Report: Raiders to play in San Francisco Giants’ stadium

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The Oakland Raiders appear set to play in San Francisco in their final season in the Bay Area.

The Raiders, who don’t have a lease in Oakland for 2019 but won’t have their new stadium ready in Las Vegas until 2020, are reportedly going to play in the San Francisco Giants’ stadium this year. Raj Mathai of NBC Bay Area reports that the Raiders have reached a deal with the Giants to use Oracle Park, formerly known as AT&T Park, in 2019.

The league would have to approve such a deal, and presumably any arrangement also has the blessing of the 49ers. Although the 49ers now play 45 miles away in Santa Clara, they’re still the “San Francisco” 49ers and the NFL likely wouldn’t allow another team to play in San Francisco without the 49ers’ approval.

So the Raiders, who for many years have shared a stadium with the Oakland A’s, will now share a stadium with another baseball team for one more year, before saying goodbye to the Bay Area for good.

23 responses to “Report: Raiders to play in San Francisco Giants’ stadium

  1. I dont think we can say “for good.” There will be immediate interest but if the team doesn’t have any success in the first 3 years there won’t be much of a fan base. I could see them going back in 20 years if they have no success.

  2. They played next to Oracle Arena, might as well play in Oracle Park. Or just play in Kisar Stadium (SF is where it all started for Oakland) even though it’s now much much smaller.

  3. waldoampere says:
    February 4, 2019 at 8:53 am
    So Oakland plays in SF, SF plays in Santa Clara, and the two NYC teams play in NJ. Got it.
    Don’t forget the Washington Redskins play in Maryland and the Dallas Cowboys play in Arlington…. I am sure there are more.

  4. Correction, Mark Davis is saying good bye to the Bay Area….there is still a lawsuit. Now the question is what team is going to relocate to the east bay. (The Jags?)

  5. The Raiders are leaving Oakland for Vegas. So why San Francisco? This move only make sense for the Raiders fans left in the Bay area. It’s not creating new fans. Playing in San Diego, or even Phoenix, might. Both cities can be reached by car or air. I lived in Vegas for a number of years. I would take a car trip on a Saturday to either city, see a game, and drive home on Sunday night. Even with a smaller seating capacity, there is always Sam Boyd Stadium in Vegas where UNLV plays. Playing games San Francisco doesn’t make a lot of sense unless Mark Davis want to eventually come back to the Bay area!

  6. Why the F would the Giants EVER agree to let the Traitors come in and tear up their beautiful field???? I have been on that thing (you get to finish there for the Giants SF 5k) and I would not let one football game be played there, let alone 8 plus preseason.

  7. This is awesome. Gruden is building a dynasty, and playing in that beautiful ballpark is a nice stepping stone on the way to Las Vegas. It’s going to be great for The City too. All those fans from all over Northern California will discover that neat little area around the ballpark, and probably keep coming back long after the Raiders move on. Smart move.

  8. I don’t really agree with the location, but am glad this is finally over. Las Vegas is the Raider’s long term home. Why not just move there now? If Sam Boyd can be used for the Alliance of American Football championship, why can’t the Raiders play there one season?
    The Vikings played in a college stadium while their new palace was being built..

    The Raiders are going to need a practice facility in or close to Las Vegas. The new stadium in Las Vegas is going to be off the charts.

  9. Few people know that the Raiders actually played in San Francisco when they were first founded as an AFL team, before moving to Oakland. They even played in Candlestick Park before the 49ers moved there later. Sort of similar to the Chargers first playing in LA before moving to San Diego.

    I doubt that the 49ers will play nice and allow the Raiders to play in Oracle Park, because they will get teased and because they are not deriving any additional income from the arrangement. If the Raiders wants to play in Levi’s Stadium, then the Niners at least get some money from the deal.

  10. Don’t forget the Washington Redskins play in Maryland and the Dallas Cowboys play in Arlington…. I am sure there are more.

    The Los Angeles Rams and the Los Angeles Chargers will be playing in Inglewood in two years. Until then, the Chargers will be playing in Carson

  11. If the Raiders just need a place to play. Why not Las Vegas? For TRUE RAIDERS fans it’s OAKLAND maybe LA. The baseball stadium is much smaller than the Colsium.

    Will they charge 100.00 per ticket?

    I think by 2022 unless the team turns it around. They will struggle in Vegas. The Raiders is in the blood of fans in Oakland and the bay. They were there every Sunday ,win or lose.

    Vegas doesn’t have that history or the income of the fans in the bay. So they might as well play in Vegas. Or as a farewell gesture drop the last season tickets in the bay to under forty bucks. (Who am I kidding right)

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