XFL to announce Dallas coach/G.M. on Thursday

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The Alliance of American Football begins playing this weekend. On Thursday, the XFL will name its first of eight head coaches.

It’s not a coincidence.

With the AAF getting a one-year head start when it comes to the actual playing of games, the XFL needs to generate P.R. buzz whenever and wherever it can. By announcing its first coach on Thursday, the XFL will steal a little thunder from the AAF. Especially if the XFL’s first coach creates some noise.

It likely will. Expect the coach/G.M. of the Dallas franchise to be former Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops.

If/when (when) that happens, it will be big. And it will give the XFL a kick in the pants, just as the AAF launches.

More coaches will be named in the coming weeks. One coach who was expected to land in the XFL — Greg Schiano — has gotten a gig with the Patriots instead.

8 responses to “XFL to announce Dallas coach/G.M. on Thursday

  1. If you love football these two leagues will give us a FIX for the spring. I don’t care if its not NFL caliber because quite frankly, NFL caliber football isnt what it USED to be. Fans are frustrated on so many levels with the NFL at this point in time ,that a little competion is GOOD! Can’t wait to watch the 1st game of AAF football Saturday night on one of the major TV channels.

  2. It won’t be a developmental league because none of its players will be good enough to be developmental. Only four or five from the initial NFL went on to the NFL.

  3. Please just make a decent minor league level product. I’d kill for some watchable football in the spring.

  4. Bob Stoops going from coaching some of the best college football players to coaching players that wouldn’t be on the dept chart at Oklahoma.

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