Bengals defensive coordinator list is a long one


The Bengals went young at head coach, and aren’t straying from that path in their search for a defensive coordinator.

According to Tom Pelissero of the NFL Network, the Bengals have a long list of candidates for their lead defensive job under new coach Zac Taylor.

Among the names expected to get interview requests are just-fired former Falcons coordinator Marquand Manuel, Texas A&M coordinator Mike Elko, Florida coordinator Todd Grantham, Saints secondary coach Aaron Glenn, and Rams defensive backs coach Aubrey Pleasant.

If you think that’s a list short on experience, you’d be correct.

The Bengals spoke to both Jack Del Rio and Dom Capers about the job, but both apparently passed according to multiple reports. That’s possibly a worrying sign for Taylor as he assembles a last-minute staff (yet another reason the league should consider letting new coaches become official before they’re officially official).

Taylor’s 35 years old, and has never been a head coach. He hasn’t been an assistant that long (seven years in the NFL). Having a veteran on staff with some knowledge can help, as Wade Phillips was a good hire for Sean McVay when he was in the same spot with the Rams. But the Bengals apparently either can’t or don’t want to provide Taylor with the same kind of safety net.

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  1. The veteran guys know that Mike Brown will meddle, won’t be a player in free agency and will fixated on combine workout wonders that will take up roster spots for years and tend to realize their potential after leaving via free agency. While Marvin Lewis finally developed the dead-eye Bruce Coslet Bengalized stare over the last few seasons, he was in many ways the Mike Brown Whisperer getting as much influence as you can get with the old skinflint. Marvin lasted long enough that some of these new guys might not know what they’re walking into.

  2. McVay immediately hiring Wade Phillips after he got the Rams head coaching job was a sign of strength–and an omen of success to come. Instead of worrying that Phillips’ vast experience might step on his toes, he welcomed the expertise Wade brought.

    Jay Gruden and the Redskins had an opportunity to hire Phillips, but Gruden essentially used the interview to constantly insulted Phillips. The good news is Phillips has gone on to coach in two Super Bowls. The sad news is Gruden still has a crappy team and shouldn’t be a head coach.

    Taylor is making a big mistake not having an experienced assistant on his staff.

  3. Coaches with a lot of experience like Jack Del Rio and Dom Capers know that going to the Bungles could be a career limiting move. The owner’s #1 priority is not winning the Super Bowl.

  4. It appears to me that Taylor is looking for guys with the same exact mindset as himself but that will limit his choices. I think he made a mistake not hiring Del Rio. The Bengals special teams coordinator, Darrin Simmons, is a great veteran coach and they be looking for him to bring the veteran influence.

  5. Not sure why you assume the Bengals “won’t let” Taylor hire an experienced DC. From all accounts, Taylor is choosing his own staff.

  6. vikings1234 says:
    February 7, 2019 at 1:32 pm

    Coaches with a lot of experience like Jack Del Rio and Dom Capers know that going to the Bungles could be a career limiting move. The owner’s #1 priority is not winning the Super Bowl.


    Says the Vikings fan. The Bengals have a better record than the Vikings over the last decade, your Head Coach came from the Bengals, and the Bengals have more recent SB appearances than the Vikings.

  7. With today’s NFL offense “borrowing” more concepts from the NCAA, why not bring in the most successful college DCs to counter it? It’s outside the box for sure, but does have some legs to it.

  8. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that waiting until after the Super Bowl to name your head coach means the talent pool at coordinator and position coaches will be bled dry. Expect a turnover after 2019 season is over and then the Bengals might find qualified people.

  9. If anyone thinks Capers or Del Rio turned the Bengals down they are obviously wrong. Right or wrong, the Bengals are all in on hiring new blood instead of recycling the same old failed names. Del Rio and Capers led their teams to losing records. I’m not sure of the new direction but this shows Mike Brown is letting his coach make the call. By the way, for all the Bengal haters, the Bengals’ payroll for players and coaches is always in the top 10 of the NFL. Do a little research.

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