Bengals announce four offensive assistants

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After getting a late start, new Bengals coach Zac Taylor is getting to work at hiring his staff.

The Bengals today announced four offensive assistants: Offensive coordinator Brian Callahan, offensive line coach Jim Turner, assistant offensive line coach Ben Martin and tight ends coach James Casey.

Taylor has announced that he will call plays himself, rather than giving that task to Callahan. Taylor has experience working with Turner and Martin, both of whom were on the same staff as him in Miami.

Turner has had plenty of trouble in the past. He was fired by the Dolphins in the wake of the bullying scandal on their offensive line, and after that he was hired by Texas A&M but then suspended over crude joke at a football clinic for women.

The next question is who Taylor’s defensive coordinator will be. There’s still no answer on that.

4 responses to “Bengals announce four offensive assistants

  1. The Jim Turner hire is a head scratcher. Plenty of other (and better) options out there. I would rather they even go with an unknown off the street before they hire that dude. SMH

  2. I hear Dom Capers turned the Bengals down when they offered him to be their defensive coordinator.

    Looks like Capers is now choosing between Jax and Miami. Not sure what position either offered him.

    After Capers said no, the Bengals now are going after Aubrey Pleasant for DC.

  3. Dom Capers is a great guy with a great history.
    He is an over-rated coach who hasn’t adapted to the times.
    And yes, I’m a Packers fan who thinks they kept him about 5 years too long.

  4. Letting Frank Pollack go was an enormous blunder. Replacing Pollack with Jim Turner is pure cringe. As far as Zac goes, I can’t help but think back to Gary Reasons tugging Dave Shula’s cap and the ‘weak young coach’ message that sent ages ago. Unless there is TREMENDOUS changeover to the existing underachieving ‘soft and dumb in big games’ roster I don’t see this going well. Very reminiscent of the Jim Zorn era with the Redskins if you want a more modern reference than Dave Shula.

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