Vikings could be moving Riley Reiff to guard

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The Vikings have spent plenty of money trying to fix their offensive line issues.

They just may not have spent it well.

According to Andrew Krammer of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, the Vikings are considering moving left tackle Riley Reiff to guard.

The Vikings signed the former Lion to a five-year, $58.75 million contract in 2017, and he has struggled to live up to the expectations. He played through a foot injury last year which obviously didn’t help, but the 30-year-old struggled to protect their even-bigger investment at quarterback.

The 2017 tackle class as a whole wasn’t great, as the Panthers have some buyer’s remorse about former Viking Matt Kalil, whom Reiff was signed to replace.

The Vikings have a new offensive coordinator in Kevin Stefanski and an elder assistant head coach in Gary Kubiak (and possibly a new line coach/run game coordinator in Rick Dennison) so more changes could be coming.

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  1. The Vikings only have one first round pick right now. If that stays the same, I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t pick an OL.

  2. After last season, the only player on that O-line that should feel safe is Brian O’Neill. Reiff is just okay — he was injured most of the year, but he gave up like the 8th most pressures of any NFL tackle. Still, it’s the OGs that really need some fixin.

  3. I like Mike Hughes and yay another good cornerback but SERIOUSLY! No one at the Vikings draft party could believe they skipped on an OL in the first round for ANOTHER DANG CB!!! In Minnesota we want at least 3 new O lineman – at least 2 new starters. There’s a couple good guys in there but it’s glaringly obvious how much we miss a versatile guy like Joe Berger. Elflein needs to take a step back forward next year after this year. Hopefully O’Neil turns into a good pick. Everyone Isadora and Hill need to step up. Remmers and Reif, I dunno. I don’t know why but we haven’t been able to get a good line going in years. Keenum was just really good at dodging sacks. This has been a major need for many years. Draft 1 first rounder, pick up a starting vet or two. Get it DONE!

  4. The guy failed to live up to expectations in Detroit, both at their LT and when they moved him to RT…

    Why did Minnesota think he was suddenly going to live up to expectations there?

  5. Well, moving from OT to OG worked out so well with Remmers…..oh, wait.

    They need to add someone, but maybe moving Reiff back to the right side would help him, and hope that O’Neill can hold up on the left side (he did pretty well last season on the right side). I don’t like that as their only plan, but it might be better than moving Reiff to OG.

  6. Without a offensive line coach in place to evaluate the players, I would hope this is water cooler talk. Remmers at guard was a disaster that continued week after week. This just shows that the in house group can’t coach or evaluate the linemen. So why not wait for someone who can. I would rather ditch him and use the money on another lineman than see another failed position change.

  7. Cousins still sucks though. He can’t win any games that matter and completely sucks against any team that has a pulse. Give Kyle Sloter a chance. No, I’m not kidding. It was a bad signing…..we need to face that fact.

  8. Much like an aging CB can move to play his last season or two at Safety, and aging OT can slide inside when he doesn’t have the same athleticism as he did a few years ago.

  9. Here is a homework assignment for Rick Spielman:

    Review the Ryan Grigson years with the Colts. Pay special attention to what can happen to a QB when you don’t invest in an OL.

  10. Anthony Barr will leave in FA. Zimmer will draft a LB with their first pick. You heard it here first.

  11. Until Rick Spielman is gone, they have no chance at reaching the Super Bowl.
    He just doesn’t have what it takes to judge talent or put together a roster.

  12. All because Easton’s neck. Also Zim will draft a CB first round for some reason or an injured WR again. It’s comical almost.

  13. Reiff’s contract is proof of what happens when you try to use free agency to fix major problems on your team; you end up paying a premium price for average talent.

    Newsflash: With rare exception, if the player who lands in free agency was worth the contract he was demanding, he wouldn’t be a free agent.

  14. Through the first 10 games last year Reif didn’t even give up 1 sack. This year hurt his foot 1st half of the year, never recovered.

    Griffen hurt his foot in London and hasn’t been the same in a year & a half. They need to restructure his deal and if he refuses cut him and get a real guard in free agency. If not then draft a guard. No more of this experiment B.S.

