Derek Carr’s 2019 salary is now officially guaranteed

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Back when the Raiders seemed to be shedding any and all of their key players, we pointed out that quarterback Derek Carr‘s $19.9 million salary becomes fully guaranteed on the third day of the 2019 waiver period. That day is today.

The Raiders can avoid that obligation only by cutting him, and they undoubtedly won’t. For three important reasons.

First, they apparently still want him for 2019. Although some believe the Raiders will use one of their three first-round picks on a quarterback, that doesn’t mean the Raiders will move on from Carr this year. He’s the guy, at least for another year.

Second, they could still trade him. With a total compensation package of $20 million for this season and a total package for the following three seasons of $58.5 million ($19.5 million per year), other teams could be very interested in a contract that is very favorable in light of the current market. With only $7.5 million in dead money left on his deal, it would be easy for the Raiders to eat the cap charge and move on, if another team wants to trade for Carr.

Third, cutting Carr would violate the convention that relates to the triggers for full guarantees. The rule of thumb among teams and agents is that, when a salary becomes fully guaranteed in the days after the opening of the waiver period, the player will not be cut. When the guarantee fully vests based on the start of the new league year in March, cutting the player is fair game.

Bottom line? Unless he’s cut today (and he won’t be), Carr will make $20 million this year. Whether he makes that money from the Raiders or another team remains to be seen.

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  1. Carr is an enigma. We’ve seen him perform at a very high, nearly MVP type level, (2016), and likewise we have seen him be the definition of mediocrity.

    I just think it is too soon for the Raiders to move on from him. Give him 2019 and if he struggles then move on in Vegas for 2020.

  2. Derek Carr isn’t a future HOFer but he’s not bad either. He is basically a system QB who is as good or as bad as the coaching he receives. He excelled when Bill Musgrave was the OC and in fact was in the 2016 MVP discussion. He played poorly under both Todd Downing and Gruden.

    If the Raiders trade Carr to another team and he lands with a franchise that has competent offensive coaching and a decent o-line then Carr will most likely prosper again.

  3. Good move. Had some good games earlier in the season but threw some key ints. Calmed down later in the year and had 0 ints in 7 games (until the nightmare KC finale).

    He had no oline and a weak rushing attack, injured WR’s as well. Want to see what Carr can do in an injury free offense with some playmakers. Carr was great 2 seasons back, you dont just give up on a talented QB.

    Big 2019 for him though but sensible move to keep him. The Raiders were 4-12 due to a poor defense and offensive line

  4. Carr needs a perfectly clean pocket to thrive. And last year Gruden told Carr he wants him to run more about as many times as Mike Zimmer told his former OC John DeFilippo that he wanted to run more. I don’t really see this as a long term match.

  5. vikings1234 says:
    February 6, 2019 at 11:51 am
    If traded this year for draft picks it would indicate the Raiders are tanking again.

    They’re going to finish last in the AFC West no matter what…why bother with appearances?

  6. Take a deep breath. All it means is that his salary is guaranteed no matter where he plays.

    BTW he’s not worth it.

  7. An above average QB that needs to be surrounded by excellent players, on both sides of the ball, to succeed.

    That being said, taking a QB in the first round and not taking the best player available would be a mistake, in my opinion.

    Even if that player is a QB.

    As the patriots illustrated, defense wins championships.

    The RAIDERS need an improved defense on all three levels or this thing isn’t going anywhere…again.

  8. Carr is by no means an elite qb, but he isn’t terrible either. Lots of qb hungry teams would be glad to have him as he would be represent an upgrade over their current qb. I dont find his $20M comp for next season to be unfair or outrageous particularly when less talented QBs are making $18M (looking at you Case Keenum). The wild card is Gruden. He loves QBs, man, and he may be tempted to add to his collection in this draft (Jon, dont use your fourth pick in the first round on a qb! Restraint, man). Not much is expected from the Raiders this season and should they feel inclined to move on from Carr in 2020, the qb class is much stronger.

  9. The true measure of a great qb is leading your team to victory when trailing in 4th quarter and no qb has done that as much as Carr since 2104. He’s second all time in completions in his first 5 seasons and that’s with Cooper and Crabtree dropping all those passes. His touchdowns passes rank in the top 10 all time for his first 5 seasons. he has done this with a defense WITH MACK that never ranked above 25, with only ONE 1,000 yard rusher, with having to learn 4 different offensive systems in 5 seasons and with Cooper and Crabtree leading the NFL in drops. Those that hate on him just really have zero clue about football.

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