Rob Gronkowski could “barely walk” (en route to party)


There’s a reasonable chance that as soon as Rob Gronkowski wakes up, he’s going to have a headache.

That’s probably going to be nothing compared to the pain in his legs after last night’s Super Bowl LIII win.

Gronkowski had to get attention from the team’s athletic training staff after he was sandwiched by a pair of Rams defenders in the second quarter. The hit left his thigh swollen and misshapen, so gross that he actually let Tom Curran of NBC Sports Boston to touch it to confirm.

“No, it’s about the same as other ones,” Gronkowski said. “But I can barely walk!”

Asked what it would look like Monday, he repled:  “It will be red . . . black and blue. But at least I don’t have to worry about it now.”

We knew his back and hamstring had given him problems this season, but this was a new (and acute) one, which he admitted he needed time to recover from.

Earlier this week, Gronkowski was in an introspective mood, as he weighs the lingering pain he stays in to play a game he obviously loves.

“Try and imagine getting hit all the time and trying to be where you want to be every day in life,” he said. “It’s tough, it’s difficult. To take hits to the thigh, take hits to your head. Abusing your body isn’t what your brain wants. When your body is abused, it can bring down your mood. You’ve got to be able to deal with that, too, throughout the season.

“No one realizes that, and everyone expects us players to be wide awake every single day, and it’s like ‘Yo, I just took 50 collisions, and then like the next day everyone wants you to be up’. They want practice full speed, next week they want the game to be full speed, but they don’t understand sometimes what players are going through with their bodies, with their minds.”

But today he doesn’t have to do anything but enjoy.

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  1. There is nothing out there in free agency as far as tight ends go. Selfishly, you want Gronk to give it one more year, but Gronk should retire for his own long term physical health.

  2. Cheap helmet shot to the thigh. The reason we didn’t see Gronk going downfield more often. In 60 years I’ve never seen a player that takes the kind of hits he gets every time he goes out for a pass.

  3. Retire now as a legend, on top, with another title under your belt. We know he’s smart with his money, and Hollywood or some other career with as much money/less abuse awaits. Cheers to an incredible player, incredible career.

    – Bucs fan

  4. I think we’ve likely seen the last of Gronk on a football field.

    I will be somewhat surprised if he doesn’t retire and make his transition into acting…. you could see it coming for a while now. All last offseason felt like a dress rehearsal for an acting career.

  5. Thank you for all the great years RG! Now go take care of your body and mind.

    He’s such a competitor he’s going to miss the game. I hope he puts some $ into a good life coach to help him transition.

  6. He loves playing, said this was his best year emotion wise. I think he comes back. Depends if his injuries are chronic ailments or if they’ll heal. He could be 100% next year.

    They give him the whole preseason off. Maybe they should lighten the load during the season somewhat.

  7. And I’m not sure about Gronk in Hollywood. It isn’t a given that he’ll be able to act at all. He’s a character in this sport, so that makes him the next Rock? I don’t think so.

  8. At the time I thought that was a brutal hit! I think it was a third and long and Gronk caught it around the line of scrimmage with his momentum stopped. He knew he had to pick up the first and briefly surveyed the field. Defenders were closing quickly but he was determined to try and turn upfield. A gritty attempt and all heart! Watch the play. He doesn’t dive even though he’s not going to pick up that first down. Tough as nails! He paid the price though and will feel/remember that one for a while. Also great (and tough) play for the LB! Maybe Littleton but not sure.
    I enjoyed the game. Yes low scoring but SO competitive back and forth. Didn’t care who won… good game.

  9. I was watching NBCSports Boston and former Patriots linebacker Rob Ninkovich had some points to make about retirement and how hard it is to decide when to pull the plug. In his own case, after the 2016 season and the thrilling Super Bowl OT win for the team, he wasn’t really thinking about retirement. But as the offseason went on, he found his knees hurt every single day. Finally, in July he announced his retirement.

    On the other hand, Ninkovich pointed out a big different between football players and guys in baseball and basketball. If you quit playing pro basketball or baseball, you can still play the game in a senior league. But once you quit pro football, you’re pretty much never going to play football again. It makes the decision much more difficult.

    Gronkowski said he’ll give it a week or two. I hope he doesn’t feel like he has to stick to an artificial deadline, though given the size of his role on the team he probably feels he should give the team his decision in plenty of time for them to plan for the draft and free agency.

    And how obnoxious was it for Tracy Wolfson to ask him the retirement question while the freaking confetti was still falling? Some of these people have no sense of the moment, like all the clowns who boxed Brady in so tightly on the field that it was almost impossible for him to get to the players and coaches he wanted to see in that first flush of victory.

  10. Not a Pats fan at all. But a huge Gronk fan.

    Doesn’t seem to be a mean bone in the guys body- Everything you read about him is that he is a pretty genuine good guy, from a good family that is close to one another. NO ONE semms to have anything bad to say about him EVER.

    For all the partying antics you read about- the guy has never been implicated in one scandal, arrest, or off field incident ever. He also seems to no take himself too seriously and has fun with life and football and appears grateful for what he has. I also personally think that the whole big dumb Gronk character thing is an act and that he is smarter than people give him credit for.

    From what you read, he was smart with his money and has banked with his endorsements. I am sure he has invested well, so I don’t think money is an issue for him.

    Dude takes more physical abuse with a smile on the field than anyone I remember seeing and he keeps on trucking.

    I really hope he hangs it up- he’s got plenty of money, holds NFL records, has 3 rings, and the rare chance to ride off into the sunset after a Superbowl win. There is no reason for him to come back. I think he’s smart enough to see that.

  11. ^ Totally agree on the Tracy Wolfson question asking him about retiring while the confetti was still falling. Really? Is this first scoop that important?

  12. When your body is abused, it can bring down your mood. You’ve got to be able to deal with that, too, throughout the season.

    When it brings your mood down then just check your bank account balance.

  13. Thank You Gronk… Take care of yourself! You’ve brought us many Happy and Hilarious Memories and Wins and now it’s time for yourself to relax and enjoy Life.

  14. Dollars to donuts I think he is going to play one more…I think Belichek ought to ice him for most of the season, and unleash him come playoff time. No mistaking his ability to catch the ball in traffic. He is a mismatch against just about every cover man.
    Only problem I see is Bill’s penchant for using every player to the max (abuse them till they break)…he ought to manage Gronk…limit his pounding. Probably end up with a better player. His route running suffers (slow) when he has a host of ailments.

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