Report: Eagles inform Nick Foles they will exercise his 2019 option

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Word came last week that the Eagles plan to exercise the $20 million option for next season on Nick Foles‘ contract. The Eagles now have taken a further step and informed Foles of just that, Tim McManus of ESPN reports.

Foles has 10 days to decide whether to accept the option.

He can buy out that option by paying the team $2 million, which appears likely since he can make more money either on the free agent market or on the franchise tag. The Eagles are expected to use the franchise tag on Foles if he buys out his option.

The franchise tag for quarterbacks is expected to be around $25 million for next season.

By franchising Foles, the Eagles could trade him as long as he signs the tag.

This story line already has become one of the most watched of the offseason, with several teams interested in Foles.

43 responses to “Report: Eagles inform Nick Foles they will exercise his 2019 option

  1. That’s cold. I understand the business aspect, but look at what Foles has done for the Eagles organization. I think he’s earned the right to maximize his pay and choose his next destination.

  2. Of course. Wentz is a wild card. When your “franchise” quarterback can’t make it through the season, you might as well keep the guy that got you the only Super Bowl win in franchise history.

  3. akaodoyle says:
    February 5, 2019 at 7:52 pm
    That is how you repay the only Super Bowl MVP in franchise history. Make him pay $2M to buy his freedom.

    hahaaints says:
    February 5, 2019 at 7:56 pm
    Crap move by the Eagles. But he won’t miss any meals @ $20M.
    How is guaranteeing Foles 20+million with the franchise tag a crap move? If Foles pays back the 2 million the Eagles will franchise him. Did either of you even read the article?

  4. You can bet there is a side deal(s) on the down low between the Eagles + Foles + other NFL team (Jags or Bengals). If not Howie is way too smart to get caught with a $25 million dollar backup. Foles and Eagles front office have great respect for eachother and the Eagles would never send Foles to a team that he didn’t want to go to. Jags for Fournette is the rumor, but the Bengals and Denver could be in play. Plus, Mike Mayock knows Foles well and has covered the Eagles since Foles was drafted….My guess is Foles and #4 to Jags for Fournette and a #3.

  5. I understand it’s the front office’s responsibility to maximize their assets for the good of the team, but it’s just not a good look repaying a guy who’s done so much for you that way.

    That said, letting him go in the first place is a mistake. Why get rid of a young Brady (low talent, but great leader and insane clutch) for a young Rodgers (big arm, athletic, difficult personality, and injury prone)?

  6. I’m a huge fan of Wentz, but I keep getting the feeling that we should trade him and keep Foles…maybe I’m wrong-probably am…tough decision, curious to see how this plays out. Eagles are pretty adamant about Wentz being the guy. Wentz may be better than foles on 31 teams in the league, but I think that one where he is not is philly :/

  7. I think the real story is they want to keep him and get rid of Wentz. Wentz is good and has a good market value for now, but the guy can’t stay on the field.
    In games he played the eagles weren’t nessarily a playoff team. Wentz better QB, Foles better leader.

  8. “That said, letting him go in the first place is a mistake. Why get rid of a young Brady (low talent, but great leader and insane clutch) for a young Rodgers (big arm, athletic, difficult personality, and injury prone)?”

    With a delusional comment like that you must be a Philly fan. Nobody else would compare Foles to Brady and Wentz to Rodgers. Not even gonna get into the many ways those comparisons are off if you don’t already know nobody can help you

  9. Great confidence boost for Wentz…

    Hey Wentz…don’t worry…we like totally believe in you…you’re our guy…but just in case you aren’t, we’re gonna keep the other guy!!!

    If Carlson Wince has any sorta backbone and leadership ability…He needs to go up to Management and tell it to them straight…Pick Me or Foles…can’t have it both ways!

  10. I wonder how much money personnel man Joe Douglas makes. I mean, we wouldn’t even be discussing this if the Eagles didn’t have a personnel guy with the ability to have a QB situation where a young super bowl MVP isn’t even good enough to play. Every team needs a problem like this. Now let’s watch and see who Douglas gets to replace Foles. I’d say Eagles fans have nothing to worry about.

  11. What Foles does works here, most likely won’t translate somewhere else being the main guy from the start in a different system. So I say trade him for maximum return while still respecting his wishes and if he fails we welcome him home again.
    Carson is our guy for the future but BDN will always be the guy who brought us our first Lombardi. It’s time for philly to get back on the Wentz wagon!

