVP award, but if they HAVe to pick a single player, Edelman surely deserved the award. 10 of 12 targets caught for 141 yards for 14.1 yards per reception. He was fantastic. He also jumped from 4th to 2nd all time in playoff receiving yards. The dude is a beast !

  26. I can still remember Edelmans first few years with the Patriots, where he could barely play with Moss, Welker, Gronk, even Stallworth staying on the field. He kept working hard on special teams, finally returning punts and kickoffs, he even played on defence, being part of their nickel and dime packages. I never thought he could replace Welker but he proved everyone wrong. Tough as nails.

  27. babygaga19 says:
    February 3, 2019 at 11:25 pm
    The double standards for someone like Peyton Manning, etc… are just an example of bias and favoritism in NFL fans.
    Manning never tested positive for PEDs and he was tested repeatedly just like all others. Where is the double standard? Because he wife purchased humane growth hormones to get pregnant after years of trying? She had twins by the way.


    HGH was shipped to Manning in late 2011. Twins were born in March 2011.

  28. Better do a piss test, he cheated before, not to say taking any drugs would have made his performance any better, lol…plus like one of the eagles playas complained he’d been asked to pee 7-times…

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