McVay to Belichick before SB: Unbelievable how you guys change identities

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The Patriots defense showed the Rams different looks than they’d seen on film leading up to Super Bowl LIII and the Rams’ inability to adapt offensively was a major reason why they wound up losing 13-3.

While the Rams might not have known what was coming, they were clearly aware that the Patriots were capable of switching things up at the last second. That much was made clear in a video released by Inside the NFL on Tuesday.

It’s a video of Rams head coach Sean McVay talking to Patriots head coach Bill Belichick on the field before the game with microphones picking up the audio of the conversation. That conversation included McVay complimenting Belichick for his ability to adapt his team to different situations in different games without missing a beat.

“The way you guys are able to shift your identity and really still be able to figure it out week in and week out, it’s unbelievable man,” McVay said. “So much respect for you and the way you do it. You’re what’s right about coaching.”

Belichick tells McVay that “you’re taking over” at another point in a chat that showed plenty of mutual respect. Approaching anything close to the kind of success that Belichick has had will take a similar adaptability in the years to come.

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  1. It’s sort of true and why NE and how they look in Sept is almost irrelevant every year.

    BB wants hardworking, smart, tough and versatile players so he CAN do this kind of thing.

    It’s also open to anyone and everyone who wants to install these concepts into their teambuilding.

  2. A humbling experience for Coach McVey for sure, at least he owned it… Hopefully some of these young coaches will take note and build staffs with more experience mixed in……Where would this team been without Wade Phillips and his experienced staff the last 2 years???

  3. McVay will learn from this loss. Failure leads to sucess if you adapt,learn and advance from it.

  4. This may be the most succinct explanation of Belichick’s greatness ever. This team can create completely different looks given two weeks to prepare. It’s a big reason why they are so successful when it really matters.

  5. Particularly ironic conversation in that McVay came out and ran the exact offense they had all season and when the Patriots stuffed them he made absolutely no adjustments. You’d have thought some screen passes or a moving pocket might have been helpful against that rush but McVay just watched Goff get knocked down on every passing play all game long.

  6. So many Patriot homers on this board, it’s almost cringe worthy. I’ll just say…yes, it is unbelievable how they change identities at the most opportune times.

  7. I see a lot of arguments on Brady being the GOAT based on his teams success.But team success begins with coaching. This S Bowl was classic Belichick.Belichick saw no reason to expose Brady to the rush and /or risk of turnovers as Pats were ahead until 4th quarter. Who cares what the score is as long as you are ahead. He just shortened the game by running and keeping the clock going until the Rams showed any signs of scoring. When the game was tied he opened it up.They scored on 2 straight drives. That is what sets Belichick coached teams apart from all the others. He coaches based on the opponent, and the gameflow. Others just do what they do and if it doesn’t work they are SOL.

  8. Boy did BB slick the skids for McVay with the year-long compliments and, most especially, just before the Game with “You’re taking over…”

    Bill had him staring into the lights and McVay was unable to see until the game reached the 4th Quarter it was over.

    Did you see McVay’s ‘Eyes of Bewilderment’ on the sidelines not knowing what to do.

  9. hockeykrishna says:
    February 5, 2019 at 3:35 pm
    This may be the most succinct explanation of Belichick’s greatness ever. This team can create completely different looks given two weeks to prepare. It’s a big reason why they are so successful when it really matters.


    Well, we’ve been told twice by Cheater Goodell that it was these magical “cheating” schemes that somehow propelled them into such a long, sustained ability to have success.

    So, even though it’s sad and pathetic at the same time, people still believe Goodell and can’t see how obvious it is WHY he framed the Pats, yes, the fact that no other team puts a priority on the above skill sets I listed, it’s one of the many things they do better than anyone.

    Lastly, and this is the truth: Only NE runs wind sprints (I am sure Patricia is doing it in Detroit and Flores will do it in Miami), at the end of practices for conditioning purposes.

    I was shocked to learn this, but this explains the whining coming out of Detroit this year, as pathetic as that is.

    Apparently, all other NFL teams run sprints only during camp and preseason.


