Jared Goff: I’ll try to learn from this and get better

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Rams quarterback Jared Goff had a chance to go from being the first overall pick to a Super Bowl winner faster than any other quarterback in league history, but Sunday night’s performance showed that he might not be as far along the learning curve as it seemed earlier in the season.

Among the things that threw Goff and the rest of the Rams offense was the way the Patriots defense disguised what they were doing by switching from one look to another once head coach Sean McVay’s communication to the quarterback was cut off. They also used more zone defense than usual as a way of keeping Goff off his toes.

“We wanted to make it tough on him,” safety Devin McCourty said, via Albert Breer of SI.com. “We knew we couldn’t just give him the same looks, because he does a good job with McVay of being able to lead defenses and get to the play they want. So we knew if we switched it up and made it tough, it would give us a chance.”

The NFL is a copycat league, so it’s a good bet that other teams are going to try to do similar things to Goff and the Rams next season. That makes it clear where Goff needs to go this offseason.

“I’d like to play better in a moment like this,” Goff said, via Mike Silver of NFL Media. “And I will be better because of it. I’ll try to learn from it, and process it, and get better moving forward. I understand all that. But it’s pretty tough to think about right now, because we had a great opportunity, and we didn’t capitalize on it. It’s my job to lead us. I didn’t get it done, and it sucks.”

Goff’s shown enough promise that it’s fair to expect him to be able to learn from a rough night in Atlanta, but there will likely be a far amount of curiosity about how that process played out come September.

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  1. Even with McVay in his ear he didn’t actually light it up on Sunday. Basically, a deer in headlights. Did you see him once scan the field for open receivers. Even when he had time he looked down the receiver he was going to throw to all game.

  2. I thought he did a good job at his presser after the game. He was honest and answered questions in a reasonable manner, not like some in the past.

    Cam, I’m looking at you.

  3. His hand seemed to be shaking while he was holding it over his chest during the national anthem — maybe it was nothing but he sure seemed like a deer caught in headlights

  4. It’s also too bad the Rams didn’t have a coach who could figure out how to counter the tactic during that insufferably long halftime.

  5. Clearly Goff needs a strong running game to lean into and not the other way around. The Rams will be in trouble any time they need this kid to show real leadership and not just be a fast follower behind the running game. With the money they through around in free agency and Goff’s rookie contract expiring in the next couple of years the window of opportunity is very short lived and Goff probably won’t have this type of opportunity to do better, as he stated.

  6. It was great experience for him. Not too many quarterbacks have 4 playoff games- including a Super Bowl- under their belt before they turn 25. I don’t think he’s a franchise guy, but he’s serviceable enough as long as he’s got a great defense.

  7. McVay did a terrible job in that game. When your QB is getting drilled every pass play you have to change things up. Where were the screen passes to Gurley? Or a moving pocket? I was bothered by how Goff looked dazed and emotionless every time he was shown sitting on the sidelines but the bigger issue was their play calling was really poor. They seem to have went into the game planning on doing things exactly like they had all season and when the Patriots had the answers to that McVay had no Plan B at all.

  8. holding yourself accountable in team sports is always one of the keys to success and why he keeps improving every year.especially since having a head coach that does that himself.

    even Suh said the D didn`t do anough after limiting “The Goat” to the same amount of TD`s and INT`s as the young rising star.

  9. It’s the Super Bowl. It’s suppose to be difficult.

    Seems to me some fans don’t get that.

  10. I think the Rams were caught off guard as the Patriots did not set their defense until after communication to Goff was not allowed. Goff will have to learn to read defenses and McVay will have to learn to know opponent’s defensive tactics and have a game plan prepared to exploit known tendencies. This is a copy cat league – now everyone will do it.

  11. Like I said last night, where’s the criticism of the boy genius McVay in this? Can a “genius” not adjust? He had to see what was happening.

  12. I realize this may not be all the QB’s fault,but it sure looks like Goff doesn’t “throw open” his receivers. He looked late on a lot of throws,especially down & outs.

  13. It also works the other way. Patriots laid a masterpiece plan on how to confuse Goff. He played like a sub coming off the bench or a deer in the headlights. Teams will borrow from the plan and will succeed if they have the players to do it.

  14. After watching Mahomes have some success against this very Patriots defense, I can’t give Goff a pass on his SB performance. Mahomes faced the same unrelenting pass rush, lock down corners of the Patriots defense and managed to make plays in the second half of the AFCCG. The moment was just too big for Goff and McVay.