  15. This all depends on how the draft turns out. They should draft the best OL available in the first round, and trade up if it looks like there won’t be one left who is worthy of the pick. If you draft a tackle, Reiff can be moved to guard when it’s clear the new guy is able to start. If it’s a guard, Reiff will stay at tackle but perhaps be moved to RT if they think O’Neill is the LT of the future.

    I hate to burst anyone’s bubble, but they aren’t going to get a star in free agency. I’m guessing they find a guard who can compete for a starting position with Easton and Isidora. Remmers and Compton will be gone. The future of this offensive line will come from the draft, and I’m hoping they draft three OL in the first four picks.

  16. No, Reiff didn’t live up to the size of his contract, but where do you think the Vikings would have been without him in 2017? They needed a guy who could play and demand is bigger than supply with left tackles. You usually have to overpay if you’re getting a player at a scarce position in free agency.

  17. This team needs a new tackle and 2 new guards in this draft. anything less would be asking for a repeat of the last 3 years at offensive line. do NOT go the free agency route anymore. it has FAILED. Andre smith. Reiff. Remmers. Compton. there is a reason teams do not resign these players!

    if you want a GOOD veteran, you have to TRADE for him (see the patriots trading for Brown at tackle). otherwise, teams don’t let good lineman go. it’s just that simple.


    if Barr and Richardson walk, you just watch Spielman try to patch up this offensive line with the saved cap money with a bunch of free agent cast offs, again. Zimmer is already on record talking about the lack of depth they have at linebacker even with barr, so expect zimmer to go for a linebacker with that 1st round pick. you know, like he did with Barr, who never fit well in zimmer’s scheme and should have been a 3-4 linebacker, not a 4-3 linebacker.

    I almost want him to mess it all up again. That way he will finally be fired, and we will be one step closer to getting a complete rebuild in the 2020 season, going 0-16, and securing the #1 overall pick to get trevor lawrence.

    apparently this team doesn’t even have an established offensive line coach yet. i mean, why would you need that?

  18. This is moving the deck chairs around on the titanic. For those who say you can’t find good OL in free agency, other teams do it all the time. They don’t need to be a star, they just need to be competent at the position.

  19. filthymcnasty3 says:
    February 5, 2019 at 4:06 pm
    Who will take the blame for the Vikings missing the 2019 playoffs now that Tony is gone?
    I would say they could blamed injustices and the refs but your fan base has had that market cornered for two straight years.

  20. filthymcnasty3 says:
    February 5, 2019 at 4:06 pm
    Who will take the blame for the Vikings missing the 2019 playoffs now that Tony is gone?
    Maybe cousins will get hurt and the Vikings can cry about it for two straight years, unless the third place team plans on doing that again this year.

  21. The Vikings don’t have to take a offensive lineman in the first round. Teams find starters in the 2-6th round at OLine. Fans over reacting to the need to shore up the line. Fans demanding the Vikings draft in the 1st round. O’Neill was taking in the second round and he was a solid starter last year. Elflein the year before wasn’t a first round pick but a 3rd round pick.

  22. aypeeswhippingstick says:
    February 5, 2019 at 11:46 am
    In the offseason Reiff works as a mannequin at Macy’s.


    I’d rather have a mannequin at LT than the turnstile that was Matt Kalil.

  23. Last years draft for OL was weak, but I thought for sure they would take Will Hernandez, who ended up going to the Giants and played well. PFF ranked him above average. Had the Vikings taken Hernandez and O’Neill, the season might have been different. Instead the Vikings moved Remmers to RG and picked up the Bears castoff Tom Compton to play LG. Pairing those two with Elflien, who hadn’t had a chance to fully recover from two surgeries, and the middle of the OL seemed to get steamrolled, especially to the likes of Hicks and Goldman. Hopefully by now Spielman has learned his lesson and pulls the trigger on an OL in the 1st and hopefully one more with his next 2 picks. One of those picks needs to be a LT and the other an OG/C. With any luck Elflein gets his mojo back that he showed his rookie season and O’Neall continues to improve. If the stars don’t align, it will be another disappointing season.

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