Chris Grier: Dolphins may “fall in love” with QB in pre-draft process

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The Dolphins announced Brian Flores as their head coach on Monday and they hope his hiring is a step toward a brighter future for the franchise.

Another piece of building that future is finding the right quarterback to lead the offense. While General Manager Chris Grier said on Monday that the team hasn’t made a call on Ryan Tannehill‘s status, they are not expected to bring him back for an eighth year in Miami.

There have been inklings that the Dolphins are looking ahead to the 2020 draft, but Grier wasn’t shutting the door on picking one of this year’s prospects.

“We haven’t gone through the process of getting to learn the guys yet,” Grier said, via the Miami Herald. “There are a lot of good prospects we spent some time with at the Senior Bowl and other quarterbacks that weren’t there that people were talking about as well. We may get through the process and fall in love with a couple guys. Last year, we liked two guys a lot and they both had good success this year. It could be that point where we may say, “Hey, we feel this is the guy.”

Luke Falk and Jake Rudock are the other quarterbacks under contract right now with Rudock joining the team on a reserve/future deal after the end of the 2018 season. Grier called him “someone we took a chance on” and there will likely be others in that category when and if Tannehill is cut loose.

17 responses to “Chris Grier: Dolphins may “fall in love” with QB in pre-draft process

  1. It’s a horrible draft for QB’s.

    Anyone that saw Drew Lock play against Alabama, SC, and Georgia this past season would not take him in the first round. He is getting love because this is such a absolutely horrible QB class. Haskins same.

    If I’m any NFL team I would not even give one of these QB’s a thought until the 4th round. Yet a couple QB’s will go fairly high in first round.

  2. I really like Luke Falk. I think he has the talent to be great. The tricky part is you can’t really tell who the great QB’s are until they get on the field on Sunday. And unless you were an early round pick, or if the others get injured, chances are you’ll never get that opportunity. Hopefully with a new coach coming in, everyone is on equal footing.

  3. The smart move is to tank the 2019 season, get the 1st pick in the 2020 draft, then draft a franchise quarterback.

  4. That’s your first mistake.

    Reference New England success after letting Jimmy G go.

    It was painful for many but it was the right thing in the end.

  5. Would much prefer to wait out the “early” round Qb’s in this draft and take a late flyer on Easton Stick. You start him and if he doesn’t get it done it puts you in a great position in 2020’s draft to get a much better QB.

  6. Given Flores is entirely a 15yr product of Belichick, I can see them trying to trade for Brissett if the draft doesn’t inspire. As a Patriots product, Brissett will already be on same page as Flores and eager to start. He’s won 5 games and could be good if the right team was built around him.

  7. Brissett would be an interesting pick up, but only at the right price. I don’t want this front office giving away any draft picks. Hopefully they are trying to acquire more.
    There are 3 potentially serviceable QB’s on the roster. I say give them all a shot at starting this year and see if one has the goods. Their probably going to be handing off the ball to a runner most of the time anyway. Save all of the draft spots for O & D linemen.

  8. Best QB available this offseason is a trade for Nick Foles, the guy knows how to win. Granted he didn’t perform well while with the Rams under Jeff Fisher, but who the heck did? He was the Offensive genius that took good QBs and made them look horrible. I think Foles would be best off coaching on a branch of the Andy Reid coaching tree, but he is a he11 of a lot better than any QB in this draft, and if you have a team with some talent (which Miami does) that needs QB help . . . well that is a pretty good match!

  9. help me out Miami fans! Why did they extend Tannehill and pay him franchise money if he was never really proven? And now, just cut ties and say he is not our guy. Was he tied to previous coach? Tanking sucks for the fan base and for player morale. How about Tyrod Taylor and a late QB pick this year. He will atleast keep you competitive.

  10. I would start Luke Falk. Worst case, you get a really high pick and can draft a franchise QB in 2020 where’s the QBs coming out should be better than this year. Best case, he does well and you may have found your next QB.

    I’m tired of 7-9 to 9-7 mediocre seasons where you don’t sucks enough to get a really high pick but you aren’t good enough to make it to the payoffs, let alone win your first round.

    You have to get worse before you get better.

  11. “While General Manager Chris Grier said on Monday that the team hasn’t made a call on Ryan Tannehill….”


    They called, nobody home.

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