  10. Holding the Rams to 3 points is the most unbelievable accomplishment since Saban got crushed in the NCAA championships. Head coaches with a disciplined roster win championships. Wake me up when September begins.

  11. MyCommentIsAwaitingModeration says:
    February 5, 2019 at 3:45 pm
    Without Cupp, their offense is pretty one-dimensional


    Sure, he’s a good player, but it’s not that. It’s the fact they use Gurley to protect Goff. Goff only has success off of playaction.

    This is a possible flaw and LA may want to consider looking for a new QB.

    Every other team will just load the box and swallow up Gurley and do what NE did. Even if GUrley was healthy, NE would have still been hellbent on stopping him as the main guy.

    From there it was mixing man and zone. Zone confuses Goff. Almost all of his INTs came via zone.

  12. What a horrible time to live in for people that dislike the pats.

    Its like the end of days for them lol…..

    Every year the are just sure they are going to be delivered and then they are back in hell again.

  13. McVay is a very good coach who will likely grow into being a great one. There’s no shame in being out coached by Belichick. Bill has been doing this over 40 years now and can pull out things that were done 30 years ago and forgotten by everyone else. Or combine something from 5 years ago with something he did when he was DC with the Giants years ago.

    Bill is quite possibly not only the best coach but the premier football historian alive today. His knowledge is beyond encyclopedic and its one of the main reasons the Pats win so much.

    And to be fair Wade Phillips put together a hell of a game plan the way he disguised zone coverage as man an visa versa. Not may DCs can confuse Brady like that.

  14. There was a time in America when people celebrated greatness. Now everyone just whines about it, tries to invent reasons why it can’t be happening and then nitpicks every second of every game to diminish the accomplishments and claim it it was due to the refs, or the OT rules or the other team “gifting” them the game.

    Fortunately, the Patriots feed off this negativity and so I encourage everyone to keep claiming that John Elway is the GOAT or making similarly absurd statements.

  15. redclaw1314 says:
    February 5, 2019 at 3:44 pm
    McVay was more successful than 30 other coaches this year—-the criticism that he has received for the Superbowl results is over the top.


    The SB losing coach is always unfairly blasted. BB was blasted last year with an injury riddled defense and because Alan Branch quit on the team alongside Malcolm Butler.

    The only main flaw with McVay is I think he was too cute trying to show they’d throw with Goof a lot early, knowing NE was coming for Gurley/Anderson.

    In a 3-0 game, Anderson, the healthier back, should have had a lot more carries, and they should have benched Gurley like they did in the Saints game.

    Lying over and over about Gurley’s true health and being delusional about it, was dumb.

  16. BB has explained the process over and over. Each game is different. They create a game plan for that team that week then throw it out and start over for the next game. The haters don’t believe it because they asked the same question over and over, why didn’t this player get the ball the same as last game?

  17. The biggest issue outside of BB having so much experience is that the Patriots have an exceptional smart QB with also a lot of experience. McVay is a good coach but he’s working with a QB in Goof that is a California Cool Robot that really doesn’t have much between the ears.

  18. The one thing NO ONE can dispute is Bill just LOVES the game of football. He eats and drinks it and it’s his PASSION, it’s not just a coaching job. He knows everything about the game but is determined to find ways to make the game better and more intresting. Not a patriots fan but a have huge huge respect for Bill.

  19. But how you don’t have a plan B in an offensive system is head scratching? LA wasn’t the same team after losing Kupp. Just like KC wasn’t the same team after losing Kareem Hunt.

  20. Dang, I still gotta figure out a new name.

    One for the other Pointer? doesn’t have the same ring to it.

  21. everyone knows what belichick does, but so far no one has been able to build a roster that can replicate it. how many times do we have to endure a talking head saying “he’s going to take away what you do best”? let’s face it the man is just a football genius.

  22. Arguing about the Patriots success being more attributable to BB or TB is like arguing about left & right twix or if the peanut butter or chocolate makes the peanut butter cup so good.

    You can’t break down a cake and decide which ingredient is the most important. They all need to be in there, in the proper proportion, for a successful result.

    I’ve seen others try to explain this in football terms and it’s not working so I thought, everyone like cake……..

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