San Francisco mayor says Raiders should play in Oakland

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A report over the weekend indicated that the Raiders would like to play their home games at Oracle Park in San Francisco during the 2019 season, but the mayor of San Francisco would prefer the team stays on the other side of the Bay Bridge.

Mayor London Breed cited baseball games that the Giants are scheduled to play at Oracle Park in September and the opening of the Warriors’ new arena in the nearby area as reasons why she feels that the city would be too congested if Raiders games were added to the mix.

“As far as I’m concerned, the Oakland Raiders should play in Oakland … We don’t need another layer to add to what we already have — and that’s an area that’s really congested filled with construction and will host a number of basketball and baseball games over the coming months,” Breed said, via KTVU.

Breed said she let the Giants know about her objection. The NFL and the 49ers, who have territorial rights to San Francisco, would need to approve the move and there’s been no comment from either entity about the Oracle Park report.

19 responses to “San Francisco mayor says Raiders should play in Oakland

  1. It’s a business sure, but the NFL is venturing into a dangerous moneylust territory with quite a few cities, states, citizens, and businesses in it’s wake. At some point this leap-frogging franchise approach will backfire on the NFL.

    This is a league that has no problem with its teams uprooting and moving regularly, often extorting public funds to force it’s profit thirst upon the citizens of their new “turf” (no matter how temporary it eventually is).

    Do you think the NFL really cares about Oakland at this point if it has already endorsed the Raiders to leave it in the rearview mirror? This league has reached a Profit-above-all-else mentality so any city they view as just another stepping stone likely doesn’t factor into the NFL’s plans.

    The Raiders/SF/Oakland may duke out a Temp solution, but the NFL is going to vulture on any city or any franchise it sees as missing out on profit elsewhere and doesn’t mind botching a move just to get the end result of “new blood” in a new town.

  2. I don’t think the Giants front office or the Raiders give a rat’s tail what that madam mayor thinks. Show me the money.

  3. What can you say? Even if they thought they could finish things out in Oakland, how do you fail to put any sort of contingency plan in place? You’re permanently leaving town. Not like it was impossible to imagine there being enough bad feelings where they’d have to play a year someplace else.

  4. “The mayor of s city is supposed to help drive the economy.

    I don’t get this at all?”

    It’s 8 total games. Not a big deal for the local economy. And many times the city takes on extra security and traffic enforcement costs without the stadium/teams contributing anything.

  5. Nobody who lives, works, or has ever attempted to drive to that ball-park disagrees with the mayor. I’d tell the red-headed stepchild to stay on the crooked hair-cut side of the bay, too.

  6. freepretzels says:
    February 5, 2019 at 2:13 pm
    Mark Davis really looks increasingly stupid the more this goes on.
    Mark Davis is about to make the Raiders a very rich franchise, but stupid people can’t see that.

  7. I’m sure there’s a corn farm in IOWA that would give up there corn crop for a year for a price.
    be kinda of cool to see “FOOTBALL PLAYED IN THE DIRT, LIKE IT WAS back in the days”.

  8. “Interesting…one would think a mayor would want as many tourists to her town as possible”

    It’s San Francisco. They have more tourists than they can handle. They don’t need Raider fans.

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