  12. So what would he be worth backing up Dak? $60 million?

    cboys4life2014 says:
    At first I wondered why they’d pay him 20 mil to be a backup but then I remember that Wentz is their starter and it becomes more clear

  13. I still see this as the beginning of the end for Wentz. Washington needs a QB and will have no problem giving up 12 first round picks to get an affordable Wentz still on his rookie deal. Bruce Allen tipped his hand already by telling the world Alex Smith won’t be back next year.

  14. I’m not sure anyone siding with the organization, would appreciate if their soon to be former employer explicitly (and llegally), had the ability to not only cap their open market earnings potential, but also limit the options on future employers. And all this after outperforming the current contract and producing at a level, never previously experienced by the organization. My guess, no team would be willing to give up more than a 2, if that, and pay Foles a long term contract. Philthy is being greedy, let the man walk and collect the 3rd round comp.

  15. Listening to all these opposing comment here seriously makes me wonder about their IQ and definitely NFL IQ. First, instead of sincere comments the comments are dripping with anger and dislike. At the heart of this irrational stupendously stupid emotion is “JEALOUSY”.
    The Eagles have 2 top 10 QBs and Wentz is a top 5 Stud! The commenters don’t care about how The Eagles are handling this. All they are consumed about is The Eagles have 2 QBs better then 22 teams in The NFL.
    Hate all you want The Eagles organization and Nick Foles are both business people. Both will do what is right for their respective sides. Don’t try to hide your fear That Athens Eagles will get a 1st or early 2nd round pick and a player in the trade. That is where you are hiding. Truly transparenct!

  16. Can pft do a cap article on this strategy? They’re currently over and don’t you have to stay under the cap at all times once the League year begins? The eagles have to be pretty confident he will sign the franchise and then quickly trade him or they won’t have much to do anything in free agency. His market isn’t huge either.

  17. “So what would he be worth backing up Dak? $60 million?”

    Good question but I’m not sure of the value of backing up Dak. Hard to judge that seeing as how Dak hasn’t needed his backup to come in and save the season

  18. Who are they kidding? There is one formula in Philly. Wentz QBs most of the regular season. A fresh and charmed Foles takes over for the end of the regular season and playoffs. It’s a division of labor. Neither QB alone will work.

  19. Easy for me to say but I don’t like the $2M buyout. It feels like a ransom. I hope Foles agrees to the option and that he smiles all the way to training camp (if he has to). He has leverage since it was someone in the organization who stated Wentz would be a better QB with Foles somewhere else.

    They need to get off the fence.

  20. When did Wentz become a “top 5 stud”? Was it after his 5-11 (Dak 13-3) rookie season? Can’t be. Maybe after his 11-2 (Dak declined 9-7) record in his 2nd year before getting hurt? I could understand that. Then what of his 6-7 (Dak 10-6) record in his 3rd year before Foles saved the day? Shouldn’t that have set him back a few out of the “top 5”? If he’s top 5 with his overall W-L record, which he’s not, then Dak is top 2, which he definitely is not. And don’t care about stats Dallas had a stats QB in Romo and the haters didn’t think his stats made him good so don’t flip the script now that it benefits you

  21. “Foles will forever be immortalized in this city. Lets hope we get something good in return other then a 3rd rounder”

    What is wrong with you Eagles fans? The guy won a SB and did pretty well this year too and you’re cool with just throwing him out? Wentz hasn’t done anything.

    You people are weird.

  22. Franchise tagging Foles will immediately put the Eagles over $21Mil OVER the cap, forcing them to cut 3 high-cap vets (Jernigan, Bennett, Peters, and/or Agholor)… they can’t possibly tag Foles and remain strong. Is a draft pick or 2 worth gutting the team?

  23. Nick Foles has been one of the best NFL stories for two years!

    Good luck to him. This is a punk, but not unexpected move, of a business.

    -Pats fan

  24. Wentz cant beat a team over 500 Wentz 6-7 this year Wentz 7-9 in 2016 Eagles averaged 28 points in regular season with foles and averaged 22 with Wentz they play much better with foles

  25. for those who think its cruel or cold for the Eagles to tag Foles you are absolutely wrong.
    One could argue that Foles career was over and the eagles team mostly Doug Pederson resurrected his career and gave him this opportunity to cash in. Not cruel at all, Foles should be thanking everybody in the Eagles organization, with that said the franchise tag is the proper way to go.

  26. Sitting on him last year for No cash and making him buy his way out is pretty low.
    If they want to treat him right, offer him that 20m for 3 yrs as a backup or let him go.
    Since Wentz can’t stay upright, having a good backup seems to work for them.

  27. Wentz can’t seem to make it 16 games. Foles will still be playing when Wentz is out of the league.

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