Bills getting fan input as they ponder stadium situation

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The Bills haven’t committed to a new direction on their stadium problem, but they’re getting input from fans as part of the process.

According to Jay Skurski of the Buffalo News, Pegula Sports and Entertainment will be holding focus groups for fans who previously completed surveys, to see what they’re looking for in a new building or a refurbished New Era Field.

The consulting firm which sent the email to fans had been retained by the Pegulas in November, and has been surveying fans for their opinions.

The Bills lease expires in 2023, and while their stadium has a certain charm, it’s also old and lacks modern amenities. But they can consider themselves wealthy in loyal fans and their folding tables, so they’ve got that going for them.

10 responses to “Bills getting fan input as they ponder stadium situation

  1. “The Bills lease expires in 2023, and while their stadium has a certain charm, it’s also old and lacks modern amenities.”
    Fake News!! Totally untrue. If your going to make a statement like that you might want to actually come see the stadium because it has been updated numerous times , money wise, in excess of the original cost to build the stadium….

  2. I was asked to participate in the survey. New Era Field is not Pre-Renovation Fenway Park. Fenway was Old with leaking rusty pipes in the concourse, seats the that were small and cramped as well as some areas with bad sight lines. It was very much in need of an upgrade and they did a great job of renovating without losing the charm of the facility. In the last 5 years I have made road trips for games in Tampa, Cincinnati, New York and New England. I was wasn’t sitting in the luxury boxes but had decent seats everywhere I went. ( I did like the beer company sponsored Fun Zone in Tampa) For the non-luxury box fan, I didn’t see a big difference in the stadiums. New Era has been renovated a couple of times and is a great place to watch a game.

    The Bills went through ” The Drought ” 17 years of not going to the playoffs. Yet the stadium was full almost every week. This is because of the culture and tradition. A Bills game is a multigenerational Party. Family and Friends get together, tailgate and then head into the game. Opposing Fans may get some heckling,( particularly if they are wearing a Brady Jersey ) but they are welcome to stop by any tailgate for a beer. It is the culture and tradition that carried the team and fan base through the drought.

    A New Stadium Downtown will not have the parking for tailgating. This will change the traditions and jeopardize what makes Buffalo Bills football special . What will the average fan get out of a new stadium ? Higher ticket prices ? More electronic messaging ? better wifi ?. Keep the Stadium where it is and renovate.

  3. It seems the general consensus is Buffalo Bill fans like the stadium…with that being said, what IMPROVEMENTS woul they like to see? Miami put that cool parameter roof around the top of the Joe Robbie stadium. (To sheild the hot sun).

  4. Just a great stadium as it sits. Great parking, tailgating, site views, etc. if it only had a cover…

  5. I hope the Pegulas listen. It would be nice to have at least one team in the NFL that is catering to it’s current fan base rather than trying to move on to a wealthier group of ticket holders, leaving old-time, hard-working, long-suffering fans at home watching on TV.

  6. “The Bills haven’t committed to a new direction on their stadium problem…”

    I would like to know what the problem is, exactly. Can’t be capacity. I doubt its the open air style. Location? Traffic maybe? If so, that would have been a problem forever as the Bills have sold out year after year. So, Buffalo Bills fans, tell me what the stadium problem is.

  7. Old Foxboro/Shea Stadium was a total dump but I’d take it over the theme park they play in now.

    I’m probably just old and nostalgic, but I’ like my stadiums to feel like, I don’t know, football stadiums.

  8. Are you telling me that 200 – 400 Million couldn’t renovate the entire stadium, Parking lots etc… People love Orchard Park. I wouldn’t mind going downtown for the game. Great restaurants, bars, etc… but, this isn’t LA. Buffalo can’t afford a new stadium and you won’t get much help from the Albany. Expand the present stadium. Put in some restaurants, sport bars, shops, activities for kids, improve the bathrooms, and how but some color. That concrete look makes the entire place look old.

  9. I’m not completely sold on a new stadium but after going to Houston’s stadium this year (which I loved) I see why the NFL might push one on the Pegulas. Tons of amenities where people can spend more money. Little tailgating, people head into the stadium well before kickoff (spending more money) instead of a mad rush 10 minutes before kickoff. Problem is, I don’t think that is what people in Buffalo will want.

    The only big issue I have with the current stadium is that it has really tight concourses. Hard to move around. I don’t need big restaurants, bars, and lounges. I love standing room only areas though. People might like that.

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