Browns waive Tanner Vallejo

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With the Super Bowl over, the waiver system is back in action in the NFL and the Browns put a player into that system on Monday.

The Browns announced that they have waived linebacker Tanner Vallejo off of their 90-man offseason roster.

Vallejo was a 2017 sixth-round pick in Buffalo and made four tackles while appearing in 15 games for the Bills during his rookie season. He was waived last September and claimed by the Browns a day later.

Vallejo appeared in 13 games for Cleveland last year. He had 27 tackles and a forced fumble while seeing most of his time on special teams.

He will become a free agent if he goes unclaimed on waivers.

8 responses to “Browns waive Tanner Vallejo

  1. OMG! No way. There’s going to be outrage here in Cleveland and most likely an investigation to get to the bottom of this! j/k…never heard of the guy.

  2. “Churn the bottom of the roster” is one of DePodesta’s guardrails. With 11 draft picks and free agency headed there way, i wouldn’t be surprised to see the Browns waive 20 guys.

  3. bumpbailey says:
    February 4, 2019 at 3:02 pm
    How does this benefit them?

    If you ever watched him try to tackle, you would see that this is addition through subtraction.

  4. Vallejo flashed in a few games. I can recall going “Who is that guy? Oh Vallejo!” And then he was never seen again..

  5. These are the kind of guys I always root for. The marginal guys who struggle to stay on a roster. Every year there is an influx of undrafted college players who can fill these kinds of roles. I’d be curious to know how many short careers end each year when teams decide to try a younger version of Vallejo.

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