Titans offensive coordinator on billionaire dad: “I’ve been lucky”

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Teams often hire young assistant coaches because they’re cheap, knowing they’ll work their butts off to try to earn more and hang onto their job security.

The Titans new play-caller should be OK either way.

Via Paul Kuharsky of PaulKuharsky.com, new Titans offensive coordinator Arthur Smith was asked about his father, billionaire FedEx founder Fred Smith.

“Obviously, I’m very proud — I’ve been lucky,” Smith said. “My dad has had a positive influence, but I’ve never mistaken his success as my success. He’s always told us, ‘Go earn your own success.’ Again, it’s the attitude. He’s the most humble man I’ve ever met, and that’s had an impact on me.

“He’s never been impressed with himself, I’m certainly not impressed with myself, or think I’ve arrived just because I’ve been given a chance to be a coordinator. I’ve got a lot of work to do and improve myself, and I don’t ever stop as long as I’m coaching.”

The younger Smith’s background hasn’t gotten wide attention, largely because he’s been a quality control coach and a tight ends coach, who was promoted when the Packers poached Matt LaFleur and the Titans were hoping for some continuity.

The 36-year-old Arthur Smith has a chance to make a name for himself now, now that he’s worked his way up from the lowest levels of the coaching profession — at least as long as he delivers.

13 responses to “Titans offensive coordinator on billionaire dad: “I’ve been lucky”

  1. Trying to decide if author of this piece planned the sweet ending — “as long as he delivers” — or was it just lucky happenstance that “delivers” resonates with FedEX?

    Nah, right?

  2. Wait, wait, wait…so the Tennessee Titans new offensive coordinator is the son of a billionaire, who’s dad just so happens to run one of the biggest sponsors of the NFL, and that company is based in Memphis, Tennessee? I’m pretty sure the Titans owner will be getting a new local sponsor out of this deal…

  3. The jealousy of billionaires from the left is off the hook, it’s like they’re no good because they’re rich.

  4. I wish the new guy well. Certainly not in his father’s shadow or anything, right? Good luck, Arthur.

  5. It sounds like Fred raised young Arthur right. You don’t become an OC in the NFL without a strong work ethic. Iv’e seen people with family money do far less with themselves.

  6. The kissing up to billionaires by the right is off the hook, it’s like they’re good because they’re rich.

    Being self-made and successful is a virtue. Hoarding your wealth is not.

  7. The jealousy of billionaires from the left is off the hook, it’s like they’re no good because they’re rich.
    Perhaps they’re just mad because those billionaires pay less taxes than them.

  8. Nobody is mad at rich people!
    People are mad when people who are wealthy send their companies to Vietnam and China so they can make more money.
    People are mad when rich people ask poorer people to build their stadium for them.
    People are mad when rich people cheat on their taxes and hide money offshore.
    People are mad when rich people leverage their wealth to stifle competition.

    So no one is mad when somebody has a lot of money, people are just mad when someone with a lot of money using our countries great mechanisms then screw people over for more money.

    See why some people don’t like the Uber wealty?

  9. Art Smith seems like a good guy. Nothing wrong with being the son of a billionaire so long as you make your own way. That often doesn’t happen. He’s in a completely different line of business that his father. And the things some of the Titans players have said about his promotion should tell you that he has earned it. Vrabel doesn’t strike me as the type to hire a guy who isn’t qualified because his pops has money.

  10. Come on. That guy nailed his answers to those questions. Proud of his Dad; Dad is a humble guy; His success is not my success; I am lucky and I have a lot of work to do. 5/5.

  11. charliecharger says:
    February 5, 2019 at 5:42 pm
    I wonder if they’re interested in buying a team.


    This didn’t even cross my mind but it should have. But I don’t want the Adams’ family to sell anymore because AAS has done a really nice job since she took over.

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