Will Antonio Brown face a Personal Conduct Policy investigation?

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Antonio Brown‘s complicated NFL career has become even more complicated.

Although Brown wasn’t arrested after police were called over a domestic incident that included an allegation that Brown engaged in misconduct, the NFL could choose to investigate Brown, and to take action against him under the Personal Conduct Policy. It’s unclear whether the league will or won’t, and as everyone learned last year with Kareem Hunt it’s possible that any investigation regarding Brown could last for months.

No one knows what the league will do, which means that anyone who would trade for Brown would be doing so under a vague cloud that something eventually could happen. While that doesn’t make Brown untradeable, it means that anyone who wants Brown will have to do even more work in order to come to the conclusion that their investment won’t be undermined by an eventual suspension.

By all appearances, the Steelers have received no serious trade offers for Brown in the month or so since owner Art Rooney II hammered a “for sale” sign in the ground. It’s entirely possible that the Steelers won’t move him until the draft approaches, or possibly until the draft is unfolding. If for example a team targeting a receiver in round one doesn’t get him, maybe that team promptly offers a second-rounder for Brown.

Regardless, it’s still hard to imagine Brown staying with the Steelers. He doesn’t want to be there; how can the Steelers in one breath persuade him to choose to stay and in the next breath lay down the law regarding the team’s expectations for 2019 and beyond?

17 responses to “Will Antonio Brown face a Personal Conduct Policy investigation?

  1. I’m not sure what indications you think there would be of trade offers.

    No trades until the new league year, so with or without interest there would have been no real offers yet.

  2. If AB doesn’t want to be there he’s on the trading block, if he does he’ll remain in Pittsburgh. I believe Mr Rooney will keep him unless he wants to resume his career elsewhere. Simple as that.

  3. A question that needs to be answered is why AB and Leveon Bell dont want to play with Ben Roethlisberger or for Mike Tomlin.

  4. The Steelers are becoming boxed in here. Brown has made himself pretty much useless to the Steelers anymore, while at the same time compromising what they may be able to get for him in a trade. Very poorly handled all the way around.

  5. The pittsburgh steelers didn’t get punished when their assistant coach ran on the field
    during the game/made contact with an opposing player and didn’t get a flag.

    So… I don’t expect much of a punishment.

  6. sigbouncer says:
    February 6, 2019 at 12:13 pm
    I’d set the suspension over/under for Brown this year at 2 games.

    I think we need to wait and see what team he lands on before trying to determine suspension.

  7. I hope so. Sounds like AB has surrounded himself with yes men/women or hanger-ons, and has no level headed people in his corner to TRY to keep him in check a little bit. If he is as committed to his craft as he lets on, maybe an embarrassing suspension will help him in the long term. He seems to be spinning out of control.

  8. Why wasn’t he arrested is the BIG question? Baby mama has injuries, claims he is the assailant, that in itself is PC for the arrest. Hmmmmmm????????

  9. For the mouth breathers in the crowd, which is most of you, this is what domestic violence is. Not the same as the Kareem Hunt incident, which was simple assault.

  10. What happened to this guy? Was he always like this, or did something happen in the last couple of years? Remember the story about him that Peter King wrote in 2016? King was amazed at Brown’s work ethic. That was the season of Brown’s amazing stretch TD to beat the Ravens in week 17 for a division title.

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