  15. History is pretty clear on the Superbowl loser: Rams probably not even making the playoffs next year.

    – – – – – – – – – – – –

    Huh? The 2018 SB loser just won the 2019 SB.

  16. Goff is a good young player but he doesn’t have the experience to read defensive shifts after the comm to McVay is cut off. On the other side the Pats had Hightower who is effectively a DC on the field making those changes the moment comm was cut off and Goff was on his own, based on what the Rams were showing. Goff isn’t able to audible effectively yet to counter that. Recipe for failure in this case.

  17. Jared Goof is not going to improve with McVay doing his thinking for him.
    But he’s not able to process all the information either.
    If you can’t read defenses, your options are limited.
    So McVay thinking for him is probably for the best.

  18. birdwatcher100 says:
    February 4, 2019 at 3:10 pm
    History is pretty clear on the Superbowl loser: Rams probably not even making the playoffs next year.

    – – – – – – – – – – – –

    Huh? The 2018 SB loser just won the 2019 SB.
    Maybe you’ve only been watching one season. Usually the loser has a hard time making it back…even to the playoffs.

  19. No way the Rams make it back to the Super Bowl hell with how mad the Saints are at them they’ll probably get blown out by them in the Divisional Round. Rams are overrated they have a qb that can’t read coverages and once you tire out their defense it’s smooth sailing.

  20. jackedupboonie says:
    February 4, 2019 at 2:36 pm
    Why the Seahawks couldn’t figure this out I have no clue
    Seattle scored TD’s against NE in the SB. And it took a self implosion on the last play of that game from the 1 yard line that became the first of two gifted SB’s to NE. The other was when Atlanta, up by 7 with minutes remaining, refused to run the ball and kick a FG putting the game out of reach by 10. NE tied that SB on the final play of regulation. So as it turned out, 3 points hands NE a loss in that game. Everyone saw these self implosions. No need to attempt to rewrite history.

  21. If you recall, before McVay got there, Goff was not regarded as the sharpest tool in the shed. I remember some talk from his rookie year about whether he’d ever be able to play in the league because of his inability to learn the playbook.

  22. McVay and Goff. The New England Patriots thank you for your ineptitude on the world’s biggest stage last night. It takes a loser to make a legend. McVay and Goff can join the list of could of, should of, would of’s that make Brady and Belichick the legends they are. You are now in the elite company of Pete Carroll, Dan Quinn, and Mike Martz. Two weeks of preparation and all you could muster is 3 points in 60 minutes?

  23. Jared Goff was bad in the SB because he had no business in the SB. His team was gifted a SB ticket.

    Sorry. When a team should not be there, it will show. See Atlanta in 2016-17 and LA in 2018-19.

    Goff is as mediocre as everyone predicted he will be, and now people want to call him good. Funny part is that we have watched overhyped QBs recently fall apart after SB losses (Cam, Ryan, Kaepernick). Goff is next.

  24. Disappointing…you bet. When the line isn’t playing at their best, we’ve struggled. As a lifelong Ram fans who has faithfully followed them since the days of Merlin Olsen and Deacon Jones….I can say this. This was a great season for all of us Ram fans. You’ve have provided us with some of the greatest games played during this season. You have demonstrated a culture of togetherness and winning that is the foundation for what we can see for years to come. Keep grinding…keep growing. We look forward to next season and a championship that will not be far from today. Thank you. Go Rams. We love you.

  25. Micromanaging a QB doesn’t bode well for long term success. Goff has to learn from the dude who just became Thanos with 6 infinity stones. Learning to throw ball away, rather than float a jump ball for opposing teams would be a good start. Too often I see young QBs think they can make something positive happen when it isn’t there. Even the Mahomes sensation ought to cool it down and play QB, or he will get blown up one day.
    Cam Newton is a fine example of a QB who used himself up playing RB and extending plays to the detriment of his health.

  26. I agree with many comments about Goff from Cal where A. Rodgers also came from. Goff is good in McVay System, not good by himself. Next year many DC’s will figure out McVay system, Rams D is going to get tired, many teams can beat Rams easier than 2018. Rams will not be back in the SB next year. No way with Goff who is in the 3rd yr, 2nd yr as Rams starting QB, 1st overall pick in the draft…Nothing better comparing to T.B., Pay.M., A.R., D.B. at their 3rd yr or even Pat.M. in the 1st yr staring QB and already earned MVP Award.
    Goff will be Goof!!!

  27. Fan of all 32 teams here. Both Goff and Mahomes will do well. Unlike QB’s like Rodgers who act like a diva, they are both humble and eager to learn. Pride comes before fall, and in Rodger’s case, oh how the once mighty have fallen.

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