Amari Cooper: I don’t want to play with Tom Brady; I want to beat him

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Tom Brady won his sixth Super Bowl on Sunday. Amari Cooper has yet to play in his first.

But Cooper trusts in Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott to get him there. asked Cooper if he could imagine playing with the Patriots quarterback. The Cowboys receiver predictably plugged his own quarterback since the chances are slim to none that Cooper and Brady ever play together.

“No,” Cooper told NESN, via the Dallas Morning News. “I don’t want to play with Tom Brady. I want to beat Tom Brady. I want to play with Dak Prescott. And I believe that we can get the job done.”

Prescott, 25, has gone 33-18 in his three-year career, including a 1-2 postseason record.

While others may doubt whether Prescott is a franchise quarterback — opening debate about whether the Cowboys should pay him like one — Cooper has no doubt.

“Of course,” Cooper said, via NFL Media. “You don’t see that? He’s a winner. I love Dak. He’s a born leader from what I can see. He’s going to put it all on the line. In all the close games we had this year, he was the one making those big plays, leading us to victory. I just like everything about Dak.”

36 responses to “Amari Cooper: I don’t want to play with Tom Brady; I want to beat him

  1. If Cooper had only one season left to play and you asked him that question I’ll bet his answer would be different.

  2. Prescott / Cowboys have a .647 winning percentage with Dak at the helm. That’s better than most teams in the same time frame.

  3. It is funny, but what else could he say?

    Dak Prescott without the running game and Elliott isn’t much better than a quality backup.

  4. Dak has the 2nd most wins since he entered the league; only behind Tom Brady. I’ll take that all day.

  5. in order to play him in the playoffs you have to go to the Superbowl, Good luck with that with the cowgirls. or the chokers would be more appropriate.

  6. harrisonhits2 says:
    February 4, 2019 at 5:26 pm
    Prescott / Cowboys have a .647 winning percentage with Dak at the helm. That’s better than most teams in the same time frame.


    That’s a really good win percentage. Most QBs would be very satisfied with winning nearly 2 games every 3 games you play.

    Tom Brady’s winning percentage over the same stretch is .795

    Is Amari Cooper sure about that?

  7. I guess Amari needs to get with another team! The Cowboys have yet to bet the Patriots under Tom Brady.

  8. Go for it Amari….. The World champion Philadelphia Eagles did it last year and it was “a lot of FUN”

  9. Last time I checked, football is a team sports. Neither you nor Brady will be on the field at the same time. Stop thinking of yourself and think of your team beating the Patriots. It is a team sports as evidenced in the SuperBowl. There were no one putting up superstar stats. They worked together to help each other. Gronk was a decoy to allow Edelman to be open. Brady did not put up huge numbers but managed the game well (after his first INT).

  10. Here’s the thing that gets me about criticism of the recent Dallas Cowboys: so, Jerry Jones is an awful GM, and so the overall roster stinks, right? And Jason Garrett is a terrible “yes man” head coach, right? And Dak Prescott is a limited, mediocre QB, right? And yet under Prescott the Cowboys have gone 33-18, as mentioned in this article. So…HOW THE HECK DID 33-18 happen? Nothing seems to get praised a “winning” element for this team, and yet it has been winning. Hmm…

  11. Well, we know the Cowboys aren’t going to the Super Bowl anytime soon, so that leaves a regular season matchup. Next time they play will be 2021. Brady will be 44 years old, so there is a slight chance that you might beat him – assuming you’re still in the league and still playing for the Cowboys.

  12. To the individual who’s not wise enough to recognize a complement! Now what doesn’t happen a lot ,is a young man (Lamar Jackson) given credit where it’s due! Now that doesn’t happen often that’s why I’m glad we’ve got him. But as for sir! You’re a straight 🐴🐴,two times over!!

  13. Screw all these haters. Amari is wise and a grown man, and he knows the difference between silly and facts that gets shown on the field. For some reason Dakota Prescott gets criticized more than basically any other quarterback. It’s simply some bs and it’s not ok but Prescott deals with it. Much love Dallas Cowboys Fan but also a Stats, Fact Loving SportsFan.

  14. Amari Cooper
    Oh yea I LOVE the sluggo, that’s definitely one of my favorite routes. I think I really know how to run it as well, too. I scored a lot of touchdowns running the sluggo. I had one this year but I couldn’t quite catch the ball.”
    HaHa, it would have been awesome if I caught the ball.

    The Cowboys won three games this last season by questionable calls. The Saints lost one by a bad call and it has been a non-stop topic ever since. The NFL (read) Goodell want and need Jerry’s team to be part of the discussion. I’m not a Pats fan, but the winning numbers don’t lie.
    Only a moron would not want to play for Belichick.

  15. He’ll get a chance to beat Brady in Foxboro in the fall. I’m sure this quote is already on the bulletin board.

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