Incident report alleges Antonio Brown pushed woman, knocked her down

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Word broke on Tuesday that Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown was involved in a domestic dispute in Hollywood, Florida last month, but was not arrested after police looked into the matter.

Andy Slater of 640 The Hurricane obtained the incident report put together by the police department on Wednesday.

Per the report, the mother of Brown’s daughter accused Brown of pushing her with two hands and knocking her to the ground after an argument about money for their daughter’s hair appointment. Brown allegedly told her to leave and pushed her out of the doorway when she refused to leave without the money.

The report states the woman reported an injured wrist that was photographed by a crime scene technician. She did not file a victim affidavit and was given a domestic violence brochure as well as information about how to file a restraining order.

Brown’s attorney called the allegations “baseless and false” on Tuesday. The Steelers released a statement saying they were aware of the matter and looking into it.

63 responses to “Incident report alleges Antonio Brown pushed woman, knocked her down

  1. How dare she make a hair appointment for their daughter. He can’t afford that type of frivolous expense. He only made over 25 million the past two years.

  2. Life must be rough for this well-paid athlete that he gets into an argument with his daughters mother over the cost of a hair cut? Isn’t he the highest paid WR in the NFL?

  3. Regardless of how “baseless and false” the allegations may be, the NFL does not require actual charges to be brought to suspend a player for such conduct. All that matters is the outcome of THEIR investigation. Just ask Jameis Winston. Brown is gonna miss some games next year, regardless of who he is playing for.

  4. the Rooneys will not indulge Antonio Brown as they did Roethlisberger. I know they’re great men and all that jazz but you can find receivers easier than you can quarterbacks.

  5. Can you imagine if this led to him being cut and the Steelers could then come after him for bonus money since hes in legal trouble? It would be glorious justice to a dude that by all accounts is pretty much a garbage human being.

  6. principles of the matter. its not about how much things cost, its about the assumption that others can tell you what to do. you give people an inch, they take a mile.

  7. steelcurtainn says:
    February 6, 2019 at 12:44 pm
    Wouldn’t believe any of it until the truth comes out.

    steelcurtainn, I know you want to give him the benefit of the doubt. But, given all of the other drama he has created lately, and over the last several months, I have to go by the old saying, “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.”

  8. Sounds like he’s trying to be smart with his money in my opinion. A lot of the Pros end up broke because people bleed them of their money in small cuts. How much was the hair appointment going to cost? How old is the kid? If the mother is wasting Brown’s money on something frivolous, well, he’s got a right to tell her to take a hike. I spend $15 on a hair cut and think that’s a lot. I’ve heard some people throw away hundreds of dollars on a hair appointment, absurd. Granted he shouldn’t be violent with the woman, but refusing to give her the money might be understandable depending on the circumstances.

  9. Usually the sons kill a family business. In this case it will be the grandson Art Rooney II unless he steps up quick and trades or cuts Brown.

    Rooney allowed it to get to this point and this incident alone should not necessarily mean trading Brown but the accumulation of problems should warrant it.

  10. theghostofottograham says:
    February 6, 2019 at 12:34 pm
    So glad to see the steelers experiencing internal discord! Go Browns…!!!

    You’re happy someone may have gone through domestic violence because it may help the team you root for?

    Says a lot about you…

  11. If there was any doubt about the Steelers imploding, it has now been erased. Lord, what a hot mess. It’s no coincidence that this will be the 50th anniversary of that glorious 1-13 season! The 2nd place Steelers are going to miss the days when missing the playoffs was the worst thing that happened.

  12. First, let me say that I have no idea what happened here. Second, IF he pushed her it was an awful choice, and he should face consequences. Third, it’s obvious that AB makes enough money to pay for a million haircuts, but that doesn’t mean he should have to open his wallet for every expense. Is he paying child support for his daughter? If so, that money should be used to “support” her, and the child’s mother should pay for the damned haircut.

  13. dumbaseinstein says:
    February 6, 2019 at 1:00 pm
    Sounds like he’s trying to be smart with his money in my opinion. A lot of the Pros end up broke because people bleed them of their money in small cuts. How much was the hair appointment going to cost? How old is the kid? If the mother is wasting Brown’s money on something frivolous, well, he’s got a right to tell her to take a hike. I spend $15 on a hair cut and think that’s a lot.
    Are you serious? Have you read about all the money he’s blown lately? Which, it’s his money, but saying he’s trying to save money by not paying for a hairdo is pretty far fetched. I mean, a chopper ride to training camp, the fine for going 100 mph, or his recently purchased GOAT ring does not sound like a man worried about saving money.

  14. Clearly this was about more than few dollars for a hair appointment. Obviously you don’t put hands on a woman, but I’m conflicted…he told her to leave his home and she refused. Now you’re in a no-win situation

  15. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.”
    Doesn’t that apply to the patriots as well. You very could be right but I’m sure you know as well as I do how the media can be. Not saying AB is innocent here but not as bad as its being made out to be.

  16. After everything he’s seen from other players pulling crap like this and then getting tossed, bonehead does it himself.

    His big problem and the reason he wants to renegotiate is that he’s out of guaranteed money and he needs more bad.

  17. How can the Steelers be looking into it when they have no communication with him and don’t know where he is?

  18. In the biggest drama in the world that is…family life…for all of us, this does not seem to amount to criminal or abusive behavior, and in fact she may possibly have been more of the instigator..I dont know. None of us do for all the comedic take on here.

