Matt Millen back working out after heart transplant

Getty Images

Last year ended on a high note for former NFL player and executive Matt Millen when he received a heart transplant on Christmas Eve and Millen shared a positive update about how things are going over a month later.

Millen told Jerry McDonald of the Bay Area News Group that he’s been overwhelmed by support from former Raiders teammates and others around the football world as he continues working to get back into shape after a long battle with amyloidosis.

“I feel pretty good,” Millen said. “Working out, doing what I’m supposed to do. Back in the woodshop. Back in the weight room, on the elliptical. I started walking the hill behind my house. I’m going to get that thing conquered here sooner or later.”

Millen said he hopes to resume the broadcasting career he put on hold when he became too ill to continue working.