Dolphins call 4 p.m. press conference, expected to announce hiring of Brian Flores


It appears the Dolphins are set to finally announce their new head coach.

Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald reports that the team has called a 4 p.m. ET press conference for Monday afternoon. The topic is expected to be the official announcement that Brian Flores will be their new head coach.

Flores will head to Miami in the wake of a spectacular performance by the Patriots defense in Super Bowl LIII. Flores was the team’s linebackers coach and de facto defensive coordinator of a unit that showed major improvement over the course of the 2018 season.

That improvement peaked with first half shutouts of the Chiefs and Rams in the final two postseason games and those performances likely made the Dolphis feel even better about the man they chose to run their team in 2019 and beyond.

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  1. As a Fins fan, I’m not excited by the hire, but don’t hate it like when Cameron was named HC. Kind of like our past seasons, average and meh.

  2. Dolphins are getting a good one.

    Last night goes without saying but let’s also not forget: “Malcolm GO!” only a few short years ago. That also probably won that one,

  3. This guy is going to be a massive failure. Why you would go in the division with BB is beyond me.

    It’s a guarantee he’ll fail for that reason. Throw in the expectation and pressure.


    Teams are so busy trying to bust up the continuity of the coaching staff, they get arrogant and it blows up in their faces.

  4. He won’t get to take the players with him. One day it will dawn on many of you that the sport is played with athletes and not chess pieces. I am sure he is a fine coach but not coach can win without players. Just the reality of it all.

  5. Normally i would agree, but Flo is going to be the only ex Pats Coordinator that is going to have success. Flo is probably the first person in a long time to call of the defensive plays all season long instead of BB.

    artvan15 says:
    February 4, 2019 at 9:30 am
    Flores is not the answer Miami. Belichick made Flores look good.

  6. Take a deep breath everyone.
    Flores hasn’t even signed a contract, met with his coaching staff, had a single team meeting, run a single practice or OTA and the gloom and doom predictions are already rolling in.
    Gase was proclaimed a “genius” because of Peyton Manning and he failed miserably.
    Flores didn’t rise to fame based on a defensive roster stuffed with MVP & HOF players. How about we give him at least a year or two before declaring the sky is falling

  7. I heard a Patriot beat writer suggest that Matt Patricia (and his engineering degree from RPI) was kind of nerdy and presented overly complex schemes to his players-Brian Flores on the other hand ,explained things more clearly and there was a better connection between him and the Defensive guys. It bodes well that he is a good communicator-I just hope there is patience for him in an organization that has demonstrated impatience at it’s zenith in terms of the tenure of HCs over the last couple of decades.

  8. @BuckyBadger

    Before the playoffs started everyone was saying the Pats are the least talented team in the playoffs. They said the Chargers were the most talented team. The Chiefs have the MVP and one of the best WRs in the NFL. Both teams came up short. Then you look at the Rams. Look at the players they bought…they have the defensive player of the year, Suh, Talib, Peters, Fowler, Gurley, Cooks, Woods, and a stacked OL with guys like Whitworth and Sullivan.

    They all lost to old Tom Brady, old Edelman, shell of himself Gronk, a couple real good RBs, and a bunch of guys on defense most guys can’t name. Sounds more like chess to me…

  9. Fins are getting a good coach. Now the GM has to give him good players and a decent QB to work with. Also has to find a good OC.

  10. On a scale of 1 to 10 the Dolphins right now are a zero. At 4:00 the addition of Flores would be a good start in changing that. After watching the Pats D shut down the Rams you have to think Flores had something to do with that. I like this hire for a lot of reasons but he’s only one guy… one piece to the puzzle… but a very good piece that hopefully can start to change this team around and make this division more competitive.

  11. BB’s genius is he can coach every position. He gets guys to ‘do their job’ and nothing more or less. The philosophy of coaching the position means a good athlete can succeed. If you underperform, BB gets another. Very few Ex-Patriots complain. They are better for being a Patriot. (I give you Wes Welker). However, without Brady/Daniels, he’s not as successful but still would be in contention every year. If Flores brings this to Dolphins then he’ll be successful. I say this as a Dolphin fan since they became a Team (grew up in Miami in 60s). You have to admire BBs coaching success.

  12. People who slag the Belichick “coaching tree” miss an important reality.

    Belichick is a great coach, but for his approach/system to work, you need a tight ship on the same page from top to bottom, with everyone doing their jobs. Stick a Patriots coordinator into a dysfunctional organization, and you have someone who can’t execute what’s needed even if they know what needs to be done.

    Belichick’s spent decades building a network of advisors, peers, and contacts across all of football – NFL, college, media, you name it. His success comes from the very large structure he’s built over time. He very likely picks his assistants the same way he picks his players – for their suitability to the specific role they have to manage.

    Expecting a Belichick assistant to magically produce greatness elsewhere is like expecting Amendola to be an All-Pro this year.

  13. Best of luck to Flores. Would be great if he could be the next Frank Reich story in 2019-20, but I think the Dolphins are further away due to needs at many player positions.

  14. Sure looks like the Dolphins made a smarter hire than the Bengals with Zac Taylor! But I am surprised that Flores took a job in the division. When Mangini did that, he became persona non grata with Belichick and the Pats. Is Bill OK with Flores staying in the division?

  15. Now they need to reach out to Philadelphia an put a package together to get Nick Foles, without a true #1 QB the Dolphins won’t win in their division.

  16. I think this is an interesting hire. Coaches that can communicate their ideas and get players to buy in to the program, always do better than coaches who can’t communicate. Players have to have a clear vision of what that coach wants to achieve from day one. From everything I have read about Brian Flores, he is one of those coaches who can communicate well to his players, other coaches, and get players to buy in to his ideas. The question now becomes is he ready to become a HC. If he is, Miami just hit it out of the park!

  17. After watching the Super Bowl I have a lot more confidence in GM Grier. Looks like he found us a real head coach. Love all the assistants they are projected to bring in. Looking forward to Watching Grier and Flores put together a championship roster. Now let’s dump all the dead weight salaries, build this thing from the ground up and go find us a real quarterback! Go Phins! Better days ahead!!

  18. Dont think Bill cared about the inter division thing. The way Mangini went about it was definitely sketchy. Tampering with coaches and players, was barely there for the divisional game in Denver. Bill hates the Jets and Woody Johnson, I think. I dont know if he hates the Dolphins that much.

  19. Is almost impossible to win as Dolphins coach.

    Ross, is a terrible owner, as the team nothing more than a toy for him.

    No QB, very poor roster…could be another Cardinals scene.

  20. Brian Flores chose the wrong team. Pick a team that will actually try to win games. The Dolphins will be out of playoff contention for at least another 10 years.

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