Adam Gase wants to do things the hard way

Getty Images

Doing hard things on purpose is admirable — even if it’s not always effective.

So if new Jets coach Adam Gase is going to succeed, he doesn’t want to take any shortcuts.

Via the New York Daily News, Gase said on the Stugotz Stupodity podcast last week that he hopes Patriots coach Bill Belichick and quarterback Tom Brady stay in the AFC East for years to come.

“Don’t you want to win the division with them there?” Gase said. “You want to go against the best. That’s how you measure yourself. That’s how you figure out where YOU stand.”

The Patriots have won six straight and 14 of the last 16 against the Jets. Gase was 2-4 against the Patriots in three years with the Dolphins.

So for him to take quarterback Sam Darnold and overtake Belichick and Brady will be quite the achievement, if he’s able to pull it off.