Report: Josh Gordon could return to Patriots by training camp

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Patriots receiver Josh Gordon, suspended indefinitely by the NFL, could return to the team by training camp, Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports.

The NFL suspended Gordon on Dec. 20.

The Patriots are paying for his treatment at an inpatient facility in Gainesville, Florida, where Gordon will watch the Super Bowl.

Gordon missed the entire 2015 and 2016 seasons for violating the league’s substance abuse policy. He played 11 games this season, making 40 catches for 720 yards and three touchdowns before the league suspended him.

Gordon, 27, has appeared in only 52 games since entering the league as a second-round pick of the Browns in 2012.

15 responses to “Report: Josh Gordon could return to Patriots by training camp

  1. This dude is making a mockery of the NFL and its “policies.” How many XXXX-ed suspensions does this guy get? If he hasn’t qualified for a lifetime ban, then I don’t know who would. And Kraft about to give him a ring if the Patriots win today? THAT takes the cake. The dude leaves his team high (probably literally) and dry and THIS is how the league and the team handle it? No one should wonder why so many fans just laugh at all this. Breathtaking stupidity!

  2. How? suspensions are progressive and he has passed the full year suspension and is in the indefinite range. It is my understanding that he would have to serve a full year before he could come back.

  3. So previously he had to sit out entire seasons for his violations but now he might only receive what amounts to be a slap on the wrist for yet ANOTHER violation? Something’s not adding up…

  4. Gordon should NEVER be able to play in the NFL again – the drug policy is a joke. You should only have one chance – there would be no second.

  5. Helping him get healthy? Great.

    Trying to get him back on the field? Can’t see the point. While he was productive when he did play, you just can’t count on him when it really matters and he is taking the spot of someone (nearly anyone) else that isn’t going to go AWOL at the drop of a hat.

  6. Yes he can’t ever play without Goodell’s say-so, but this would only be to training camp. My guess is Pats have left that invite on the table to encourage his rehab. Why not? Classy move. And he’s still only 27 – and with all the missed time his body hasn’t even aged that much.

  7. Nothing will change….the league will always viewed him as a win win situation. If he beats his addiction and balls out the league looks good for never giving up on him. But if he fails and succumbs to his addiction the league still looks good for having given him umpteen chances.

  8. That thing where the team that traded you and the team that got you both did fine without you. The NFL should continue to support his wellness but part of that support should be helping him transition into something other than pro football.

  9. Big deal, the guy smokes pot. What is this, 1955? The league should start suspending players if their hair is too long to keep their policies consistent.

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