    This I do know…for all his drama with his team, his lame twitter universe, how he us tiring out everyone…man, I’d lock myself in a panic room and. Ot get out till I get my $…but he can’t help attracting drama.

  19. If he did push her down, he should suffer the consequences. One would presume he pays Child Support for his daughter, if he has avoided it, he’s in big trouble.
    Just pay up for a hair cut, for goodness sake. Making millions and fussing over a haircut
    is really ridiculous. He obviously has a few problems in his life, and needs to “wake up”
    and realize what a “spoilt brat” he is.
    Hope his next team can deal with all this crap.

  20. I’m sure he has a huge monthly payout to this woman already for child support, which is more than enough to save for the kids college, provide a nice home, and vehicle, and probably support a lavish lifestyle for the mother. Yet her she is asking for more money and refusing to leave this mans home, I’m sure she was very calm and understanding in this instance. Antonio Brown didn’t strike this woman but removed her from the residence, probably averting a much worse altercation and this woman who scraped her wrist allegedly, called the police to make big fuss about this knowing that these NFL players have to walk on eggshells with the domestic violence, and used this to get back at Antonio Brown because he refused to give her more money. Men have rights too in these domestic and financial situations.

  21. Must have been a bad haircut for him not to pay. I’m pretty sure he can afford it. Look hard enough and you can find a coupon Antonio

  22. I hate these situations in which the court of public opinion convicts the athlete before all the facts come out. If true, this should never happen. If it didn’t, there are a lot of people with skeletons in their own closet who owe him an apology.

  23. Not going to defend Brown’s alleged actions, but most of these women get absolute ridiculous child support from athletes to live up their own glam life. None of us know the full details. Could have been a $500 hair styling for all we know

  24. magnumpimustache says:
    February 6, 2019 at 1:31 pm
    He has 5 kids by 3 different women.

    I just don’t get why pro athletes can’t take precautions. Unless he planned all these kids.

    His personal choices are his and not ours. I’m sure we have some things in our choice library others may not agree with.

  25. A lot of people so quick to judge on here.

    I’m sure Brown pays child support. Imagine you were a father, paying child support, and your child’s mother knocks on your door every time she pays for something for the kid. It’d get old quick. Doesn’t matter how much money he makes, he’s not an ATM.

  26. Many of the comments are probably being made by individuals that have never experienced 1st hand what child support, divorce and the emotional drama associated with it…especially when the payor has moved on and established a family unit with another woman. Add that he’s loaded and so the recipient of the payments believes the court documents are meaningless.

  27. 5 kids with 3 different women? He’s got time to catch-up to Cromartie and Travis Henry.
    Maybe he should have a heart-to-heart with a real family man like Ben Watson.

    Do agree he isn’t an ATM, though.

  28. I pay my ex an arm and leg for child support, and when my daughters need something Daddy buys it. I don’t make $25 million a year but when my girls need it and I got. They will not want.

  29. She was on his property trespassing, trying to get into his house. He blocked the door and wouldn’t let her in and she kept coming. Look, I don’t condone this type of thing but there are always two sides to every story. There are plenty of examples lately of immediate outrage that led to another side of the story and folks looking extremely stupid. I’ll hold my tongue till I get all the facts.

  30. “Antonio- pull your head out of your butt! You are on top of the world but you are blowing it!” -Future Antonio, looking back one day

  31. The league really doesn’t want to see this sort of stuff.

    They have no problem hearing about it. They just don’t want to SEE it. No video, no suspension. That’s the new NFL.

  32. If any reporter wanted to dig deep enough on this guy I’m sure they would find a trove of similar allegations from his time at Central Michigan University. It wasn’t exactly a secret around campus that he was a dirtball…

  33. These domestic abusers all seem to share a lot of similarities, wonder what Colin’s stance is on them?

  34. I’m guessing NFL, will “find no basis to punish him”. Then in 6 months the video will come out on TMZ. Stop me if you have heard this story before…..

  35. This woman is being unreasonable. Brown has more important expenses, like fur coats to wear on the sidelines when not playing, a Rolls Royce painted, for now, in the Steelers colors, a couple of other Rolls Royce’s and helicopter rides to training camp. There’s just no room in the budget for beauty parlor visits for his daughter.

  36. I hope the mother follows through and presses charges,because according to that police report,he committed an assault. Why wasn’t he arrested right then and there? Let me guess…either the cops were star-struck,or she decided not to press charges? As a female,it’s sickening to see guys get away with this stuff. A real man never puts his hands on a woman in a violent manner.

  37. While there are 2 sides to every story, does this really surprise anyone? dont see this type of thing happen to players like Larry Fitzgerald. Antonio is a head case.

  38. Brown was on his own property when the women stood inside his door and refused to let him close the door and she was then pushed out. There are two sides to every story not just the women’s side.

  39. seahawkssuck1968 says:
    February 6, 2019 at 7:45 pm
    While there are 2 sides to every story, does this really surprise anyone? dont see this type of thing happen to players like Larry Fitzgerald. Antonio is a head case.
    Uh… might want to do a little research on Larry Fitz

  40. Brown is behaving like a man having money issues. Well publicized lavish lifestyle. Two advances on his pay before he got his new deal. Twice in the past year reports homes burglarized, yet there were no signs of forced entry in either case and now an argument over money with his child’s mother. My guess is that he is surrounded by “friends” with their hands in his pockets and he’s orchestrating this move with the Steelers in hopes of landing with a new team that will rework his deal and include a nice signing bonus. This is how broke, desperate, guys act.

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